GHP November 2017 - Texas A&M

10 GHP / November 2017 , 1704GH07 Photonic Tumour Therapy PDT’s Photonic Tumour Therapy has been used since 2004 in humans at leading Austrian Tumour Centres inwell-selected indications on a named-patient base. As recipient of the Award for Innovation in Interventional Oncology, we invited the firm’s Chief Operating Officer Günther Hofmann to unveil more. Since 2004, PDT’s Photonic Tumour Therapy has been used in humans. After this - excellent clinical data of this virtually side effect free therapy - led physicians to expand its use into multiple other indications. After being granted a CE Mark for its third-generation ultimate high power catheter-based, therapy laser PDT is engaged in the commercialisation of its reimbursed technology, with the support of its CE marked field- specialist service. PDT plans to internationalise the commercialisation of Photonic Tumour Therapy to further IP protected territories, in collaboration with strategic partners, licensees and/ or franchisees, investors. To ensure the most efficient use of this technology throughout all territories and medical disciplines - and to offer its partners a highly efficient hands-on training and support - PDT is establishing a Know How Transfer Centre near Vienna, Austria. Business summary • PDT® is privately held, funded by the owner and his wife with €13.2 million/$14.2 million status end of 2016; • Photonic Tumour Therapy is superior in both, medical and commercial problem solutions; • No comparable competitors; • Effective use of healthcare budgets in a field of increasing cases, increasing mortality and increasing treatment cost; • Proven business model accelerates market penetration; • Proven technology platform offers wide range of business dealings in Interventional Oncology and beyond and; • The partners be at one in making business drives growth, prosperity and value. What is Photonic Tumour Therapy? • Effective, safe and patient friendly to treat precursors, tumours and metastasis; • Interventional Oncology (IO) by intelligently modulated light addressed to unmet biological needs and; • CE-Certified Clinical Field Service provided throughout the EU. Intelligently modulated and disease adapted, locally applied red laser light induces reactive oxygen causing tumour cell death by apoptosis and necrosis. How does it work? Procedure • i.v. administration of photon transformer; • Transformer accumulates in abnormal altered cells and; • Diseased area targeted by intelligently modulated - structured - red laser light. Target market The overall market size for tumour treatment modalities continues to grow, due to an ageing population, circumstances of life and better diagnostics. Only for the currently targeted indications - i.e. cancer of the bile duct, bladder, gastric cardia, cervix, colon, oesophagus (Barrett’s), lung, pancreas and rectum - approximately 1.6 million new cases in the EC and 1 million in the US are estimated per year with a future CAGR of 3.5%. Due to its excellent data and proven efficacy, PDT’s technology has the potential to capture up to 20% of these indications within four years after commercialisation in partnerships begin. Platform technology PDT’s proprietary platform technology has impressively proven the therapeutic impact in various indications – and holds the promise to be as effective in other upcoming oncology indications and beyond where abnormal cell growth requires eradication. Specific benefits of our modality • Minimally invasive; • Effective where others fail, i.e. surgery, chemo, radio, etc.; • Stand alone; • No interactions; • No thermal action; • No dose limitation and; • Virtually no side effects. • What are its advantages? for clinicians • Clinical data; • Quickly applied; • Repeatable and; • Ultra-low Risk. for patients • No trauma; • Extended survival; • Quality of Life (QoL) and; • Reimbursed. What is the clinical outcome? Significant reduction in: • Threat of life; • Tumour mass, size; • Degree of stenosis; • Penetration depth; • Recovery time and; • consequent relief for the patient. Company: PHOTO DYNAMIC THERAPY Handelsgesellschaft mbH/LLC Name: Günther Hofmann Chief Operating Officer Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Annagasse 1 1010 Vienna, Austria Telephone: +43 1 369 70 30