GHP November 2017 - Texas A&M

24 GHP / November 2017 , 1703GH06 Intensive Treatment for Extensive Results Integrated Systems Chiropractic &Wellness is a holistic, whole body wellness center dedicated to treating its patients and empowering them to live a healthy lifestyle to promote fast and lasting recovery. We invited Dr. Michael Scott to talk us through the firmand how its innovative approach has helped it to achieve the success it enjoys today. Originally a chiropractic facility, Integrated Systems Chiropractic & Wellness center has since developed into a holistic, mechanical and functional medicine clinic focused on providing the most up to date orthopaedic, functional and diagnostic testing to identify the underlying causes of pain and disease. The results of these tests help the center to formulate the best treatment plan for its patients, ensuring lasting recovery, as Michael explains. “Here at Integrated Systems, we firmly believe in the concept that no two people are alike so each person’s treatment plan is unique to their own biology. Therefore, we strive to offer a bespoke approach tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs, rather than applying the same strategy to everyone. We take this philosophy and incorporate the modern understanding of non-traditional treatment using medical foods and neutriceuticals to correct nutritional deficiencies necessary to support strong biochemical functions. “Because this philosophy is infused in Integrated System’s DNA we have set ourselves apart from most healthcare facilities that only offer pharmaceutical treatments for pain and disease. We understand completely, however, that in some cases traditional medications are warranted but this is definitely not our first line approach.” Using this creative approach, the center offers a number of different therapies which included functional medicine, metabolic testing, chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy modalities. Michael outlines how the firm has flourished over the years thanks to its dynamic approach to patient care and its focus on education as a method of preventing further pain. “Many of the customers who come to us are in pain and want some sort of relief, which we are able to provide for them. More importantly, we also provide an education to help each patient gain control over their health to maintain their best health. Because we care and dedicate the time to helping some of the most complex cases, our metabolic practice has grown by word of mouth advertising only. From treating acne to thyroid disorders we have become a go to facility for those people wishing to find an answer to their problem, and not just a temporary fix.” This approach has proved so popular that the clinic now has a month long waiting list for new patients. As such, Michael, in his concluding comments, discusses the center’s imminent expansion, as well as his own personal projects which are helping to enhance the medical industry’s knowledge and understanding of the techniques he uses. “Looking to the future, I believe that Integrated Systems Chiropractic & Wellness will continue to grow and see more and more patients. Right now we have a four week wait for new metabolic patients, and this is testimony to the level of excellence we provide. We will be seeking to expand the practice in order to provide clients with shorter waiting times and a wider range of services. He is recognized as one of the best when it comes to using a functional medical approach to diagnosing disease, and as such “I am always working to support the medical sector and allow others to benefit from my knowledge and experience. To this end, I am currently working on a protocol to manage or reverse type 2 diabetes by modifying and manipulating specific gastrointestinal bacteria. This exciting project, as well as the expansion of the clinic, offers many great opportunities which I am looking forward to taking advantage of over the coming months and years.” Company: Integrated Systems Chiropractic & Wellness Contact: Dr. Michael Scott Email: [email protected] Website: