2018 Technology Awards

18 GHP / 2018 Technology Awards , DITTEL Engineering Best Cleanroom Design & Engineering Company - Europe Nov18789 Founded in 1993 as a one-man engineering office in the Bavarian Highland of Germany, today DITTEL offers a wide range of services: from project study, project planning (design and engineering), to qualification (GMP/FDA compliance), requalification measurements (Metrology for particles and micro biological), staff training, commissioning, to Consulting and supporting worldwide companies which do research and produce in cleanrooms. Then in 2011 DITTEL Engineering emerged from Dittel Cleanroom Engineering to initiate the transition to the second generation. Florian Dittel continues the work of company founder Gernod, who continues to support the company. He explores how far the firm has come over the years to achieve the reputation for excellence it prides itself on currently. Drawing on its vast expertise in the industry, DITTEL Engineering is a full-service cleanroom provider supporting a wide range of clients. We spoke to Founder Gernod Dittel to find out more and explore the secrets behind the firm’s success. “Since inception, DITTEL and all its affiliated companies have worked hard to remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments and trends so that we can offer our clients cutting- edge support and services that they can truly rely on. We firmly believe that the best marker of a successful firm is a satisfied customer, and as such we constantly work to offer our clients innovative solutions.” In the cleanroom field DITTEL Engineering believes in the quote “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, and this is implemented by seeing projects not as projects but as a partnership between the investor and DITTEL Engineering. As part of this approach, the firm supports the customer before, through and after the project simply not to let the customer ever feels alone. Adding art and colorful atmosphere are high in importance to the cleanroom environment and technically offering the handling of interdisciplinary, DITTEL Engineering is able to meet the needs of its clients, as Gernod highlights. “After all, the cleanroom market is constantly expanding, and as such so are we. The market is booming and has a lot of potential due to the intensive need in the food industry to produce in cleanrooms following the Pharma, cosmetics and the micro-electronics. As such, we are constantly seeking to enhance our service offering to ensure ongoing excellence for our valued clients.” Thanks to its expert team, DITTEL Engineering is grounded in a deep scientific knowledge, equipped with the latest technologies and aims to offer a family atmosphere so that employees are always able to drive developments and help the company retain and enhance its market leaders. Seeking to build the future, today, the firm is constantly looking to develop its solutions. With regards to the future, Gernod is optimistic that DITTEL Engineering can continue to grow and flourish thanks to its focus on quality, as he is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, there are many exciting cleanroom projects ahead for DITTEL Engineering that will allow us the chance to build upon our current success and enhance our portfolio of satisfied clients. Our focus is on people, so while the world is discussing Pharma 4.0 and industry 4.0, we are presenting cleanroom 5.0- the human. “Ultimately, DITTEL Engineering started 25 years ago with the motto for the future which was taken from book 1 of the Roman poet Horace which was said on 23 BC ‘Carpe diem’; in English ‘seize the day’. To this very day we are working using every day to satisfy our customer more and trying through our work to make the world a better place for the next generations.

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