2018 Technology Awards

12 GHP / 2018 Technology Awards , Orthobion GmbH Founded in 2009, Orthobion is a privately funded start- up specialising spinal treatment options, especially spinal fusion devices. Today, Orthobion offers a complete line of interbody fusion devices featuring its unique FGOIC Ti surface technology, which are designed to promote bone growth, optimized intervertebral stability, while allowing for improved bone healing characteristics. Among these solutions is the TSC Cage, which is designed with the Award Winning FGOIC Ti technology (Fine Grained Osseo Best Spinal Treatment Product Development & Marketing Specialists 2018 Orthobion successfully develops, markets and distributes innovative medical technology products worldwide. Having recognised the organisation in our 2018 Technology Awards we profile it and offer readers a unique insight into the range of solutions it creates. Integrative Coating of Titanium). Based on research conducted by Orthobion, the Company has developed a composite implant with a biomimetic imprint; Titanium Fine Grained Osseo Integrative Coating (FGOIC Ti). FGOIC Ti is a non-porous metallic (Titanium) coating applied at room temperature. Orthobion has developed a product line of cervical and lumbar cages with its unique FGOIC Ti surface technology. FGOIC Ti is a unique surface technology that forms the perfect blend of PEEK and Titanium. By tailoring the biomaterial’s surface with micro- and nano- structures, Orthobion was able to engineer a biomimetic imprint, where the interaction between the biomaterial and the bio- environment were optimized, causing a desired behaviour from both cells and proteins, in bone formation needs while maintaining the mechanical properties of PEEK - no stiffening effect - and maintaining radio lucency. To support its distributors and ensure that they are able to obtain and properly provide the solutions it offers, Orthobion has created a resource administration tool custom made for each distributor. This tailored approach to those who distribute its solutions has helped the firm to achieve its success in the market. Ultimately, Orthobion is looking to become an innovative pioneer in the field of coated biomaterials and various surface treatment options for spinal fusion implants, working towards the most optimal biomimetic devices possible and resulting in Award Winning Technology. This will remain the company’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. Contact Details: Company: Orthobion GmbH Contact: Andreas Ottenschlaeger Email: [email protected] Website: www.orthobion.com

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