Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023

9 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 Sridhar has also recently collaborated with USCF and to create a tournament designed to give quick ratings for all players, as well as being the Chief TD for the United States Chess Federation. Moreover, Sridhar is currently in the process of trying to set-up a FIDE chess tournament, which will serve to further his client base and bring new eyes to the Academy. Sridhar is confident that any child in the world either four or five years old has a fantastic opportunity to become a Grandmaster by the time they turn fifteen, encouraging online chess classes to anyone who fits this criterion. Thanks to a combination of patience and expertise, Sridhar has amassed an incredible portfolio of students and a fantastic reputation within the chess community, with an ability to teach young and old to master a craft that could ultimately change their life forever, through the brilliance of the Sri Chess Academy. Finally, Sridhar has an extensive list of people he would like to thank for their support. Viswanathan Anand GM – India, Maurice Ashley GM – USA, Gary Kasparov, Jerry and Frank, Josh Sininan, Gunnar, Gawain Jones GM – England, Luke James McShane from England, Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana, and Sagar Shah, as well as the USCF,, and FIDE Presidents, all of whom have provided the best outlets to play chess around the globe. Contact: Sridhar Seshadri Company: Sri Chess Academy Web Address: lthough there are many people coaching chess within Washington State, it is Sri Chess Academy’s commitment to teach the grass roots and history of chess that ensures success for its pupils. Even today, many Grandmasters in the chess world are unable to explain why pieces move in the direction that they do, instead putting this down to merely just the way the rules work, which ultimately shows a lack of understanding. It is this unique knowledge of the fundamentals, combined with great patience, that enables the quality coaching Sridhar is available to provide. Many in the field of chess coaching teach Caro-Kann and Sicilian openings, but the Sri Chess Academy teaches more than 200 of the former and 20 of the latter, underpinning a commitment to securing continuous reading, knowledge, and understanding to create some of the best players in the world. Sridhar’s experience in the field is extensive, with him having recently defeated two Grandmasters and challenged a plethora in simul. This is in addition to being awarded ‘Legend’ status at, which one can only achieve after overcoming eight previous tiers. Sridhar is also a three-time Washington State Champion in the I Love Chess Too Tournament, held in Spokane and Tacoma in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and was the third Larry Evans Western State Champion for 1800 rating category held in Nevada in 2014. In October 2022, he drew with GM Enrico Savilano, FM Michael Lee, and GM Wesley So at the 39th Western State Championship in Reno. Despite his commitment to the game, life is challenging for Sridhar, who not only runs his own chess academy, but also has a job in the world of technology. It is difficult for us all to achieve a healthy work/life balance and Sridhar is no exception, but chess has helped him with his planning, strategizing, thinking, and patience, resulting in him being able to maintain his discipline and stay healthy. This dedication is channelled through to his students and likely contributed a great deal to more than 100 of them being awarded the Summa Cum Laude National Award after qualifying for the Washington State Elementary Championship. In addition to Sridhar, the team is comprised of Victor Michalevski GM from Israel, Nick Matta Super FM from USA, and Nikilesh Kumar Kunche Super from USA, all of whom joined as guest faculties in order to impart their expert chess skills to students. Many students have excelled as a result, with Sridhar also providing his expert knowledge on the importance of drinking protein-based juices and eating Threptin, a protein-based cookie, to stay healthy while playing. Sridhar Seshadri is the Founder and President of Sri Chess Academy, an institute based in Washington State that has been nurturing cognitive abilities and intelligence in school children and company employees since 2014. What draws people to the institute is the unique way the game is taught, this being through a meticulous combination of storytelling and a key understanding of chess down to its core. The results speak for themselves, with children not even of kindergarten age having the won the State Elementary Championship under the tutelage of Sridhar and the Academy. We speak with Sridhar to find out more about his passion for the game and how he imparts his wisdom on to others. Chess Coaching Organisation of the Year 2023 (USA): Sridhar Seshadri A