2018 Technology Awards

GHP / 2018 Technology Awards 15 , Contact Details: Company: Solumed Name: Norman Kretzmer Address: Glenstar House, Queen Square, Glenhazel, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2192 Telephone Number: +27117192111 Web Address: www.solumed.co.za Solumed Best Medical Practice Management Software Provider - South Africa Nov18283 Since 1987, Solumed’s software solutions has been used by medical, dental and allied healthcare practitioners in South Africa and beyond. The firm is part of the AVANTedge Group, which specializes in software development aimed at the unique requirements presented by the legal, medical and automotive industries. Through a combination of clinical experience and software development, the firm aims to build long lasting partnerships with its clients. The firm’s flagship solution, Solumed Pro, has been built on the latest technology. The multi-tiered application allows for scalability in different medical environments. Solumed Pro is extremely user friendly with a fresh new look and the ability to run on both Local Area Network and Wide Area Network environments. Pioneering software provider Solumed aims to offer cutting-edge solutions to a range of clients in South Africa and beyond. Having recognised the firm in our GHP Technology Awards for 2018 we profile it to learnmore about its unique solution and how this is changing the healthcare market for the better. Originally designed and created by a doctor, Solumed Pro has been made with medical practitioners in mind, and as such it meets their varied needs. In such a fast-paced market, these needs are constantly changing, and as such the firm are always look at solving problems from the practitioner’s point of view. The software makes running a practice effortless and is easy to use. Solumed is a Microsoft Gold Development Partner, and the team believe the Microsoft stack of technology gives them advantages over their competitors, who often use inferior and free technology. By using cutting-edge technology, Solumed is able to offer its clients the very highest possible standard of service and solutions that meet their needs. The firm’s Gold Microsoft Developer Status ensures that the team at Solumed have access and exposure to the latest developments, keeping the firm ahead of the latest market developments. Ultimately, Solumed’s overall mission is to provide the best possible software to medical practices, ensuring health care workers do not have to get stressed about managing the practice, but can rather concentrate on helping their patients. As part of this ongoing focus, the firm has expanded its solutions into the Radiology sector and is now exploring multiple opportunities both in and outside of South Africa. This will allow Solumed to offer its innovative solution to an even wider array of users who will benefit from its user-friendly interface and unique features.

http://d-velop.com/ http://medopad.com/ http://www.containment-technology.co.uk/ http://www.jointmedica.com/ http://www.orthobion.com/ http://www.solumed.co.za/