Fitness & Nutrition Awards Packages 2023

About Us Introduction Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP) eagerly returns with our sixth annual instalment of the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023! The global Fitness and Nutrition industries are constantly evolving, growing both in consumer awareness and popularity each year. Driven partially by pandemic restrictions, personal fitness and nutrition are now more accessible and important to the average consumer. Virtually provided fitness services and online nutritional consultants have created a boom in public health engagement. Now it is far easier to access fitness and health services in an environment that is comfortable. This coupled with rising health and insurance costs means that more consumers than ever are seeing value in improving and maintaining their health. When combined, the value of the Fitness & Nutrition markets is estimated at approximately $400 billion! Considering that both are incredibly lucrative as well as essential for us to live long and healthy lives, it is clear that these industries are irreplaceable. With the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023, Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP) aims to recognise and reward all integral players in both industries. It is imperative that we celebrate the hard work and ingenuity of the indispensable professionals who enable modern standards of health to be maintained. Bronze Package 695 GBP Full page article Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo