Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

6 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , Hawk Fitness Most Innovative Grip & Arm Training Product: Gripedo Invented by Biomedical Engineer and Athletics Coach, Emre Bardakci, Gripedo is a unique and versatile strength training product for athletes, coaches and physical therapists. As winners of Most Innovative Grip & ArmTraining Product in the 2020 Fitness &Nutrition Awards, we profiled the company behind this ingenious product to find out what makes it so popular. With more than 25 years of experience in athletics training, competing and coaching, Emre Bardakci spotted the need for a multipurpose strength training product. After pursuing his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Emre has developed a deep understanding of biomechanical principles and engineering concepts. His knowledge has enabled him to create this game-changing product and his creativity, discipline and perseverance have all contributed to his success and is an achievement he is extremely proud of. Unlike any other product on the market the Gripedo can be used for multiple exercises and is designed to strengthen the hands, wrists and forearms and its sand training modality provides a very low impact which helps to prevent injury. The Gripedo is used by many physiotherapists, athletes, coaches, Olympic medallists and NBA, NHL, MLB teams. Mike Barwis, star coach of the Discovery Channels ‘Show American Muscle’ along with world leading strength coach Michael Boyle has also endorsed the product and now use in their training centres. The company’s success has not come without its challenges though, especially over recent months. The pandemic has made production of the Gripedo especially difficult, and the company had to focus all its Sep20990 efforts on delivering just a selection of its most popular models. “We’ve spent a great deal of time planning and coordinating our production process in order to keep items in stock. It has not been easy, and at times has been very challenging, but our main focus is to ensure we continue to deliver a quality product and exceptional customer service,” Emre explains. However, the pandemic has also had a positive effect on the product with consumers adapting to exercising more at home. Since the Gripedo sand training method alone can provide a wide range of levels of resistance without additional need of weights, this can make it much more cost effective than other training products and it takes up less space, which makes it more appealing than normal arm training products such as kettlebell and dumbbells. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just a fitness fanatic, the Gripedo is a great product to train with. Looking ahead to what the future holds, 2021 is set to be an exciting year for the company as they get ready to release a new range of products into the market. As more world leading strength coaches continue to endorse the product, the Gripedo grows in popularity and more and more people are becoming aware of its success. Ultimately there is a reason the Gripedo has become such as iconic brand, and this is due to the efforts of Emre and his team combined with their knowledge and determination to improve strength training solutions for professionals across the globe. Contact Details: Contact: Emre Bardakci Company: Hawk Fitness Web Address: © The Michael Patrick Studio