GHP November 2017 - Texas A&M

GHP / November 2017 9 Best for Health Research & Education - Texas g Contact: Richard B. Kreider Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 675 John Kimbrough Blvd., Building #1542 TAMU 4253, College Station, TX 77843 Phone: 979.458.1498 Website: www. ExerciseAndSportNutritionLab. com or health, disease, rehabilitation, performance, and/or health disparities/equity. Dr. Kreider has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences internationally and serves as a scientific consultant for industry and national professional organizations. Offering a variety of courses, sports and services, the University is constantly providing the upmost quality to students and clients alike. Some of the services that the HCRF offer include; consulting with potential giant sponsors on research design and methodology, conducting fees for service exploratory studies and full- scale clinical research trials at the HCRF as well as providing expeditious data analysis, interpretation and a presentation of results. The HCRF also publishes research findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications and assisting in translating research findings to the media and public. Research Services • Project Initiation / Review • IRB Submission Assistance • Participant Recruitment, Familiarization, Scheduling and Enrollment • Entrance Criteria Examination • Phlebotomy • IV solution infusions • Clinical Chemistry Analysis • LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS Analysis • Biobank • Muscle and Fat Biopsies • 24-hour Nursing Supervision • Data Entry / Management • Data Storage • Clinical Trial Consulting Research Capabilities Physiological Testing • Height / Weight • Skinfold Body Composition • Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) • Body Composition and Bone Density Assessment (DEXA) • Dietary intake analysis (4-day) • Lung function • Resting Energy Expenditure • Cardiopulmonary / ECG Stress Test • Endurance Time to Exhaustion Test • Isotonic Strength Testing • Isokinetic Strength Testing • Anaerobic Capacity Testing • Balance/Gait Analysis • Biomechanical Analyses • Cognitive Function / Sleep Studies • Psychosocial Assessment Clinical Research Unit • Bedrest Studies • Sleep Studies Comprehensive Wet Lab Facility for Sample Analysis Stable Isotope Tracer Metabolism Studies • anabolic response to food • digestion and absorption of nutrients • protein synthesis/ breakdown • tissue (muscle, fat) protein and fatty synthesis • metabolic kinetic phenotyping using a 20 stable tracer mixture intravenous pulse Data Entry / Management Data Storage Data Interpretation, Presentation, and Publication Ultimately, Dr Kreider and his team work incredibly hard to ensure the HCRF provides students with the ultimate experience. Outside of education, the institution and its staff is also providing clients with a variety of services, always to the highest standard. Combining its principles of practical education and outreach with its research mission, the firm will look to cement its place as an innovative university and place in the AAU.