GHP November 2017 - Texas A&M

GHP / November 2017 21 Best Osteopathy Clinic – Angus g Contact: Dr Salwan Baradhi Contact Email: enquiries@broughtyosteopath. Address: 357 King Street, Broughty, Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2HA, UK Phone: 01382 774200 Website: www.broughtyosteopath. is an integral contributor to the clinic’s ongoing success. Constant investment will see the Practice expand and grow, accommodating more patients, and providing more advice. “Moving forward, the long-term plan of our practice is to maintain our high and competitive level of health provision. We are currently undergoing a strategy review in order to allow us to incorporate more primary care disciplines at the practice such as podiatry, herbal medicine, and sports medicine to help complement the Osteopathic scope whilst keen on adhering to the high standards of our Practice. And because we believe in treating the person not the disease and because the mind and the body are inter-connected and inter-twined we have already incorporated Counselling Psychology into the Practice, where patients in need of such form of therapy are getting a similar high standard of care. “Excitingly, we are also in negotiations about investing in a new multi-disciplinary practice next door to the current one in order to accommodate the increasing number of patients seeking help and advice. Finally, we believe that by doing so our mission is but only reinforced to help serve the patient best- an ancient Hippocratic but yet very valid principle.”