Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

12 GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 , Aug21708 There’s no fun quite like the circus, and the skills and training that go into entertaining the masses are actually quite accessible to all. The team at My Aerial Home focus on those who want to learn aerial circus skills for fitness or fun. With such success in GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards, we take a look at how the team have achieved such success and why the circus appeals to so many people. Best Aerial Dance & Circus Skill Training Provider - London & South East Based in Sydenham, southeast London, MAH has built its name on being able to offer classes to anyone who has an interest in aerial circus skills. With courses for total beginners, as well as after school clubs and masterclasses for the more advanced to name but a few, the team offer something for everyone who walks through their doors. Since opening in 2009, the reputation of MAH has been second to none, drawing in not only an incredible array of customers, but some of the very best trainers from around the world. Under the leadership of Amanda Miles, a professional dancer who has enjoyed over 30 years in the industry, MAH has gone from strength to strength. She first found aerial exercise to be a pleasant hobby, but it grown into a lifestyle in every respect. This has been true of many who try aerial with MAH as well. Those who stick with it, do so for the long term with many of Amanda’s original clients still with the team almost 13 years later. Amanda founded MAH because the training aerial training facility decided that lifelong learning was no longer a priority and decided that all mature people had to leave. Out of necessity, she created her own solution which was based out of a school hall. Now MAH has grown to its current base in a new bespoke facility cementing its position as an important local resource. With 30 classes a week in a variety of aerial disciplines, it’s little wonder that so many people turn to her organisation for training. Over the years, MAH has proudly collaborated with international aerialists interested in melding aerial and dance creating aerial pieces for Naughty Boy, Headliners for Carnival Cruises, Merlin Entertainments and Holiday on Ice. Cruise lines and events companies will turn to the MAH team because they not only know the best in the business, but have the benefit of Amanda’s considerable expertise when it comes to artistic creation. With such dependence on being together in a communal space, the COVID-19 pandemic forced enormous change on the MAH team. The team ran online classes, which kept the community together through these unprecedented times. Having a large, purpose-built premises made it much easier for the team to recover from the crisis. As soon as regulations allowed, the team were able to teach children and start their elite programs again. Such a long gap within the building also allowed for many changes that were long overdue but had seemed impossible to achieve. Looking ahead, it’s this eye for what can be changed to create a better experience for all that sets MAH apart from the crowd. Already, Amanda and her team have brought in a new Saturday Circus Troupe to develop the skills of some of the higher achieving, younger aerialists. The team are also looking at developing a 1-year pro program to link on from their 3-month professional program. This organic growth has been key to the firm’s continued success moving forward. MAH offers a service that is aimed at everyone. Children and toddlers achieve just as much as 80-year-olds. At the end of the day, the team’s aerial exercises provide a way forward that ensures anyone, and everyone can get stronger, more flexible and feel better about themselves. For many, it’s a change to live their dreams, even if only for the length of an evening class. Name: Amanda Miles Email: [email protected] Web Address: