2018 Technology Awards

GHP / 2018 Technology Awards 9 , Contact Details: Company: Rene D’Essay Srl Contact: Andrea Bergonzini Website: www.renedessay.it Rene D’Essay Srl Most Innovative Cosmetic Products Development Firm - Europe Jan19088 Based in Bologna, Rene D’Essay is a company that produces and distributes beauty centres and cosmetic beauty institutes, face and body creams, and hygiene products with specific, safe and cutting-edge formulations. The company also has a specialized department in the design and manufacture of beauty equipment for beauty treatments, such as photo rejuvenation, slimming treatments, massages, ultrasound therapy, anti-wrinkle Drawing onmore than 25 years’ experience dedicated to research and study of cosmetic products, Rene D’Essay Srl is able to provide a unique array of luxurious beauty and hygiene products. We profile the firm to gain an insight into the work it undertakes and the secrets behind its success. treatments, liposculpture, and cellulite treatment. Since the beginning, Rene D’Essay has been committed to acting as an alternative to larger cosmetics companies, and as such the firm aims to offer exceptional quality products and unrivalled customer service at all times. Thanks to this approach, today Rene D’Essay sets itself apart from its competitors thanks to its commitment in research and innovation to create cutting-edge products. The firm uses only the best active ingredients available on the market and the most advanced cosmetic technology, ensuring the total compatibility of each product. In line with the growing consumer focus on both animal cruelty and natural ingredients, the company also does not test its products on animals and avoids the use of any potentially toxic, irritating or allergenic substances. These include parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, gmo, formaldehyde cuttings, sls, sles, synthetic dyes, and perfumes with allergens. A short distribution chain means that the company is able to guarantee quality in every batch of product it puts its name to. Alongside its innovative beauty products, Rene D’Essay also supplies beauty centres and spas with advice for the supply of professional equipment designed for the execution of beauty treatments, such as photo rejuvenation, ultrasound therapy and liposculpture. Looking ahead, Rene D’Essay will continue to enhance its already impressive product offering to ensure its ongoing success.

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