Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards 31 , Best Work-From-Home Diet: Hello Healthy Box™ What does it mean to find the right work-life balance? For many, it’s as simple as having the chance to eat right during the day. In these difficult times, it can be difficult to do this, but the teambehind the Hello Healthy Company, Inc have found a way to deliver a diet kit to your doorstep. We take a closer look at the company behind the Hello Healthy Box™, and how it has achieved such success in GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020. The Hello Healthy Company was launched in December 2017 in Boston at the USA’s largest conference for women, by two working mom corporate executives who wanted to ensure the next generation of working women were able to achieve better work-life balance and self-confidence. During normal times, the meals that the team provided were invaluable, offering a personalized diet kit that was protein-rich, low sugar, low carb and perfectly portioned from a curated menu of tasty foods, but these are not normal times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. People are staying indoors more, with many picking up what has become known as the quarantine 15. It’s easy to see why people have gained weight, with working- from-home, remote school learning, telemedicine and more home cooking than ever before, but what they need is a solution. The solution for many has come in the form of the Hello Healthy Box. This weekly home delivery Diet Kit delivers the efficacy of medical weight loss clinics at a fraction of the price and without leaving the home. Instead of driving to a center to pick up special meals and stand Oct20254 on a scale, weight loss becomes something that can be done in the comfort of one’s own home. Virtual coaching and weigh-in is easy and clients can build a box with their favorite foods online at Customers simply eat any four per day, breakfast through afternoon, then add a lean and green dinner of their choice. In a chaotic working- from-home day, Hello Healthy Box ® helps control 80% of eating choices by providing the only meal outlet. The meals are made from high quality protein powders and superfood mixes used by medical weight loss clinics. It’s a sure-fire way of ensuring that the body is always getting the most concentrated goodness it can throughout the day, while you burn fat, boost metabolism and lose weight. What sets Hello Healthy Company products apart is that they’re designed for convenience. The foods don’t require refrigeration and are portable in a purse, briefcase, suitcase or car. Of course, this weight loss approach is not just one that has been plucked out of the air. It has been championed by the founders of the Hello Healthy Company since its inception. Founder Kerry Gould explains “the right nutrient doses at intervals keeps your blood sugar steady, boosts your metabolism, keeps your body feeling full and burns fat fast.” Her business partner, Marci Sapers, a marketing colleague from Procter & Gamble and owner of a fitness facility, was equally impressed with the diet. She tells us “we knew we hit the bullseye when a customer achieved her pre-baby weight (after 5 years of trying) and told us ‘this is the perfect solution for working mothers, I feel like myself again’. Kerry added, “our purpose is to help people feel good because confidence is a superpower in the workplace.” Healthy eating is not always easy, but the team behind Hello Healthy Company have taken the real world into account when creating their solution. It’s a way of working that allows those who work to focus on what they do best, with the knowledge that everything else is well in hand. Contact: Kerry Gould Web Address: Email: [email protected] Hello Healthy Box™