2018 Technology Awards

16 GHP / 2018 Technology Awards , Medopad Since the firm’s inception in 2011, Medopad has recognised technology’s vast potential for change. This drove the team to begin work on their first mobile application, which gave rise to the successful, dynamic company that Medopad is today. Over the years, the firm has expanded across every facet of digital health, transforming how healthcare providers, doctors and patients connect with each other in the process. Today, the firm’s remote patient monitoring applications, mobile technology and advanced data analytics unite to deliver a highly personalised, efficient care experience. Medopad’s AI, machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities are delivering a new era of personal health, one that is highly personalised, connected and intelligent. Greatest Breakthrough Technology of 2018 Built froma passion for healthcare, Medopad is a pioneer in the health technologymarket, offering unique artificial intelligence technology that takes amodular approach, covering a wide variety of disease areas to deliver better andmore personalised care by transforming the way patients and data interact with clinicians. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s GHP Technology Awards we profile the firmand its unique solutions to find out more. the app aims to reducethe cost of healthcare by letting the clinical team have visibility over their patient data which enables them to make better decisions faster and optimise the time and financial resources of the healthcare system and patients. This technology is helping to alleviate some of the pressures known to current healthcare systems and lay the groundwork for digital health advances around the globe. For example, the solution helps to enhance and provide better, personalised patient care, allow for cost efficiencies within hospitals and enable doctors to save more time during patient visits by providing them with continuous ‘outpatient’ data in between appointments. From a hospital management perspective this means cost efficiencies can be optimised by discharging patients earlier from hospitals as well as reducing the amount of unnecessary appointments freeing up beds and clinician time. Headquartered in London, Medopad is CE approved and proud of the prestigious organisations that use its solutions every day. Clients include numerous NHS trusts, HCA, Bayer, national healthcare providers, global pharmaceutical organisations, insurance providers, governments, charities, sporting clubs and brands, and countless others. Working to ensure that these clients all receive the cutting-edge solutions and support they need, Medopad collaborates closely with the world’s largest healthcare systems, pharma companies, research institutes, insurers and technology companies including Apple and Tencent to solve some of the biggest problems in rare, chronic and complex disease monitoring. Looking to the future, Medopad’s growth trajectory continues to be focused on recruiting the best talent with the aim of reaching 500 employees by the start of 2021. In addition to organic growth, the firm understand the importance and need for partners to help it get one step closer to this vision. With this in mind, Medopad’s recent Sherbit acquisition represents the first of a series of future planned investments which will expand the company’s presence in the US with a second office opening in Silicon Valley, following the opening of the firm’s New York Office in June. International expansion is a key focus, with the firm seeking to continue working closely with the top healthcare and technology companies in China and leverage the strong relationships that it has built in the last year. Ultimately, Medopad’s vision is to extend the lives of more than 1 billion people worldwide, and it is this global ambition which fuels the team’s drive to continue to open up its unique solution on a global scale. Contact Details: Company: Medopad Contact: Kirsten Nehr Website: medopad.com

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