2018 Technology Awards

6 GHP / 2018 Technology Awards , Magnisense Se Drawing on over a decade’s experience in the industry, Magnisense is a pioneering company that designs, develops, stores, manufactures and markets MiAG® tests that provide an immediate diagnosis at the bedside to diagnose and prevent medical emergencies, particularly in the context of cardiovascular disease. The Company managed by Lyse Santoro chief Executive Officer, and founded by Prof. Petr Nikitin, eminent scientist and inventor of technology, as well as a group of entrepreneurs including Jean- Patrick Voisin and Daniel Bernard, utilises this expertise to ensure its solutions are at the very cutting- edge of the latest healthcare technology developments. The head office of the company is based in Paris. The R & D, manufacturing, quality control, packaging and stock laboratories are located in Dardilly, in western Lyon. Magnisense is a member of the two Lyon Biopole and Médicen competitiveness clusters. In line with its vision of “Improving emergency diagnosis, saving lives”, Magnisense is aiming at reinventing immuno- assays by providing healthcare professionals with simple, reliable and cost-effective tools to perform clinical diagnostic tests for medical emergencies in less than 15 minutes. Its proprietary and patented breakthrough technology, MiAG®, enables users to Best Immunoassay Development Company 2018 - France Magnisense develops, recorders, manufactures andmarkets MiAG®mobile and connected tests to diagnose and prevent emergency, particularly for cardiovascular diseases. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners fromour 2018 Technology Awards we profile the firm to find out more about the vital solutions it provides. relocate emergency tests as close as possible to the patient and to obtain quantitative results equivalent to those performed in the central laboratory. The MiAG® tests make it possible to perform, from a simple manipulation directly at the bedside of the patient, a blood diagnosis in just 15 minutes from a small volume of blood. These tests are performed with a mobile MiAG® instrument and connected, autonomous battery. MiAG® tests are developed from proprietary Magnisense technology, which uses magnetic nanoparticles. This technological breakthrough is protected by a specific portfolio of several patents issued around the world. Being “best in class,” these innovative tests are particularly suitable for emergency diagnosis by biologists, emergency physicians, resuscitators, when every minute counts to save lives and to initiate the most immediate therapeutic treatment possible. These tests also allow doctors to carry out a preventive diagnosis for the follow-up of patients when they leave the hospital, in particular to prevent the recurrence of an emergency episode, or to prevent the evolution of a chronic disease. Specifically, MiAG® tests are particularly suitable for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and acute and chronic heart failure. They are also suitable for other pathologies for which Nov18555 emergency diagnosis and patient follow-up over time are crucial. In an environment where healthcare structures are centralized and outpatient medicine is favoured, MiAG® tests provide a solution for patients, health professionals and public authorities. They contribute to building the medicine of tomorrow by enabling an emergency diagnosis, a proximity diagnosis, a preventive diagnosis. They save lives, initiate treatment as quickly as possible, innovate care pathways to desaturate emergency services and provide solutions in medical deserts. Finally, they help reduce public health costs that are exploding. The first commercially available tests are addressing the growing demand for emergency diagnosis of cardiac diseases: heart failure (BNP) and infarction (Troponin). Ultimately, Magnisense’s mission is to help build the medicine of tomorrow by improving emergency diagnosis and immediate diagnosis which will help save lives and revolutionise the world’s healthcare market. Looking to the future, this will remain the company’s ongoing focus as it seeks to enhance its MiAG® solution and explore new technological discoveries.

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