Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

10 GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 , Sep21097 Vivere Fortis was founded with the mission of supporting clients with their nutrition and wellbeing needs, specialising in sports nutrition, youth obesity prevention and even nutrition for pre- and post-natal. Recognised Leaders in Nutrition, Wellbeing & Sports Performance Coaching 2021 Vivere Fortis educates, guides, and supports individuals, athletes, sport clubs, schools, and companies who are looking for an expert in fitness, sports performance, nutrition, and wellbeing with a high level of knowledge, commitment, and results. A tailored training plan is developed through which the individual is motivated and guided in a safe, realistic, and effective way to achieve their unique health and fitness goals. More specifically, Vivere Fortis aims to encourage, coach, and advise each client on how to be more active, implement healthy habits and optimise benefits and results. This can also include helping to manage health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular, osteoporosis, back pain, sports injuries, and more. While Vivere Fortis’ work is aimed at the general population, it also provides services to amateur and experienced athletes, as well as sport enthusiasts who are looking to improve their skills and plan their training following the most up-to-date scientific guidelines. As a fully qualified personal trainer, Strength & Conditioning coach and tennis performance specialist, Jimmy Tournois, company owner, is very keen to support up and coming tennis players by working alongside some very talented ones with top junior ranking. Jimmy is always looking for new challenges and to keep developing by constantly training and learning, as well as by collaborating with other professional coaches in order to ensure optimum results for athletes and sports amateurs of all ages and abilities. He believes that a multidisciplinary approach is beneficial for each individual’s development, especially in sport – Therefore, more collaborative work needs to be done within the sport industry. Additionally, Jimmy has a degree in Change Management, Coaching & Psychosociology, which he feels benefits him in his role, and he wants to continue developing his knowledge in this area as personal, emotional, and mental wellbeing are key contributors towards overall good health. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic it became apparent that lifestyle, active life, and mental wellbeing are all connected. In fact, it amplified health and wellbeing awareness and its importance. Everybody understood for themselves or others that it is necessary to be active and less sedentary. This meant that Jimmy was able to continue working with motivated people throughout the pandemic to help them maintain their health and fitness during what was a very difficult time for many. Ultimately, Jimmy enjoys supporting his clients with regards to their diet, cooking habits, nutritional knowledge, and keeping active. Working at the highest standards, Vivere Fortis promotes a healthy lifestyle for clients, while striving to provide an enjoyable coaching experience which fulfils nutritional, health- related, sport-specific, or physical activity goals. Company: Vivere Fortis Contact: Jimmy Tournois Email: [email protected] Website: