Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards 9 , Pravájá Best Natural Skincare & Food Supplements Manufacturer - Czech Republic Onlinewellbeingmagazine and e-shop, Pravájá, is weathering the Covid stormand flourishing as a result. The firm’s founder tells usmore about its secret to success. Pravájá is a health and wellness website aimed at women, which offers expert advice on nutrition, organic skincare, wellbeing, fitness as well as having an e-shop with a range of products from other suppliers, and authentic luxury products manufactured by itself. The skincare products that Pravájá offers are created in its own bio-kitchen in Prague and only the finest and most natural organic ingredients will suffice. Founded by Zdenka Kovarova in 2016, the Czech firm’s ethos is rooted in promoting natural healthcare and skincare rituals, to enable a better lifestyle and to encourage women to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. Zdenka studied business management in the UK at Derby University, which provided her with some understanding of running a business. She then returned to Prague and studied literature and writing, skills that she puts to good use in all of Pravájá’s marketing content. Finally, Zdenka studied applied ethics, gaining master’s degree, which provides a solid base for her beliefs and the core values of the business. It is this wide range and variety of subjects and qualifications which have helped Zdenka so much in her journey. Oct20618 “Starting a business of our type is initially all about mastering the marketing communication, social media, graphic work and website technicalities, when you get that right, you need to have a great product and master the growing production, logistics as well as to manage the team.” As a small business, Zdenka admits that she finds managing a team very challenging. She is very involved in holding the team together and not passing functions to outside external agencies’, as so many of her competitors in beauty products sector do. Finding the right fit for her company is crucial, but often tricky as she searches for people who share her values and ethics. “I am very clear that I cannot work with people who come to work to do just their hours,” she embellishes. “Our customers are getting great product with great shopping experience only because we have a great team. I choose people that smile a lot, are educated, love life where work is just as important as having fun. Only happy people can create great things!” The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many new challenges as well, and Zdenka made the decision relatively early on not to cut any marketing budget and costs, but instead trying to create even better digital and social content to help the firm attract new customers and not only survive, but flourish and grow. “The key to success for us is going by example. We do not just write what women can or should do, we actually do it ourselves, and we show it. But we are too young to register changes in the culture and customers ‘needs. We have joined the market offering something different, and we can see that our customers appreciate it.” Regarding the future, Zdenka intends to continue as she started, with further growth on the horizon. Despite having to postpone several large developments over the course of 2020, she is confident that things will be back on track soon, and plans to gain further certification in order to be able to offer a wellness environment where skin care and facial massage can meet to provide natural beauty and health for all. This year she and her team are closing with pride and smile being on the shortlist of the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2020 in the category of Natural Heroes, as well as being the winner of Best Natural Skincare and foord Supplement Manutacturer – Czech Republic. Contact Details: Contact: Zdenka Kovarova Company: Pravájá Web Address: