2018 Technology Awards

10 GHP / 2018 Technology Awards , Nanovis Since its inception in 2006, Nanovis has been offering spine surgeons a portfolio of spinal implants that we believe is the most advanced fixation technology providing surgeons the best aspects of fixation, visualization, and durability. Today, Nanovis is working to add a bactericidal capability to our fixation technologies as well as technology to treat and prevent localized infections, even those caused by some of the most virulent and deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria in the world today. Within the healthcare market today, hospital consolidation has the potential to restrict access to new technologies as large companies offer financial incentives designed to restrict competitive implant use. Fortunately, most hospitals conscientiously seek out new technologies that can help their patients achieve better outcomes. As such, they have been happy to provide their surgeons access to Nanovis’ technology products because of the firm’s innovative, pioneering solutions. Seeking to offer the best possible solutions, Nanovis’ responds to the growing demand it is seeing by developing technologies for its implants that are meaningfully superior to its competitors. For example, the firm’s FortiCore implants have a porous titanium scaffold, Best Nanotechnology Driven Implant Company 2018 Nanovis is a technology-driven growth company committed to offering implants enhanced by the best fixation and infection technology platforms to surgeons and hospitals seeking the best options to heal their patients. Celebrating the firm’s success in our 2018 Technology Awards we profile it to find out more. licensed from Sites Medical, that the Nanovis team believe is better than any other implant in the market. Nanovis is adding to FortiCore the world’s most advanced commercial nanotube technology, while its PEEK implant core provides outstanding visualization and durability. The firm’s nanotube surface is an important foundation in its fixation technology portfolio but, maybe more importantly, it is also the foundation for a bactericidal surface that the company is racing to commercialize now. All of these solutions are driven by the needs of Nanovis’ clients. The team constantly listens to the needs of its clients and works closely alongside them to develop technology that will make a real difference to those providing lifesaving care in hospitals all over the world. Nanovis’ strategy of discovering and commercializing important new technologies is very different than the strategy of its competitors. Surgeons and patients that use Nanovis’ implants not only use some of the most technologically advanced implants available, but they also support this very serious ambition to use technology to help tackle some of most serious, and quite frankly scariest, problems in the field. Ultimately, Nanovis’ mission is to be the best at harnessing science and nanotechnology to create and sell clinically and meaningfully superior implants. This mission has shaped the company into the driven innovator that it is today and, moving forward, it will remain central to the firm’s approach. Over the coming years, Nanovis expects its unique infection technology development strategy to drive high growth, make a very real difference for patients and the surgeons and hospitals who are healing them, value for the firm’s industry partners and exciting developments for its shareholders. As such, all stakeholders can expect exciting new developments for Nanovis which has a bright and prosperous future ahead of it. Contact Details: Company: Nanovis Name: Matt Hedrick Address: 5865 E. State Rd 14, Columbia City, Indiana, 46725, USA Web Address: Nanovistechnology.com Three Dimensional Scaffold which Assists in Securing the Implant

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