Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 11 , Imbue Botanicals has become the CBDbrand that pharmacists trust. It offers themost extensive line of premium, clinical-grade CBD products including tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topical lotions and salves, all available inmultiple strengths, for people and for pets. Imbue Botanicals’ premium Colorado grown hemp products are non- GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan. One of the very first companies in the US to utilise US-grown hemp rather than “imported from China”, Imbue Botanicals sets the standard for testing and clinical efficacy in the field. Imbue Botanicals’ products offer exceptional quality, superb packaging, and unmatched value. Perfectly designed for the retail pharmacy market, the company’s products have gained strong attention and interest as a way of offering patients more holistic, effective alternatives as well as increasing more profitability. Imbue Botanicals also offers its products direct to the consumer on its consumer site: and to pharmacists and other professionals: . With nearly three decades of experience, the founders of Imbue Botanicals are passionate about utilising the company’s expertise and know-how to deliver exclusive, proprietary products designed and envisioned to provide outstanding results. Its Earth First approach to business as well as consumer wellbeing is fundamental to all that it does. It carefully extracts Aug21674 and formulates its products for optimal concentrations and superb clinic efficaciousness. Imbue Botanicals provides the most comprehensive product training and support in the industry to ensure its pharmacy partners’ success. It also performs some of the most extensive product quality testing in the industry, and all of its products are batch tested by independent laboratories prior to shipment to ensure quality and consultancy. Meanwhile, other companies fail to maintain standards and practices that ensure the products they are selling meet the label claims, simply wanting to make a “quick buck” – Imbue Botanicals has utilised a “white label” business mode where it formulates all of its own products. It has meticulously ensured its customers get precisely what they are buying by instilling the most rigorous production and testing protocols in the industry. While Imbue Botanicals already has the most extensive product line in the industry, it has seen a desire in its customers to increase its product offering in some new key areas, specifically an advanced clinical version available only to healthcare professionals and pharmacists, a dental product line, a raw honey-based, supplement- infused tincture line, and a higher concentration capsule. Ultimately, it is the company’s staff who reflect its fundamental passion of helping people through its products. The team’s experience, both personal and from a customers’ point of view, has galvanised their Best Animal & Human CBD Products Company – USA Honey CBD Tinctures A Supplement-enhanced Honey Tincture Line for Better Health A Honey of a Partnership Our unique honey tinctures are the result of a collaborative effort between Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary, and Imbue Botanicals. Our collective passion for providing the finest in organic products and natural solutions to health have led us to create a line of pure honey tinctures with the power of CBD. But best of all, they taste unbelievably GREAT! We start with our exceptionally high-quality honey, naturally rich in antioxidants which can help improve blood pressure, and lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Then combine it with our Colorado grown, proprietary CBD, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids for an unbeatable combination. There’s nothing like these tinctures available on the market. The imaginative flavors and immune-boosting natural supplements are carefully crafted to deliver maximum efficacy and truly outstanding taste. Pure honey from the Garden State and 500 mg Full Spectrum Colorado CBD. Simply exceptional. Available in 5 exceptional flavors, including: They provide: • Exceptional taste • Unique blends of flavors and added supplements for varying needs • The health benefits high quality honey • 500 mg of Full Spectrum Organic Colorado grown CBD • Unique “window design” packaging which allows customers to view the intriguing colors of the various honey tinctures • Fully recyclable packaging • Organic through and through Our HONEY TINCTURES are truly a unique product line for ALL your health-conscious customers! For more information contact: Imbue Botanicals Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary 844.864.6283 908.809.0202 HIBISCUS CINNAMON GINGER MATCHA GREEN TEA GOLDEN TURMERIC SUPERFOOD HONEY ELDERBERRY LEMON GINGER belief that Imbue Botanicals’ products adjunct to traditional pharmaceuticals in the management of peoples’ health. Company: Imbue Botanicals, LLC Contact: Tom Bauer Email: [email protected] Website: