Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

14 GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 , When it comes to choosing the best gym equipment, qualitymust always come first. TomReed founded T-Rax GymEquipment UK because he couldn’t find that quality himself. The success of his approach is reflected by his success in GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards. We dig a little deeper to discover just some of the secrets behind his phenomenal success. Best Bespoke Gym Equipment Manufacturer - UK Despite only being founded in February 2021, T-Rax Gym Equipment has had an extraordinary impact on the market at large. When Tom Reed founded the firm, he did so with a wealth of experience fabricating and designing for different companies as well as personal knowledge of the gym industry that sets them apart from the rest of the industry. Tom’s desire to open his firm started with a shortage of quality equipment. With a knowledge of how to produce his own items, he knew he could put systems in place to make something better. Having set up both a fabrication shop and a design workstation that has full capabilities to design and manufacture gym equipment, he can meet the needs of any customer who enquires. If Tom and his team cannot produce it, he knows a local supplier who can. Keeping the supply chain local has been key to the success of T-Rax Gym Equipment. Every process involved in the manufacturer of products is based in the UK, meaning that there are no challenges to be met with importing. As a result of this bespoke system of working, T-Rax Gym Equipment has been entrusted with the creation of the perfect spaces for individuals and gym owners. The team has designed compact systems for fitting into loft conversions, sheds, conservatories and small PT studios as well as for larger gyms which have wanted their logos added onto racks as a personal touch. Now that the business is established, Tom has been able to reap the rewards of his high quality approach. People are not just discovering what he has to offer, but are referring others to him on the basis of immense satisfaction. To meet this new and increasing demand, Tom and his team are developing many new products which can progress through the production line for release by the month. These new products both improve on old ideas and explore new areas for the company. Needless to say, those who work at T-Rax Gym Equipment share Tom’s unique perspective. They are not just able to deliver a stunning service to clients, but have a passion for the very best that the gym industry has to offer. The team is made of creative, innovative and people with experience in the fitness industry who can bring new ideas and fix problems with current designs on the market. The result is not just to the benefit of T-Rax Gym Equipment, but has allowed the team to improve machines, racks, barbells and weight designs across the board. As more and more people embrace the potential of home gyms, it’s easy to see why Tom and the T-Rax Gym Equipment team are in such high demand. Their work is not only exceptional, but it also pushes above and beyond what the competition can provide. With such achievements under their belt in such a short amount of time, we look forward to seeing what this incredible team manage to achieve next. Company: T-RaxGymEquipment UK Name: Tom Reed Email: [email protected] Web Address: Aug21732