Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 15 , SteveMarsden Fitness, a gymoperating with a dedication to the individual client’s health, wellbeing, and happiness, has earned itself both the above award and the accreditation of the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2021. Essentially, its exemplary treatment of each client as a unique individual who will need their own specific journey to reach their own specific goals has set it apart from the competition, and its clients consistently laud it as a place of fun, productivity, motivation, and understanding. A company dedicated to helping its clients ‘lose weight, tone up, and feel better’, Steve Marsden Fitness is an establishment and gym that has made itself a gem in its local community. Operating out of West Lothian, Steve Marsden Fitness knows how much getting in shape can feel like an uphill battle, especially if you feel like you’re not getting the support and encouragement you need, or if you are dealing with a gym or exercise routine that just doesn’t work with your schedule, needs, or lifestyle. Fundamentally, Steve Marsden Fitness wishes to make itself the answer to this problem. It bucks the trend of new gym-going clients attending gyms only to find themselves lost, instead dedicating itself to helping them find their comfort, their action plan, and their motivation. Its staff work hard to encourage, drive, and advise its clientele throughout every step of their fitness journey in this way; it will even be able to help them regarding advice about diet and food intake that will go hand in hand with the work they put in when attending the gym proper. Thus, Steve Marsden Fitness advises against fad diets, and is always quick to recommend more sustainable, slow-burn, and sensible dietary changes that can be implemented over a period of time in order to make them easier to stick to. It knows that fad diets will never live up to the hype, and it knows that those following fad diets can sometimes veer down a dangerous path to self- destruction, and so it wishes to show clients that there are better alternatives that – alongside regularly exercise – can achieve healthier results. Furthermore, fad diets and crash fitness regimes often end up with people feeling at best deflated and burned out, and at worse run the risk of putting them in harm’s way. Steve Marsden Fitness’s priority is in keeping the goals that clients set with the trainers are ones that are achievable, actionable, and within reach. Therefore, a client will often find that when able to implement the advice and strategies given to them by the staff at the gym, the results they eventually achieve are far beyond what they thought possible, and they also gain a friendly local community support network into the bargain. Steve Marsden Fitness is friendly, diligent, and enthusiastic, always approaching a client by addressing what they can achieve. Its exercise offerings are effective, fun, varied, and interesting, allowing members of its gym to partake in a wide variety of different activities and classes that target all manner of different muscles groups and will put them on the path to achieving their fitness goals. After all, this goal-oriented mindset is what Steve Marsden Fitness finds often motivates a client best, and so it is able to tell them what each element of an exercise routine will be able to do for both in the short Best Boutique Gym - West Lothian and long term, making it as easy as possible for them to succeed. Boasting a highly personalised, tailored, and bespoke experience, and an experienced team of professional coaches, this gym looks forward to continuing to help its clients reach their personal milestones for many years to come. Company: Steve Marsden Fitness Contact: Steve Marsden Website: Aug21543