GHP November 2017 - Texas A&M

36 GHP / November 2017 , GHB17010 Drilling for Success in the Dental Market Bellevue Dental Care & Implant Center offers family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive dental care in one location. We spoke to Kristie Blockhan, winner of ‘Most Influential Woman in Dental care - North East Washington’ in our Women inHealth 2017 Awards, to learnmore. Established in 1996, Bellevue Dental Care offers a vast array of dental services to meet the needs of its varied patients. Kristie discusses the practice’s service offering in more detail and explains her role in its success. “Personally, I have been with Bellevue Dental Care & Implant Center for more than a decade. Our practice offers a wide-range of technologically advanced procedures to provide our patients with the confidence that they will receive the highest level of quality dental care. Many of the patients that come into our practice find themselves with very little options and have lost all hope to live a normal life. “For this very reason, I constantly strive to ensure those patients that very soon they will have not only their smiles back, but their quality of life back as well. I cannot describe the feelings and emotions that go into giving your patients their lively hood back. To be told that they can finally smile without hiding their teeth and for most it’s the first time in 20years. We change lives forever.” Looking ahead, Kristie, who understands that challenges overcome by many women seeking to achieve success in this male dominated market, is keen to act as a mentor and support those who wish to emulate her achievements. “Overall, no matter what happens in the future, I hope to continue to see more and more women come into the dental field. We need all the mentors that we can get and I will always strive to be the most influential woman for other women Company: Bellevue Dental Care & Implant Center Contact: Kristie Blockhan Address: 900 108th Ave NE #102, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA Phone: 425-709-7171 Email: [email protected] Website: that don’t think it is possible to be successful within both their careers and their families.”