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Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 ghpFitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Most Empowering Women’s Health & Fitness Company 2022 - UK Women’s health is Rita Trotter’s ultimate priority. With so many pulls on people’s lives, taking ownership of our health is crucial. GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards takes a look at the brightest and best that the industry has to offer – and Rita is a sterling example of excellence!

Consumer interest in the Fitness & Nutrition industry is at an all-time high! We are seeing now more than ever consumers caring about wellness – specifically health, fitness and nutrition, which is more of a priority to individuals across the world than it has been in previous years. The global wellness market is being estimated at $1.5 trillion with growth projected of 5 to 10%! Boasting impressive market value growth, and with no signs of slowing down, now is truly the best time to take part in our Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2022, with the industry set to grow rapidly over 2022 and further. We are proud to recognise and acknowledge the innovative pioneers and devoted leaders across the sector. Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. The Health and Fitness Coach ltd: Most Empowering Women’s Health & Fitness Company 2022 - UK 6. Cyclical Health: Body and Mind 10. Swiss Natural Med: Most Innovative Precision Nutrition Company – Europe 11. MicroSalt Inc: Sodium Reduction Technology Provider of the Year 2022 12. Egg Innovations, LLC: Best Eco-Friendly Egg Brand 2022 – USA & GHP Health & Environment Excellence Award 2022 13. SilverSneakers to Offer World Class Fitness Experience from Apple Fitness+ in 2023 14. Vitaminology to Publish UK’s Top 100 Supplements

4 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 “We’re all here to have an effect,” Rita Trotter tells us. “Some people look for the grand when it doesn’t need to be. My mission in life is simply to help as many women as I can, however I can.” Now set to act as a keynote speaker at the International Woman’s Congress in Paris on International Woman’s Day next year, it’s clear Rita’s words have helped many women, and are set to help many more. But where did that story begin? It begins, of course, with how we see ourselves. Rita’s career is not as a public speaker, but as a health and fitness coach. The effect of our health on our wellbeing is enormous, but the image of someone who is healthy can be dispiriting. When you think of someone who is fit and healthy, an image will instantly come to mind of someone who has big biceps and shredded abs, who wakes up at five in the morning for a quick gym session, then goes after work for another hour or so to tone up. You think of people who watch every calorie and who track every ounce they gain or lose. Everybody’s ideal person is someone who couldn’t possibly exist. And that’s not a fair image. When Rita Trotter started up The Health and Fitness Coach, she knew that she would be offering something different. “Women have so many energetic pulls on their bodies and minds and so many responsibilities. We wanted to create a company that helped women simplify their health, taking ownership of it and being empowered to never need another weight loss programme or diet again.” Now offering two flagship coaching services in the form of Health Mastery: 1 to 1 Premium Partnership and The Health Collective: Group Coaching, Rita has been able to build up a reputation that is second to none. Also offering annual retreats and business to business wellbeing seminars as well as workshops and events, there’s little that she doesn’t cover when it comes to ensuring enduring health and fitness for women. Every action she takes, every move made by the team at The Health and Fitness Coach, is designed to serve the needs of women. “Our approach is based on one simple phrase,” she says with a smile. “You don’t need to lose weight to be happy, you need to be happy to lose weight.” This eye on wellness in the holistic sense is the driving force for what Rita does. Traditionally, health has been synonymous with fitness, but the mental health revolution has drawn a more nuanced image. “There has always been an idea that fitness is something you look like,” she explains. “There’s been a shift to fitness is something you are as opposed to fitness is something you look like. Health and fitness is a way of being, not a way of doing.” It will come as little surprise, therefore, that Rita is not just a Personal Trainer. She is also a Nutrition Coach, Behaviour Sep22207 Most Empowering Women’s Health & Fitness Company 2022 - UK Women’s health is Rita Trotter’s ultimate priority.With somany pulls on people’s lives, taking ownership of our health is crucial. GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards takes a look at the brightest and best that the industry has to offer – and Rita is a sterling example of excellence!

5 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Change Specialist, Long Covid Rehabilitator, Hormone and Stress Specialist, Pre and Post Natal specialist, Health for Business Coach and a published author of three globally selling books. “My passion, work and philosophies focus on joy factors, on self-acceptance, physical and emotional cohesion and authentic wellness and I enjoy sharing my wisdoms for all that is connected to a successful and healthy life,” Rita tells us. “My foundation in health comes from witnessing a global need to help combat stress and boost health with a holistic approach. Gone are the days of manuals and dark rooms. Our programmes are robustly researched and my passion is to share these worldwide.” As such, Rita’s systems are ones which can be applied to women in any circumstance. “We want to understand every single problem, hormonal imbalance, struggle and challenge that our clients face,” she explains, “so that we can help them understand the right way to overcome it for them. Men and women need different types of coaching, support and areas of focus, and we want to excel at what we do.” A key differentiator from the competition is her unapologetic distain for diets. “It may seem like an anomaly coming from a health and fitness coach in the times that we’re living in, but all I’ve ever promoted is conscious eating,” she says. “The idea is to empower you to follow a healthy lifestyle as a way of life and not just when you are ‘on’ a diet. I’ve met, heard and experienced how the socalled diets crash and burn way too many times. Do not get into something if you cannot follow through. My approach is to find your body-fit happy place, not to desensitise your senses or kill you with a set of bone-breaking exercises. Once you learn that weight loss is very much possible without feeling overwhelmed and enjoying food freedom, there’s no turning back.” It’s clear that Rita has managed to tap into a market that is on the rise, and has been for the last few years: “Many clients now are looking for more than just looking fit,” she tells us. “They are wanting a whole life approach through mental and emotional wellbeing as well as energy. They want to be more productive at work and more present with their families.” This holistic outlook on life, seeing how things fit together, has become more and more common since the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. It has become easier to see the various connections between the often-disparate seeming parts of our lives. Since the pandemic, an enormous shift has taken place within the health and fitness industry, with more and more people less concerned with how they look and more concerned about how they feel as a whole. “It means treating your body with the same respect that you would treat a meeting a work and so priorities have shifted.” Rita tells us. “No longer do people feel they have to go to a gym, because fitness no longer means just physique. People are starting to realise how unique they are and how unique their body is. This is why no programme is ever exactly the same. I would never produce a cookie-cutter programme, because no two women fit into the same mould.” When we look at the career Rita Trotter has made, we look at a woman who has considered what women need in the society of today. She is driven to help them in whatever ways she can. What is clear is that her one-to-one sessions have been the springboard for even bigger outlets. She is currently building out a Life coaching programme that will run alongside the Health coaching programme and has many speaking engagements lined up, including acting as a keynote speaker at the International Woman’s Congress in Paris on International Woman’s Day in 2023. People turn to Rita when they want to develop and when they want to take control. By focusing on the needs of women, she has been able to create a space perfectly suited to their needs. Rita’s tremendous success is something to be justly celebrated as it pushes boldly forward into new territory. We celebrate her amazing achievements, and look forward to seeing where her exciting career in the wellbeing sector takes her next! Company: The Health and Fitness Coach ltd Name: Rita Trotter Email: [email protected] Web Address:

6 Whether we have a uterus or not, this information is absolutely invaluable and can help people all around the world. For those with these cycles, it is imperative to understand it for our own physical and mental health and, for those without, this topic should be something on our minds – so that we can have a deeper understanding of the people around us. To begin with, it is of utmost importance that we address the significance of these cycles in our lives. Not only do we experience physical effects of having them, and the hormones that go hand-in-hand, but we also feel the effects of hormones on our mental health. Our families, friends, co-workers, and all other people in the world, all experience cycles of some kind – yet these specific cycles are still so misunderstood. The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones that are within the body, and it is important that we know more about them so that we can find solutions that aid us throughout our experience. Cycles are influenced and regulated by the interactions of hormones such as luteinizing, follicle stimulating, oestrogen, and progesterone, and the menstrual cycle happens in this order: • Follicular phase – bleeding and before a new egg is released • Ovulation phase – egg release • Luteal phase – after egg release and before a period of bleeding The first day of bleeding counts as the first day of the menstrual cycle. The follicular phase starts with a period that usually lasts from 3 to 7 days – and can vary from a light bleed to a heavy flow, or a mixture of the two. Usually this is the part focused on in an educational setting and, although the entire cycle is sometimes studied at length, it is, more often than not, only taught to girls. We also find that we don’t focus in on the effects that hormones can have on our minds as well as our bodies. So, for everyone, it Sep22207 is critical to learn more of the cycles the majority experiences – so that we can all feel good, together. “Everything begins with when the hypothalamus, within the brain, produces the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). Once this has been produced, GnRH causes the pituitary gland to release the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which results in the growth of eggs within the ovaries. “As eggs develop, the ovaries produce the hormone oestrogen which peaks at the ovulation phase – typically around day 13 to 14 of our cycle. Once the oestrogen has peaked, the luteinizing hormone (LH) is released from the pituitary gland and travels through the bloodstream to move the mature egg out of the ovaries and into the fallopian tube.” The premenstrual stage, or luteal phase, is the time where “the follicle releases its egg, and changes into the corpus luteum. This structure releases hormones, mainly progesterone and some oestrogen. The rise in hormones keeps your uterine lining thick and ready for a fertilized egg to implant. “If you do get pregnant, your body will produce human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This is the hormone pregnancy tests detect. It helps maintain the corpus luteum and keeps the uterine lining thick. If you don’t get pregnant, the corpus luteum will shrink away and be resorbed. This leads to decreased levels of oestrogen and progesterone, which causes the onset of your period. The uterine lining will shed during your period.” FSH, LH, oestrogen, and progesterone can alter our state of mind somewhat severely, especially if we don’t understand that they are a separate layer to ourselves. More often than not, people think that we are slaves to our cycles, and that we don’t have any control over ourselves – which feeds into the stigma that people on their periods, or experiencing menopause, are erratic, irritated, and overly emotional. However, there is something to be said about the way hormones affect our minds. After all, we experience a huge amount of brain chemicals daily. These chemicals, when out of balance, or in surges, harness the power to change our state of mind on a daily basis – or even from moment to moment. Much like the release of cortisol – the stress hormone – and vitamin D – the natural anti-depressant – the menstrual hormones also influence the way we feel. Due to our hormonal cycles having a huge effect on our moods and self-esteem, it is essential to find out about more ways that we can ease ourselves in, and out, of each phase. Menstrual Cycle Coach, Kez Seery , is one of many individuals looking to make a difference to the way people experience their Cyclical Health: Body and Mind Hormonal cycles is a topic that is easily pushed aside or ignored throughout our educational systems and society. With the stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle, and menopause, with regards to our physical and mental health, we can be left feeling deflated and misunderstood. Here we will take a closer look at the different cycles so that we can get a deeper understanding of what people experience both physically and mentally.

GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 cycles, both mentally and physically. As DivineButterflyCoaching on Instagram, Kez is an independent menstrual cycle coach who is passionately devoted to educating people, around the globe, on their menstrual phases with relation to the mind and soul through rest and nutrition. We caught up with Kez on this subject and she tells us, “Menstrual cycle education is the missing piece in a woman’s health and wellbeing. As cyclical beings, we have an internal clock which cycles every time we menstruate. Within this cycle we are different people during each of these phases. “Having an awareness of your own menstrual cycle, that’s all four phases; menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation and pre-menstruum can be so empowering and is the perfect way to alter the story that society has led us to believe.” Not only does she echo the voices of many others innovating within this realm, but she also projects her own strong speech for all people who have these cycles. This is so that she can dispel any negative connotations around our phases. With relation to the building blocks of mental wellness, in relation to our cycles, Kez adds, “Getting curious about our menstrual nuances, and accepting and embracing our phase joys and shadows can be empowering whilst also presenting the ability to create a life which is aligned and filled with self-acceptance.” Kez’s words describe the loss we feel when we are trying to keep up the pace within our jobs, relationships, and independent schedules. We push hard through our cycles to keep exercising the same, eating the same, working the same, and more, when we should be honouring those different parts of ourselves with rest and recuperation, as well as nurturing meals and behaviours. “Did you know that a prominent hormone the week before you bleed actually aids in relaxation? The overwhelmed irritability we accept as given and label as PMS does not have to be your reality. The relentless hustle and grind of the linear society we live in, which is unconducive to our cyclical nature is likely a factor towards feelings of rage and despair,” she adds. Her work is very much centred around how our cycles make us feel. She says, “Becoming curious about our own cyclical patterns via menstrual cycle awareness is the foundation towards living in alignment with all aspects of our being. It’s a remembering of who we really are, and how we really work on a cellular level.” As we are advancing in our knowledge of the menstrual cycle, we learn more about nutrition in relation to the different segments. There is endless knowledge from books and coaches that we can seek out, but we should also nourish our bodies intuitively too. We can learn to nourish our bodies with what they need throughout each phase – which can aid us when ovulating and bleeding, and in-between, so that we can live more fulfilled lives for our physical and mental wellbeing. By altering our diets at different times throughout our cycles we can actually invite the right nutrients for what our bodies crave and rely on. “Your ‘maintenance calories’ will change during the menstrual cycle – the body’s temperature increases and so does the basic metabolic rate. Often women feel less hungry in the follicular phase and the early stages of the ovulation phase. The hunger mirrors the levels of progesterone, when progesterone is at its highest in the luteal phase it is recommended to consume more calories. If a fat loss or weight loss is the goal, this is the prime time for fat burning.” Rest and sleep play essential parts in our lifestyle – especially throughout our cycles. We find ourselves needing more sleep during the separate sections of our cycles.

8 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 As Kez previously touched on, a report tells us that “progesterone has sleep promoting effects, so during parts of the cycle where progesterone is increased, such as after ovulation, women can feel more sleepy. “Then when progesterone reduces, towards the end of the luteal phase, and before menstruation starts, sleep problems can occur. Oestrogen can also promote sleep and most women who have trouble with sleep at different parts of their menstrual cycle, have problems just before and after the start of menstruation, with 30% of women reporting disturbed sleep during menstruation and 23% reporting disturbed sleep in the week prior to menstruation.” Lastly, exercise can be altered to suit the different segments of our cycles – so that we can achieve optimum results. Whether our goal is to lose weight, tone up, or keep our hearts healthy, the place we are in our menstrual cycle can have a huge impact on our energy levels and results. When it comes to menopause, food, sleep, rest, and exercise is still of utmost importance for not just ‘dealing with it’, but for thriving and feeling good. We are finding that our wisdom is increasing over time due to the light being shone upon the subject of menopause and, since the dawn of time, as a collective, a huge portion of the population finds themselves experiencing menopause at some point – so why should we sweep the subject to the side? The tricky part of menopause is the decline of certain hormones within the body as we cease to have the cycles we once had. Whilst oestrogen levels massively drop, FSH and LH levels continue to increase within the body. As our ovaries become less responsive to the hormones released by the pituitary gland in the brain, we have higher levels of FSH and LH, but not oestrogen and progesterone. During our cycles before the menopause, oestrogen and progesterone are usually in harmony with one another however, throughout the perimenopause and beyond, our hormone levels drastically change. As we age, we notice our periods become more or less frequent and alter in length, as well as flow. These fluctuations, alongside other symptoms such as hot flushes, high blood pressure, and more, can cause us to feel unsteady and low in confidence. We may even feel like we are becoming out of touch with our empowered selves. Author of Second Spring: The Self-care Guide to Menopause, Kate Codrington , showcases the many solutions and self-care tips that can ease us throughout this period in our lives. Kate offers insight into the psychological phases of menopause so that we can feel grounded and more accepting of our bodies as we grow to experience the menopause. Kate shares some words of wisdom on why it is so crucial for us to learn about the menopause, for our mental health. She says, “It’s really important to learn about menopause because our society devalues the power of rites of passage. We have an enormous resource and strength in the menstrual cycle in terms of how we come into our power – particularly in the second half.” She makes a tangible connection between the premenstrual phase and the perimenopause by describing it as our “inner autumn”, where we find ourselves slowing down and experiencing the decline of energy as well as hormones. She continues, “In these times, we are denigrated in general and, because we live in a misogynistic society, we also denigrate ourselves. And in doing this, we lose connection with ourselves and our truth.” Kate continues, “This is the part where women are called moody, spiteful, out of control. And, if you have a society that tells you you’re moody, your mental health will suffer. It is disempowering. However, these autumnal times are when we actually come into our power.” The power that Kate talks of is the control we have over what we choose to have for ourselves. She shares, “We are feeling the gap between the way we have been treated and what we actually deserve. By understanding about the rite of passage of the perimenopause and menopause, we are inviting ourselves to come back to our power. We are inviting ourselves to let go of the shackles that do not serve us – however that manifests in terms of work or relationships.” Lastly, Kate empowers people to stay true to what they value, and what values them. She believes that understanding our cycles is where our true power lies. “All the things that have held us back come up, and we are invited to let them go, move on, and feel more free – and even more free when postmenopausal. The question is not “how do I manage?” but, “how do I want to live and what do I need to do to live a powerful, creative, vibrant second cycle of my life?”” For further reading on the subjects, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer provide us with an empowering spiritual journey through our menstrual cycle with Wild Power. This book helps us to “heal, find balance, and reconnect to our emotions. Power lies in the rhythm of the menstrual cycle.” It encourages us to “connect with the body on a deeper level to find healing, balance, and wholeness.” In the Flo by Alisa Vitti offers a deep insight into our hormonal balances, imbalances, and their translation from brain chemicals to physiological and psychological side effects. Showcasing her knowledge for the subject, Alisa shares some of the most vital information available, so that we can get a deeper understanding of our bodies throughout these cyclical, biological patterns. With a mixture of scientific research into the human body and mind, and the more spiritual and philosophical information that is readily available, we can understand and derive greater meaning from our cycles. No matter our age or gender identity, there’s something to be said about the power of our cycles – and we can all benefit from learning more. By Sofi Bajor

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10 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Utilising the power of mother nature is arguably the most beneficial solutions for good health. Not only can we harness the power of natural ingredients for our physical health, but we can also use it to improve our mental wellbeing. Swiss Natural Med brings forth its revolutionary products so that we can have peace of mind – and lead healthy lives. Here we explore what it can offer as it wins a title in the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2022. Swiss Natural Med has developed nanotechnologies that guarantee that natural molecules, such as polyphenols, are of greater effectiveness and safety when used. Offering 24/48 hour shipping, secure payments, and, of course, top of the range products, Swiss Natural Med goes above and beyond for its customers. Swiss Natural Med has products for immune defences, intestinal and mental wellbeing, tone and energy, weight and microcirculation, cholesterol control, alongside ANTIKI functional foods. Not only does it provide this wide variety of solutions, but it also ensures that they are all safe and certified as they are created. A unique selling point of Swiss Natural Med is its use of AI technology for its profiling. Using its AI technology for diagnosis and understanding, we can increase our health and nurture our bodies through a variety of medicinal advancements. This AI technology can outline our needs in order to introduce new, and efficient, ways of caring for ourselves. There are two options for help with Swiss Natural Med, one of them being the AI profiling system that analyses our health needs in just a few minutes, and the other being contact with a health professional – such as doctors, pharmacists, osteopaths, and more. As Swiss Natural Med can analyse our issues in a swift manner, we receive the best advice and recommendations in next to no time. Swiss Natural Med also regularly launches innovative products, so that we can stay up to date with all of the new improvements on the market. With blog posts that help us to understand our sleep patterns, breathing, diets, hormones, and much more, Swiss Natural Med shows the world that it doesn’t have to be difficult to look after ourselves. There are simple steps that we can all follow, and a plethora of consumables that can contribute to our overall health. Not only does Swiss Natural Med show us we have the power to be healthy, but it guides us so that we can use our power to change our lives altogether. These are all reasons why Swiss Natural Med has managed to secure its title of Most Innovative Precision Nutrition Company – Europe. Contact: Derry Procaccini Company: Swiss Natural Med Web Address: Most Innovative Precision Nutrition Company – Europe Oct22161

11 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 The body needs a small amount of sodium to function, however most Americans consume too much, and most of this is consumed in the form of salt. High sodium consumption can raise blood pressure, and high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. MicroSalt is a natural alternative which contains up to 50% less sodium and still delivers full flavour. It is the great taste of natural salt – because that’s what it is. eople are not willing to sacrifice the taste of their food if they have to reduce sodium – But with MicroSalt’s solution, they don’t have to. MicroSalt is saving lives, one bite at a time, with its solution for reducing sodium intake, which doesn’t compromise taste. It is a revolutionary patented technology that delivers natural salt in the form of nano-sized crystals which contain 50% less sodium. The tastebuds recognise these MicroSalt crystals as over twice as salty as table salt, so people can use a lot less. This is because, being so small, the particles are able to dissolve almost immediately when they touch the tongue, delivering an explosion in saltiness, while regular table salt dissolves much slower and makes the body consume salt that isn’t even tasted. Salt is the primary sodium ingredient used in processed food and it makes the greatest contribution to sodium consumption in the United States. As much as 70% of the average American’s salt intake comes from processed and restaurant foods, not salt that is added at the table. As a result, they consume an average of 3,400mg of sodium per day – 50% more than the 2,300mg voluntary limit recommended by federal guidelines. Consequently, one in three US adults (116 million) have high blood pressure, and in the UK, one in three adults (16 million) have high blood pressure. According to the FDA, reducing sodium intake by 33% will reduce an estimated 28,000 to 50,000 premature deaths per year. As high blood pressure is one of the biggest killers, it is very important to take figures seriously when it comes to lowering sodium intake. By decreasing sodium intake, people will be able to take better care of their bodies and promote better wellbeing for themselves and their loved ones. MicroSalt CEO, Rick Guiney says, “MicroSalt is truly revolutionary. There are tens of millions of Americans that suffer from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular related diseases that would certainly enjoy the full saltiness of a potato chip, nut, or other snack – but with half the sodium. We are enabling food manufacturers the ability to extend their product offerings to include reduced sodium items that deliver full salt flavour.” Indeed, MicroSalt is the future of salt as reducing sodium intake becomes a more prominent issue. People get to enjoy their food the same way but without the worry when it comes to their health. The company aspires to and is on the road to becoming the leading provider of low sodium salt in the world. Company: MicroSalt Inc Email: [email protected] Website: P Sep22184 Sodium Reduction Technology Provider of the Year 2022

12 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Egg Innovations LLC is on a mission to provide delicious eggs in harmony with nature. Leveraging a mixture of poultry science and the knowledge only family farmers have, this multi-award-winning organisation is a proud industry leader – with its unique regenerative egg farming techniques – and successfully helps chickens, people, and the planet lead happier and healthier lives. Best Eco-Friendly Egg Brand 2022 – USA & GHP Health & Environment Excellence Award 2022 gg Innovations brings free-range, pasture-raised, and organic eggs to consumers nationwide as the premium alternative to the cage-free market. As a third-generation family farmer, its CEO and president, John Brunnquell, understands the day-to-day demands of farm life and animal care. John’s experience on and off the farm has pioneered a better way to house and care for hens which ultimately produces a better egg and is better for the environment overall. His ground-breaking endeavours are rooted in a passion for finding a better way to do things. Thus, Egg Innovations has helped to create the premium egg niche and accomplished this by focusing on the humane care of its hens. Thanks to John and his team’s careful work, the company has expanded far past his homestead to encompass over 50 family farms and thousands of acres of land dedicated to 100% free-range and pasture-raised hens and eggs. It also birthed its consumer brand, Blue Sky Family Farms, which has manifested a revolutionary way of raising hens by embracing their natural preferences and behaviours. Blue Sky Family Farms’ perspective is just to let the chickens be chickens. The result is the production of high-quality, premium eggs that customers adore, simply by making the wellbeing of its hens the top priority. This is one of the core pillars of Egg Innovations’ mission, the duty of care it has for its hens. The hens, the people, and the planet are the three concerns that punctuate every decision the company makes. Every decision has consideration and discussion about how this helps and benefits the care and health of its chickens, its talented team of people and how it affects the longevity of the planet. This extends to whom Egg Innovations works with when seeking out retail partners, as it does so with a commitment to sustainability as its number one goal. The partners it works with allow it to bring the first market of regeneratively farmed eggs to consumers across the United States. With the growing concern around climate change, the team believes that now is the time to raise the bar and be a part of the solution through innovation. As such, Egg Innovations aims to combat climate change and improve the planet’s ecosystem through sustainable farming practices. Egg Innovations is steadfast in its pursuit of doing the right things by all for everyone. An example of this came after the realisation that its family farmers across the Heartland care for thousands of acres of pastureland. This empowered Egg Innovations to make a purposeful commitment to focus on agricultural care practices with future generations in mind, empowering the land, benefiting the pastures, and enriching the environment to produce humanely raised, earthfriendly eggs. This launched the Helpful Hens brands, helping the earth one egg at a time. Helpful Hens’ sustainability, earth-friendly, and ecoconsciousness are a beacon of hope, thanks to its hen-led efforts through regenerative farming practices. Helpful Hens facilitated the arrival of the first premium eggs to market through its own brand of regenerative farming. This type of rearing promotes soil health, carbon sequestration, diverse pastures, and building ecosystems as its hens lead the efforts to aerate, graze, and fertilise the land. To be more specific, hens on these regenerative farms scratch, fertilise, and roam the land, whilst Egg Innovations help its farmers regenerate topsoil, foster vibrant ecosystems, fight climate change, and create a brighter, healthier future whilst guaranteeing a tastier egg. Egg Innovations will only continue to grow as time goes on, branching into new markets as it rises to meet the massive demand from consumers. Though its current focus is to support the Helpful Hens brand, as it is the fastest-growing premium egg in the market, it finds new ways to better help all it has committed itself to. Egg Innovations LLC deserves recognition as it benefits and elevates the industry. Contact: John Brunnquell Ph.D. Company: Egg Innovations, LLC Web Address: E Oct22023 Egg Innovations, LLC

13 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Members in participating health plans will have access to workouts and meditations for all skill levels, interests, and goals with an Apple Fitness+ subscription at no additional cost SilverSneakers® by Tivity Health®, the nation’s leading fitness program for older adults, will offer members an Apple Fitness+™ subscription at no additional cost starting in 2023. With a Fitness+ subscription SilverSneakers members in participating health plans will have access to over 3,000 workouts and meditations including programs to get started or go after a goal and engaging audio experiences like Time to Walk and Time to Run to motivate users to get moving outside. Fitness+, the award-winning fitness subscription service designed to be welcoming to all and help users live a healthier day, will empower eligible SilverSneakers members to exercise anytime, anywhere and no matter where they are on their fitness journey. The worldclass workouts and meditations are led by a diverse and inclusive team of trainers, curated for a range of abilities, skill levels, ages and interests. SilverSneakers is the only senior fitness program that will offer Fitness+ in January through select Medicare plans. “We are excited to work with SilverSneakers and offer Fitness+ to this inspiring community of active older adults, who are motivated to live a healthier day by staying mentally and physically fit,” said Jay Blahnik, Vice President of Fitness Technologies at Apple. “Fitness+ is designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all, no matter what fitness level or stage of life people are in. With over 3,000 workouts and meditations, we can’t wait for SilverSneakers members to join us and introduce them to our trainer team who will keep them energized from start to finish.” Aetna®, a CVS Health® company, will be the first health plan to offer Fitness+ through SilverSneakers. Aetna Medicare Advantage members will have access to the full Fitness+ library of workouts and meditations at no additional cost starting in January. “We continue to promote the benefits of physical activity to our members and are excited to offer them more ways to move with Apple Fitness+ made available by SilverSneakers,” said Christopher Ciano, President, Aetna Medicare. “SilverSneakers understands the unique needs and fitness preferences of older adults. We share their passion for encouraging older adults to keep their bodies and minds active for improved overall well-being. We hope our members will embrace this opportunity to exercise in new ways and have fun doing it.” With Fitness+, SilverSneakers members in participating health plans can choose from the full library of Fitness+ content, with workouts and meditations ranging from 5 to 45 minutes across 11 workout types, including Dance, Pilates, Strength, and Yoga, along with video and audio guided meditations to support cognitive health and stress relief. There are also workout programs with custom content designed to support users through a season of life or help them prepare for important moments like Workouts for Beginners, Workouts for Older Adults, and Meditations for Beginners. In addition, users can access Time to Walk, an audio walking experience featuring some of the world’s most interesting and influential people such as, Billie Jean King, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Dr. Jane Goodall, Robin Roberts, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Sugar Ray Leonard, and Time to Run, an audio running experience featuring popular running routes in notable cities around the world. Every Fitness+ studio workout includes modifications to accommodate all fitness levels, along with options for closed captioning and subtitles in six languages. “Offering Apple Fitness+ to members is an exciting way for us to deliver more opportunities than ever to experience the mental and physical benefits of exercise and meditation through a service that is welcoming to all”, said Richard Ashworth, President & CEO, Tivity Health. “We’re proud to be the only senior fitness program bringing Apple Fitness+ to our members with so many ways to stay motivated. This collaboration will provide eligible SilverSneakers members with more ways to access fitness using familiar technology with workouts and features to keep them engaged and help them track their progress.” Beginning in January, eligible SilverSneakers members can activate their Fitness+ subscription through their SilverSneakers member account on or through the SilverSneakers GO mobile app. Users only need an iPhone to sign up, and can then experience Fitness+ on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Fitness+ users with an Apple Watch can continue to take their motivation to the next level with personalized real-time metrics that display on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, as well as the ability to experience Time to Walk, Time to Run, and meditations with just their Apple Watch paired with AirPods or other Bluetooth-enabled headphones. SilverSneakers to Offer World Class Fitness Experience from Apple Fitness+ in 2023 Jul22142

14 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 Today it was announced that Vitaminology (, the world’s largest supplement directory, will publish the first edition of the UK’s Top 100 Supplements for 2023. Chosen by an independent panel of the United Kingdom’s leading accredited Nutritional Therapists, the top supplement products will be ranked by quality, effectiveness, provenance and affordability. The report will feature the best supplements across a range of categories including digestive health, fertility, immune support and menopause, to name a few. As a neutral broker in the hyper-competitive supplement space, Vitaminology guarantees that the Top 100 Supplements selection process is unbiased and independent. The report will be distributed broadly with consumers as well as the wellness and health communities. Mike Murphy, Vitaminology’s Chief Nutritionist added, “The Top 100 Supplements Report will give consumers a window into what the experts think. For those of us who have been practicing nutritional therapists for years, we know what products work and what products show results with our clients. It will be exciting to share this with the broader community.” Vitaminology is on a mission to de-clutter the complex and often opaque world of supplements. Vitaminology’s supplement directory is supported by a powerful search engine as well as flexible comparison features to help consumers make the most informed choices about their nutrition and supplements. For further support, Vitaminology has nutritional therapists available online to answer specific questions about a health concern or 1-to-1 video consultations for those who want a more comprehensive assessment including a complete nutrition program. Caroline Hind, Vitaminology’s Head of Nutrition Content added, “Consumers are frustrated with spurious mis-information and overpromises by brands. They want simplicity, curation and facts. We help consumers make informed choices about what supplements to take without the clutter.” Vitaminology to Publish UK’s Top 100 Supplements Jun22416

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