Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2021

GHP / Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021 7 , Sep21091 Getting fit is often challenging, but staying fit can be even harder. We have found a place for the people of Illinois to feel inspired so that they can keep the weight off and the muscle on for the foreseeable future. Here we speak to DietrichHorsey about D21 Fit Studio and the successes he and his organisation have enjoyed at the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2021. Most Inspirational Fitness Lifestyle Coach (Illinois): Dietrich Horsey At D21 Fit Studio, Owner of Fit Studio and Fitness Lifestyle Coach Dietrich Horsey tells us, “Our mood in our studio is fit and fun. It is a work hard and play hard environment.” He knows that people come to him for his rich wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting and staying fit and his studio, established in 2015, has consequently become a fitness hub of Illinois. Training since 1996, Dietrich has embarked on a long, intricate and inspiring journey from bad health to incredible strength. “Growing up in the backwoods of Delaware I was the one who always had something, a lot of earaches, night sweats, allergies to grass, and extreme heart murmur. This is what guided me on this path of getting healthy through exercise. This journey has been nothing short of a miracle to get healthy and help others do some of the impossible. I help others see their true potential through what seems impossible.” Sometimes it takes a lot for someone to set off on these journeys, but everyone on the team is a strong believer that no one is too old. After all, they have attendees aged up to a remarkable 90 years! With all the issues that the pandemic could have caused for Dietrich and the D21 Fit Studio, Dietrich tells us, “It was a quick adjustment to virtual which I had thought about before the pandemic, so I was mentally ready to offer a new way of doing what we do, with stability, consistency, accountability. Staying cool under fire is what has allowed us to thrive even during the pandemic. “The biggest difference in the industry is the technology/apps,” he continues. However, the industry changes in this respect cannot change all things for people, it can only give them more accessible tools to help themselves. He continues, “You still have to do the work, still have to show up, and still have the accountability for your actions or non-action.” As far as team goes, Dietrich says, “I’m still learning on the recruitment process, but we have a fun and young crew although they all have an old soul. I’m looking for new coaches for our expansion by 2022. However, I find the recruitment process is longer and more time consuming as the industry standards have changed.” The team that already exists has gone through a lot over this past year due to the pandemic, and the culture of the firm is to work hard, play hard. A team that can stand up and support one another will always prevail and, “as a Black owned business, we strive to make our environment as diverse as possible,” Dietrich adds. It is important to have a diverse team from all walks of life so that you can get tips and tricks from all over. If everyone were to be the same, there would be no growth. Dietrich shares, “We have physical therapists that we work closely with for more difficult issues out of our scope of strength, condition and post rehab.” With their skills, there is nothing that the team can’t do. And after all, “We want to be the Michelin standard for training studios,” Dietrich says. Because it’s never too late to be the best you can be. Contact: Dietrich Horsey Company: D21 Web Address: