2018 Technology Awards

GHP / 2018 Technology Awards 21 g Bolton NHS Foundation Trust delivered tangible benefits in the care of patients. The positive impact has driven us to review what other applications we can make accessible via mobile devices to staff on the move. We now have the potential to deliver more applications into the hands of clinicians and utilise technology to make a measurable difference in patient care without compromising information security.” The Imprivata solution has provided the Trust with a safe way of authenticating users, giving assurance to the safety of patient records and demonstrating compliance with audit processes, governance, and the General Data Protection Regulation. Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata, comments; “Imprivata Mobile Device Access supports the mobility of clinical staff, bringing technology to the bedside by improving the use of shared clinical mobile devices. This project has been a great example of customer and vendor working in harmony to bring required new clinical workflows into practice, not only benefiting Bolton NHS Foundation Trust but the NHS as a whole. The dramatic results achieved and quick deployment has made a vital difference to the delivery of healthcare and enabled the Trust to take a significant leap forward towards their vision of becoming paperless by 2020.”

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