Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

8 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , MO Nails Best Vegan Nail-Care Brand 2020 The beauty industry is huge; however, it has not always been a shining example of environmental friendliness. Over recent years this has changed, withmore companies working towards going green and beingmore sustainable. An example of this is this year’s winners of GHP: Fitness and Nutrition Awards Best VeganNail-Care Brand 2020: MONails. We spoke withMarlene Orros of MONails, to find out what sets themapart and what ultimately led to themwinning this prestigious title. 2020 has affect many businesses, some for the better, one of these is MO Nails, who have always been at the forefront of eco-friendly beauty and this year have taken the time to realise just what is important to their business. As Marlene puts it “The Pandemic has changed us for the better. I believe that it has taught us how little we need and how much we can give both to human kind as well as our environment. We are proud to say MO Nails has grown Worldwide in the Pandemic - hard work but enjoyable and the few changes we made were for the best.” Marlene as the spearhead of MO nails celebrates innovation and encourages it, which is part of the reason they have seen growth throughout 2020. Like all industries, the beauty industry needs to be adaptable, where does this come from? Adaptability comes from imagination and creativity, something Marlene advises is at the forefront of her mind when it comes to her team. “I look for simplicity, creativeness, colourful imagination and personality. Without these no matter what higher education you have it will not be of any use to us. At MO Nails, we are colour - we are artists - we are dreamers always coming up with a new creation. We have no space for black & white or straight lines. We innovate and create.” Oct20251 Like Marlene said innovation is the reason for MO Nails’ success, and she definitely knows what she is talking about “I have been in the nail business since 2002 both as an A Grade Nail Artist, Educator and a very successful Distributor for another brand. And with my experience in product knowledge, education and sales experience I felt I was ready to bring to Nail Artists like me a Brand that you can count on - no lifting, no allergies, no colour fading with long lasting shine and all ECO , cruelty free & VEGAN” And that is exactly what Marlene did, by creating MO Nails. Marlene has made this industry vegan friendly, which is great for the consumer, but is also great for the nail salons themselves as they can now work in a ‘fumes’ & ‘chemical’ free environment. The nail industry has grown so much in the past decade, with many women visiting the nail salon at least once a month, it is no longer seen as something that you reserve for special occasions. MO Nails capitalised on this, Marlene sums it best when she says “Our Industry has become a must, a routine treatment - not just a luxury. Gel manicures and pedicures are a part of our everyday lives and are here to stay whether someone does it for you or you do it yourself.” Marlene does also acknowledge that whilst this business is thriving, not everyone has had that luxury, which is why MO Nails really focusses its efforts on quality, adaptability and the inclusivity that the beauty industry needs. “Our client’s expectations have changed - they want quality - due to the recent events clients have a tight budget so they will be very picky where they will spend their money - so a long-lasting quality product is very important. We have all become more fitness and nutrition aware - taking care of ourselves has become a way of life - just like nicely manicured hands & feet and there is no gender application here which makes it even easier and more interesting for us as manufactures to produce adaptable products.” Marlene and MO Nails is a shining example of what creativity, innovation and adaptability can do for a business; it can be the reason for growth during something as awful as a global pandemic. As Marlene puts it “As a consumer, never be afraid of trying something new - innovation is so advanced that you might be surprised. Look at me, as a Nail Artist I changed my brand after 14 years - and I have not regretted it for once. Try it - wait for the results and you will never look back - I guarantee it. MO Nails nail system is a result of Innovation. MO Nails International will never stop innovating - it’s one of my rules, CEO & Founder Marlene Orros. Improve and you will live longer & better - so get started with Fitness, Nutrition and a Vegan Nail lifestyle.” Contact: Marlene Orros Company: MO Nails Web Address: