2018 Technology Awards

14 GHP / 2018 Technology Awards , Jointmedica Ltd Since 2016, new management and strategic direction has resulted in a change in perception of Jointmedica’s position within the Orthopaedic market. The company was launched during 2008 with the creation of the BKR™ primary total knee replacement which enjoys a 7A ODEP rating and overall survivorship of 98.9% at 10 years. Today, the firm shares academic links with key universities across the country. Most recently, Jointmedica sponsor a PhD Student at Newcastle University who is involved in one of the firm’s development ambitions. With the core of the firm’s research and development work focusing on the end user, Jointmedica works with focus groups such as the UK’s Beyond Compliance organisation, to understand more about the needs and the requirements of operating surgeons. Risk management features high on the firm’s list of priorities and as such the team ensure they constantly adhere closely to the high levels of scrutiny demanded of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), and other global governing bodies. Since inception, obtaining grant funding is a key contributor to the firm’s successes. In 2018, the company has been effective in securing a Proof of Concept grant from Worcestershire County Most Advanced Orthopaedic Implant Technology Company - UK Jointmedica is a privately funded orthopaedic company that seeks to sympathetically enhance the currently accepted Hip and Knee replacements by creating implants which exhibit superior functionality, apply biomechanical sensitivity, and innovative form. Having recognised the firm in this year’s Technology Awards we profile it to learnmore about the unique solutions it develops ands offers. Council as well as a significant Innovate UK award which is directly focused on Jointmedica’s PHR™ Hip Resurfacing Project. These developments mean that the company can look forward to an exciting future as it seeks to enhance its portfolio of unique solutions. These will be important for the future growth of both Jointmedica and the industry, as the near extinction of hip resurfacing driven by poor results of some devices and general negative metal on metal sentiment has not eradicated the need for this procedure. Advances in Polyethylene technology coupled with encouraging published mid-term clinical results offer a natural low risk alternative to metal on metal. Jointmedica’s PHR™ projects aims to address this issue. Modern total hip replacement demands reconstruction and sensitive balancing of the hip. Simultaneous correction of leg length, offset, rotation, varus or valgus deformity are often overlooked in traditional Hip stem designs. Modular necks previously developed by some orthopaedic companies appeared to offer the Orthopaedic community a tool for perfect hip reconstruction; unfortunately, this design served to accelerate failure as a result of corrosion in the connecting tapers employed to correct these anatomical prerequisites. Jointmedica is exploring the use of Zirconium alloy, which has been employed in the orthopaedic setting and other industries for many years due to its non-corrosive nature. As such, the firm’s focus is to exploit the material specifically to address the reported taper corrosion issues it now faces in some primary total hip replacements, as well as to offer surgeons the ability to accurately correct the patient’s biomechanics. The BKR™ was designed and developed with the aim of improving the performance of traditional total knee replacements by providing more physiological knee function. Its design characteristics have proven to provide high levels of function and patient satisfaction during its 10 + years on the market. Jointmedica are building on this success and refining the design of a new Knee implant, and surgical procedure. As part of this focus, the firm has noticed that the use of 3D printed complex implants is increasing. Therefore, Jointmedica is looking to introduce a significantly disruptive product to this market in the form of its custom-made revision augment implants. Ultimately, Jointmedica’s mission is to facilitate early partnerships and acquisition opportunities of its new implant concepts at the point of commercial attractiveness to established orthopaedic companies. This will remain the company’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future. Contact Details: Company: Jointmedica Ltd Name: Nina Bennion Address: Unit 3 Ball Mill Top, Main Road, Hallow, Worcestershire, WR2 6LS Telephone Number: 01905 640008 Web Address: www.jointmedica.com Birmingham Knee Replacement A CGI image of a CoCr femoral component on Crosslinked Polyethylene Custom made Hip Resurfacing (PHR)

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