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Global Excellence 2022 ghpglobal excellence awards 2022 Antibody Innovators Secure Success Polyclonal antibodies are a crucial part of cell biology research, but finding the best possible source of these is down to the team from SICGEN Antibodies. Their work is built on a more rural ecosystem and has brought the team incredible success. In the Global Excellence Awards 2022 from GHP, the team were named Best Antibody Development and Production Company, 2022 – Portugal. We take a closer look to discover why. ANTIBODIES

Launched in 2020, the Global Excellence Awards provide us at Global Health & Pharma Magazine with an opportunity to celebrate and highlight the innovative companies, teams and individuals who are excelling across the vast landscape encompassing healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical sectors. Global Excellence 2022 Our recipients are hand selected by our very own in-house research team over several months. We search diligently to find those setting the highest standards, making pioneering breakthroughs and creating the most cutting-edge medical solutions; from Health & Pharma Tech innovators to care service providers and everything in between, we seek to showcase outstanding medical, health and pharmaceutical business leaders and companies from across the globe. We are proud to announce this year’s recognised companies and individuals in the 2022 Global Excellence Awards, the industry pioneers who will no doubt go on to achieve further outstanding results in their field and disrupt the ever-changing industries, inspiring others to create positive change. Jo Holloway- Senior Account Executive Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 6. Antibody Innovators Secure Succes 7. Beyond Beauty 8. Dedicated Developments 10. Improving Clinical Trials Worldwide 12. Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds 14. Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company, 2022 15. The Professional Skincare Expert for Skincare Professionals 16. Accomplishments To Smile About 17. Remarkable Excellence in Dentistry 18. CanaQuest Medical Corp - A Clinical-Stage Life Sciences Company Secures Success 19. Confidence In Your Own Skin 20. True Centres of Excellence! 21. Best Virtual PCOS Care Platform, 2022 22. Bolton’s Most Outstanding Laser & Aesthetics Clinic, 2022 23. For Fabulous Skin 24. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London 25. The Front Runners of Modern Medical Hygiene 26. Leading Innovators of Vascular/Cardiovascular Scaffold Technology 2022 27. Shocks To The System 28. Semi-Permanent Ways to Enhance Natural Beauty 29. Making Memories 30. Worldwide Skincare Excellence 32. Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments 34. The Wound Closure Solution of the Future 36. World-leading Microneedling Products 37. Boosting Natural Beauty Through Facial Sculpting 38. The Company Revolutionising Dermal Fillers 39. Training the Aestheticians of the Future 40. Advanced Diagnostics for an Advancing Industry 41. Healthcare Start-up Tackling the Mental Health Crisis 42. Leading Affordable Private Dentist, 2022 - London 43. Skincare Specialist Secures Success 44. Redefining Beauty in AgeefenAge 45. Helping You To Glow, Inside and Out 46. Ear Wax Removal Specialists 47. Seeking Solutions through Evidence and Economics 48. Health Comes First 49. Art & Science 50. Leading the Sexual Revolution 51. Medical Device Consulting Firm Placing Excellence First 52. Pioneering The Future of Effective Wound Care Solutions 54. Replenishing Hair and Rejuvenating Confidence 56. Allowing Clients to Breathe Freely 58. The UK’s Leading Clinic in Varicose Vein Treatment 60. Internationally Renowned Skincare with German Pedigree 62. Pushing Surgery Forward! 64. Optimizing Clinical Trials – From Start to Finish 66. TruStem Cell Superiority

Contents 67. Breath Of Life 68. Supporting Projects with Advanced Data 69. The Osteopathic Care Experts for Community Health 70. Invaluable Technology for Great Health, On the Go 71. Sport for Everyone 72. Fully Chaperoned Istanbul Hair Transplant Services 73. Advanced Aesthetic Treatments 74. Dignity And Respect 75. Healthcare of The Future 76. AD: Most Innovative Biotech Company - Switzerland & 2022’s Award for Excellence in Innovation 77. Giving Clients Their Confidence Back 78. The Ethical Experts in Hair Rejuvenation 80. Unlock Your Full Potential 81. Most Innovative Fertility Technology Company 2022 - Middle East 82. Delivering Cutting-Edge Healthcare to Those that Need it 83. Best Orthopaedic Footwear & Orthotics Manufacturer 2022 - UK 84. Leading the Way in Skin Health 85. Medical Care for All Events 86. Award Winning Skin Science 87. Breathe Easy With Bedfont Scientific Ltd. 88. Calibration Connoisseurs! 89. Your Life, Renewed 90. Best Client-Specific Sustainable Adhesive Products 2022 – Europe 91. Institute of Health Economics: Seeking Solutions through Evidence and Economics 92. Goring Medical Projects Ltd: Expert Engineers in the Healthcare Sectorechnology 93. Sushvin Consultancy Services: Providing Effective, Efficient and Affordable Solution to Medical Devices Industry

6 35 GHP Q2 2022 Polyclonal antibodies are a crucial part of cell biology research, but finding the best possible source of these is down to the team from SICGEN Antibodies. Their work is built on a more rural ecosystem and has brought the team incredible success. In the Global Excellence Awards 2022 from GHP, the team were named Best Antibody Development and Production Company, 2022 – Portugal. We take a closer look to discover why. Antibody Innovators Secure Success ounded in 2009 as a spin-off from the University of Coimbra, SICGEN Antibodies has built a name for itself over the years as a leading provider of polyclonal antibodies. Based in a small village in the district of Coimbra, it sets itself apart by being part clinical laboratory and part animal house, leveraging the capacity for the production of hundreds of antibodies raised in goats every year. The approach taken by the team takes advantage of a more rural ecosystem, providing a long-term solution when it comes to producing polyclonal antibodies and antibody-related products and services of the highest quality and at competitive prices. Over the years, the team have been proud to maintain their high standards and are now well on the way to becoming a global producer of these products. Since first opening its doors, SICGEN Antibodies has been in high demand. Universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology distributors worldwide, but primarily within North America, Europe and the Far East, have turned to the team to secure success. Many companies offer antibodies, but few of these are based in Europe. Even fewer offer the same quality of product at such a competitive price. The growth of SICGEN Antibodies, therefore, has relied on the various catalogues produced by the team, and by their distributors. The success of this approach can clearly be seen in the way that the team has continued to grow and expand. As more researchers use SICGEN Antibodies products, the more their work appears in peer-reviewed scientific papers. As such, there is no real need to directly search for customers who are looking for polyclonal antibodies. Those who need these products often find SICGEN Antibodies all by themselves. The evolution of need for products from SICGEN Antibodies has been easily anticipated by the team because the founders come from academia. This is allowed the team to help identify and focus our production of antibodies that were in demand. It also created the ability to anticipate how some scientific areas were likely to evolve and what would be their needs in terms of antibodies. By focusing on those products, the SICGEN Antibodies team gained a competitive advantage and an opportunity in a very competitive market. Nowhere has this flexibility been better shown than in the team’s manuveurs through the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning of the crisis through to the end of 2021, the team were focused on the production of production of antibodies against proteins of SARS-CoV-2 that were subsequently used on research on the virus. The conversion of the team’s production platform to the manufacture of SARS-CoV-2 products was achieved in very little time, with the support of a grant financed by the Portugal 2020 - I&D COVID19. Looking ahead, the team intend to continue increasing the number of antibodies available in their catalogue of products, as well as better characterising the ones already available. They also plan to increase the number of conjugated antibodies with fluorescent molecules. These modified antibodies are extremely important as they allow speeding up experiments and are therefore highly sought after by researchers. It’s clear the growth of SICGEN Antibodies is well on the way, and the team’s path to success is already set. Their success is something to be celebrated, drawing on intimate knowledge of the sector both technically and commercially. In this rapidly moving field, it takes ingenuity and determination to stay ahead of the crowd. We cannot wait to see what this team does next. Company: SICGEN - Antibodies Name: Jose Ramalho Email: [email protected] Web Address: F Mar22601

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP / Q1 2022 23 , Dec21122 Since opening their doors, the team at Arden House Dental and Cosmetic Clinic has been leading the way when it comes to dental treatments. With unparalleled quality and care at the heart of their operation, the team has achieved incredible success in the GHP’s 2022’s Global Excellence Awards. Named 2022’s Leading Innovators in Specialist Oral Surgery, the UK, we take a closer look at the secrets behind their success. Beyond Beauty Nestled in the small village of Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Arden House has become a haven for those looking for top-notch dentistry. The team’s incredible skill has seen them in high demand, taking referrals for implants, minor oral surgery, sedation, periodontology, and smile makeovers. With a friendly approach that puts the needs of patients first and foremost at all times, it’s little wonder that the team has gained such acclaim. The growth of Arden House has seen them increasing the services offered to clients, but the underlying principles of the business have remained consistent since its inception. For them, it is not enough to simply provide treatment. The team built long-lasting relationships, many of which have been with Arden House since its inception. These longstanding clients often refer Arden House to friends because of the high standards championed by the team. Key to these high standards is an awareness of the uniqueness of every patient. Each requires a personalised approach to their treatment. To provide this treatment requires a team that not only has the time to provide a tailored approach but the knowledge on which to build a treatment plan that is bespoke. Not only well trained before they enter the surgery, the staff at Arden House are always exploring new ways of gaining new expertise through additional study and qualifications. This remarkable dentist’s surgery also boasts the latest equipment to support their team in providing exceptional service to patients. Since opening their doors, acquiring precision tools has been a major part of the firm’s strategy, allowing them to avoid unnecessary surgery or unforeseen outcomes. Perhaps the best example of this is the team’s CBCT machine. This allows them to make detailed 3D images of a patient’s teeth, bone, nerve pathways and soft tissues in a single scan and gives Arden House a significant clinical advantage over other practices. The need for an agile approach has been crucial during the pandemic and the Arden House team have taken many steps to ensure that their clients are as safe as possible during these difficult times. There have been increased waiting lists within the NHS for specialised care, which has meant the team has had to increase their oral surgery capacity to support local demand. The pandemic has forced everyone within the organisation to work together, and despite the social distancing measures, the pressure has allowed everyone to bond more closely. The team’s plans for 2022 seem positive indeed, with two dental nurses qualified as oral health educators. The intention is to introduce regular sessions for them to assist patients alongside the other clinical staff. Perhaps the best aspect will be the gradual decrease in restrictions regarding the pandemic. The team have already reintroduced tea and coffee and magazines back into the lounge and greatly look forward to seeing the lovely smiles of their patients again. It’s not enough to simply offer service that is second to none. The team at Arden House push the boundaries of what they can offer their patients whilst never compromising on their services. The success of the team in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards showcases the strength of their approach and the reason why so many have turned to the team for help with her dental health. We celebrate their achievement and look forward to what they do next. Company: Arden House Dental and Cosmetic Clinic Name: Sarah Farrier Email: [email protected]

8 24 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21139 Cambridge-based medical device company Medovate – the ‘Best Medical Device Innovation Development Company – 2022’ for the UK, is a business with a unique – and now proven – business model, working closely with clinicians to support the development of NHSdeveloped innovation. Spun out of the NHS in 2017, Medovate has made a name for itself for its ability to identify and develop high potential innovations into award-winning products which are available for the benefit of patients and clinicians across the globe. Dedicated Developments The company is a dedicated medical device development vehicle for the NHS and prides itself on working closely with clinicians to develop valuable medical technology innovations with the potential to improve patient safety. Using its exceptional expertise to help guide them through the entire, and often complex, development pathway – from design, manufacturing, regulation and quality, feasibility testing, and clinical trials, through to product launch, marketing and distribution. In the space of just four years ago, the company has established a proven platform to bring medical products to market and has pressed ahead with licensing and building a portfolio of medical devices to improve patient safety relating to the specialist areas of anaesthesia, airway management, critical care and surgery. Today a celebrated, multi-awardwinning company, Medovate has achieved a great deal in its first few years and is now confidently looking forward, building on all it has achieved so far, expanding its product portfolio and planning new product launches. Through its unique medical device development pipeline, the company aims to improve patient care and safety by supplying innovative MedTech solutions to global healthcare systems, which are facing some of the most pressing challenges of the modern era. The pandemic has indeed created an environment of enhanced safety measures. At the heart of Medovate’s expanding portfolio is its revolutionary technology SAFIRA® (SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia) – its first product to be brought to market. The device – already launched in key markets across the world, from the United States to the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand – has been designed to make injection during regional anaesthesia safer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the European and the American Societies of Regional Anaesthesia both produced joint COVID-19 recommendations stating that regional anaesthesia should be preferred over general anaesthesia as the need to minimise aerosolgenerating procedures (AGPs) took precedence. The device, which has been designed in collaboration with NHS clinicians, includes a built-in safety mechanism to automatically limit injection pressure, helping to reduce the risk of nerve damage and promote patient safety. As the practice of regional anaesthesia grows globally, the use of SAFIRA® for regional anaesthesia procedures has the potential to make a significant impact on improving patient safety. The system has since been developed to include the option of using an NRFit® connector, together with either a foot or palm operator, offering greater choice and versatility to clinicians. Medovate has successfully secured CE mark approval and FDA clearance for the SAFIRA® system. As impressively, the gamechanging technology has also been found to have potential to make a difference in veterinary care and this is being explored with partners in global veterinary markets to see how the technology could make regional anaesthesia safer for animals. A male lion at the Five Sisters Zoo (FSZ) in Scotland became the first-ever animal in the world to have dental surgery using SAFIRA® last June. The technology is fast attracting considerable attention in regional anaesthesia circles and developing a reputation as a device of choice for supporting safer regional anaesthesia practice. SAFIRA® was awarded the prestigious ‘Patient Safety Innovation of the Year’ at the HSJ Awards in September 2021 – a recognition of its capabilities as an outstanding example of healthcare innovation which has clearly improved safety for both patients and staff, and a further stamp of approval for Medovate’s unique business model. Having successfully launched its first FDA-cleared and CE Mark certificated medical

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP / Q1 2022 25 Dedicated Developments device in multiple international markets, Medovate now has agreements in place to make the technology available in 60+ countries over the next few years. The company also has a number of exciting additional innovations in the pipeline, including their novel HME safety device HUMIDICARE®, a novel heat and moisture exchanger (HME) which has a safety engineered warning system to promptly visually alert staff to a dual humidification error in a ventilation circuit, helping prevent potential harm to patients. In the field of critical care, the company has developed Glucosave®, a patient safety solution designed to help prevent incidences of unnecessary administration of insulin following blood sampling where a glucose containing flush solution has been inadvertently connected, something which can have serious consequences for patients. With the wind firmly in their sails, Medovate is also actively pursuing further regulatory approvals and distribution agreements for other key markets across Asia-Pacific, Canada and South Africa. With further regulatory approvals for the promising technologies in the Medovate portfolio imminently anticipated, and additional technologies approaching clinical trials and market launch, this is just the beginning for this fast-growing company, which has grown from an initial team of 2 to a team of 16, including a consultant based in the US – the home of its first product launch. Medovate now continues to work with distributor partners who are global leaders in their field to bring its innovations to market, such as Vygon in markets including Europe and the UK; and Mercury Medical, through which it is working to distribute SAFIRA® across the whole of the United States. The company also has a co-promotional partnership agreement with Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc. – a world-class provider and market leader in medical diagnostic imaging – to promote best practice in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia across the US. The partnership was formed to highlight the provision of Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia’ and how the ground-breaking SAFIRA® can be used in conjunction with Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas’ Inc. range of pioneering ultrasound solutions. Today Medovate continues to work with partners to uncover further NHS innovations to add to its portfolio, keep the positive cycle of developing NHS innovation going and realising its potential to help support further NHS innovation; while also raising awareness of the amazing innovations generated by the NHS which can benefit clinicians and patients beyond the UK. Through its partners and co-promotional partners, the company continues to work towards its vision to promote patient safety through healthcare innovations arising from the UK’s world leading institution – which, as an additional benefit, remains a key stakeholder for the organisation. The company operates a unique model ensuring the Trusts where its new device ideas originate receive a share of the profits from successful commercialisation, thus helping it to feed into the healthcare innovation cycle in an exceptional way. Company: Medovate Contact: Chris Rogers Website:

10 36 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21397 Exom Group, lauded as the ‘Most Innovative Full-Service CRO’ for 2022, offers an exemplary technological platform through which it grants access to incredible digital logistical help to clinical trial experts. Making clinical trials easier to conduct, more reliable, and more technologically compatible, its clients and partners appreciate how much its Genius Suite platform makes the gathering and analysis of data and various variables that much easier, allowing that to keep track of any potential confounding elements as well as manage their resources and other nitty gritty elements of trial composition. Improving Clinical Trials Worldwide Being the world’s first global, fully digital, and full-service CRO, Exom Group is an acting, full-service CRO that has committed itself to modernizing clinical trials for the better. Fundamentally, it recognizes that in a world with ever-changing standards and demands both for the increasing quality of products that come about from research and for a greater variety of treatments to help the world combat the myriad emerging challenges of the modern era, the providers of clinical trials have more pressure on them than ever. It has responded to this by stepping up to the plate through the offering of comprehensive, fully digital, innovative solutions that combine a variety of different elements, from the company’s expertise in managing clinical trials and its ever-improving cloud-based platform – Genius Suite – to its ability to improve efficiencies and escalate process speeds. Furthermore, this increase in the speed of its processes doesn’t take away from the quality that a customer can come to expect from Exom CRO. In this manner, it is continually improving upon itself, combining its expertise in everything from specific efficiencies and escalating process speeds to ensuring high-quality data and cost-reduction, from the earliest stages to the latest stage and outcome studies. Exom’s Group’s dedication to hard work and constant improvement has allowed it to secure a dedicated customer base over the years that use it as their one-stopshop for remote clinical trial management, from Phase-1 IV Studies to NISs, Investigator Initiated Trials, and more, working with the producers of drugs, nutraceuticals, and medical devices. With a mission of implementing the next generation clinical trial 5.0 processes for professionals across its industry, it hopes to give its clients the opportunity to find the best way to manage their own logistics, research specifics, and results. Additionally, through the combination of its staff’s human expertise, with the efficiency of digital technologies and advanced technological analysis, it can provide customers with the value-added services that ensure their studies can boast the most trustworthy and provable standards of reliability from the beginning of the study’s creation right through to the analytical stages. Moreover, as well as a generating a large roster of clients who laud Exom Group as exemplary, it has been able to accrue significant notoriety amongst peers across its industry in the macro scale. Part of the Cliniscience subsidiary of the Neuca Group, it has joined forces with the professionals therein in order to strengthen the international and operational infrastructure of Exom Group, ensuring a mutual knowledge sharing that promises to improve both corporate entities as a direct result. This, in line with everything that it has been working towards since it was founded in 2014, has allowed it to implement 5.0 clinical trial processes to provide study sponsors with value-added services and exceptional study experiences. The other internationally qualified partners that it is proud to name as amongst its corporate allies form the Exom Alliance. Each of these partners have benefitted from being trained to use Exom’s technologies and processes, providing an established organization that operates across Europe, North America, and other markets; innovating clinical research by learning alongside the active research of its sector, it conducts itself with passion, integrity, transparency, caring, and innovation at every turn. Boasting remote, decentralized clinical trials and advanced analytics, its services portfolio is expansive and impressive. Each service – bolstered and improved by Exom Group’s own dedication to keeping itself at the forefront of its market – has proved thoroughly impressive and holistic at every turn, something that each of its clients appreciate as they put their faith in it, making it their technologically savvy partner in their studies. Nominally, it offers consultation services, study or design protocol, feasibility and site selection, regulatory services, medical writing, study management, data driven, risk-based monitoring or management, data management, statistical analysis, and report writing. This all goes hand in hand with its medical monitoring, PV, lab support analysis, quality assurances, auditing, trail supply management, peri and post approval, and IITs, each of which promise to transform, assure, operate, and reduce different

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP / Q1 2022 37 Improving Clinical Trials Worldwide opportunities and challenges for each client. Each of these descriptors relates to aspects of Exom Group’s vision. Firstly, transformation alludes to its ability to mould and reshape clinical trial logistics, remodelling the future of clinical trials and research in order to create the future of this industry, one that will no doubt continue to be a linchpin of the modern world long into the future. Its advanced digital technological offerings, newly re-engineered operational processes, and more assure the achievement of the highest quality of standards, preventing any risk that could potentially harm study results and cause extraneous variables to confound the data. With its operational prowess, its data-driven management, and risk-based monitoring – using DDM and RBM specifically – it improves the approaches implemented by it, reducing the overall costs, whilst increasing quality and performance. In addition, its research professionals seek to provide the utmost therapeutic experience for its clients when it comes to the observation of clinical trials. Sharing an in-depth passion for expertise, great performance, digital clinical trial element creation, and new working processes that make clinical research easier for all involved, it boasts a solid foundation of experience and years in clinical trial conduct that has helped with the research into everything from infectious disease to central nervous system disorders and immunology. In the coming year, it is excited to help many more clinical trial experts with their studies, looking forward to emboldening the studies and processes of its industry even further in the coming year. Company: Exom Group Contact: Luigi Visani Website:

12 6 GHP / Q1 2022 , Jan22334 A clinic that has achieved worldwide recognition for the excellence of its services, The Whiteley Clinic has earned itself recent accreditation as the provider of the ‘Best for Varicose Veins Treatments’ in 2022 for the UK. This is just one of the many titles it has won itself over the years, boasting the development of all-new treatments, the most rigorous client care, and the most highly recognised research in phlebology. Due to its new approaches, bold ideas, and transparency, it has been seeing increasing numbers of overseas patients flocking to it, as well as patients from within the UK, and promises to continue serving each and every one of them with the excellence its industry expects from it. Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds When it comes to specialist clinics in the medical field, The Whiteley Clinic ranks amongst the best for vein therapies and research. Fundamentally, it has gained a reputation for its consistent research and treatments that push forward the greater innovations of the field, founded by the eponymous Mark Whiteley in 2001. Since the turn of the century, its notoriety has grown through showing its diligence to the science of its work and the patients who would benefit from it being turned into treatments, following the founder’s own development of endovenous – or ‘pinhole’ – surgery for varicose veins in March of 1999. He was also the first in the UK to perform the allnew surgical method to access varicose veins in a minimally invasive manner, working alongside Judy Holdstock, and it is this excellence with which he has built the foundation of The Whiteley Clinic. Making use of radiofrequency initially – mostly due to budget – this varicose vein surgical method has since enjoyed advancements in both innovation and funding, with alternatives to radiofrequency being discovered regularly. This, in essence, has allowed The Whiteley Clinic to allow use of multiple different modalities. Initially, the setup to varicose vein treatments was its only priority, but ongoing research has allowed it to expand its list of conditions, from venous leg ulcers and pelvic pain due to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome; thus, it invites clients to get in touch with it regarding such things so it can discuss with them how it best may help, developing an international reputation for aesthetic phlebology. Initially, this simply meant the treatment of thread veins on the legs, but with the expansion of recent research, it has extended to the treatment of so much more. Able to treat bulging veins on the face, forehead, breasts, arms, and feet, it can help clients with all manner of painful extruding venous problems, all made possible by the research and ingenuity of the founder and his exemplary team. Indeed, since then, Mark Whitely has published the first research papers for the treatment of such things; papers that have been incredibly well received by the wider research community and that specifically talk of how to treat bulging venous areas on the forehead and temporal scalp region. Of course, when discussing such delicate areas of the body, one must act with the utmost care and rigour. This is another unswayable part of the The Whiteley Clinic’s work. When handling its client’s cases, it will always strive to put their safety and comfort first. Nominally, each and every one of its processes have been designed and redesigned by the most scrutinising eyes and dedicated team, able to tailor a treatment plan to suit the needs of the patient as well as to talk them through certain treatments in as much detail as they wish so that they are thoroughly informed before they decide on what they want. Its core values, from top to bottom, are to ensure that all of its patients receive the

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP / Q1 2022 7 Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds

14 22 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21145 Built on a foundation of creativity, Elevate Healthcare Marketing was established to bring innovation to healthcare agencies. Featuring the best talent within the industry, Elevate pushes the boundaries of collaboration, education and positivity throughout the healthcare industry by reinventing brand potential within each sector. Recognized as the Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company, Elevate is unmatched for its ability to inspire and innovate – leading the healthcare marketing sector. Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company, 2022 Established in 2015 by Lorna Weir and Frank X. Powers, Elevate Healthcare Marketing works with Pharmaceutical, BioPharma, and Medical Device clients to overcome challenges, ensuring each brand can reach its full potential. Winners of MM+M awards for Small Healthcare Agency of the Year in 2020 and 2021 and Best Place to Work Three Years in a row with the addition of the PA award of Best Place to Work in PA, three Years in a row, Elevate has a renowned establishment that permeates success all across the healthcare sector. Elevate works by gathering, mastering the in’s and out’s of a brand, becoming experts in their chosen field. In doing so, Frank X. Powers explains, “We create challenger ideas that disrupt the status quo, compel an action, inspire belief, change a mindset and take on a market challenge.” A talent and industry ability that is unparalleled in gold-standard services. Being winners of several awards across multiple platforms, brands and companies have solidified Elevate’s reputation and encourages quality leadership and performance within the company. As a result, the internal culture is full of achievement and success. That is down to each individual’s roles to establish Elevate as an internationally renowned company with team members who match accomplishment and recognition. Elevate’s overall mission is to champion challenger brands and, due to its bold and innovative efforts, has impacted the marketplace in a groundbreaking way. Though the company is young, the collective experience is vast and deep, with experience and expertise that runs throughout the company’s core. Though intellect has produced a significant effect on the company’s success, it is the drive, passion and dedication for its outstanding work that has allowed the company to maintain success and ensure it yearly – surpassing its own expectations, targets and overall perseverance. Over the past six years, Elevate has grown in terms of capacity, capabilities, talent, and skill. With that, the creativity within the workplace has spread like wildfire – igniting innovation and inspiring out of the box concepts that produce high-quality solutions for clients. For Elevate, success will be a natural stride with all its incredible efforts taking place. However, how it gets there is entirely down to its intrinsically professional, ingenious and proficient staff members that guide the company to great length of achievement, internally and within the marketplace. “There is more of a need now for brands that are not the market leader in making noise to be noticed. In a year that’s been disruptive, it’s more important than ever for brands to be disruptive,” explains Frank, and due to the company’s strategic and creative skills, its efforts are being noticed nationally across the healthcare industry. Its apparent connection to communities, families, and the industry has not only given the company a chance to succeed. Still, it has allowed its success to be reflected back into notable sectors that benefit many individuals. “From the agency founders to the newest addition, everyone at Elevate is focused on lifting each other up and achieving new heights. The same goes with our clients, who want their brands to stand out in a competitive market. By working together, the sky is the limit,” boasts Frank. Company: Elevate Healthcare Contact: Frank X. Powers – CoFounder & Managing Partner Web: Email: [email protected]

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 26 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21173 A laser skincare product development company serving skincare professionals all over the world, Aerolase is giving the front-runners in skin health the ability to offer the best laser treatment at the most cost-efficient prices possible. Crucially, its efforts are emboldened by the feedback of its clientele in order to make its laser skincare solutions more effective at every turn, fine-tuning itself and its business based on the experiences that its clients come back to it with after implementing its technologies to serve their end customers, winning it the award for ‘2022’s Leading Innovators in Laser Skin Health’ as a result. The Professional Skincare Expert for Skincare Professionals A company dedicating to improving skin concerns in a whole new way, Aerolase is dedicated to advancing the good results of laser technology with a new and elite category of energybased devices. Fundamentally, it wishes to work with a client in order to improve what works for them and fix what doesn’t, improving their confidence as a direct result and being able to offer modern skincare solutions for the modern patient. Comprehensive, holistic, and effective, it prides itself on being able to help clients give patients the tools they need to grow in self-confidence and happiness within their own skin, allowing them to address skin issues that previously they may have considered unable to be treated, or they may not have known how to treat. With Aerolase, its outcomes are always patient-focused and diligent. It is only ever satisfied with its efforts when it can ensure its client’s patient is happy, and its willingness to work alongside – as well as for – the healthcare professionals it serves creates an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual respect. This warmth and understanding is ingrained in every element of the business, bolstered by its ability to give a modern patient-provider experience to its clients by giving them access to exemplary laser skin health services. In short, it helps the professionals who purchase its laser solutions to ‘rise above the status quo’, giving them the ability to offer a skincare solution like no other and set themselves head and shoulders above their competition as a result. Serving a diverse community of skincare professionals in over 50 different countries, it works with the best people all over the world. Moreover, this client network is a community all of its own, each contributing to making Aerolase better at every turn with their feedback, queries, comments, and reviews, allowing its products to continue to improve as it has done for the past two decades. Nowadays, the modern Aerolase is the direct benefactor of this community’s feedback and the company’s diligence when implementing said feedback, resulting in solutions that reduce cost and give better results, solving a myriad of challenges faced by healthcare professionals with its continued research and development. Critically, everything it does is by its industry’s professionals, for its industry’s professionals, and it is delighted to be able to continue doing this long into the future, promising that further innovations are due to be unveiled in the coming months of 2022. Company: Aerolase Contact: Samantha Lowney Website:

16 GHP / Q1 2022 27 , Dec21211 Smile Clinic Group is a family of 15 dental clinics based throughout the UK which provide general dentistry along, cosmetic dentistry and specialist services. Following their recent success in the Dentistry Awards, Dental Industry Awards and Private Dentistry Awards, we profiled the Smile Clinic Group to discover more about how they have established a reputation for excellence in cosmetic dentistry & oral health solutions. Here we talk to Dr Jin about the company as it wins 2022’s Award for Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry & Oral Health Solutions – UK. Accomplishments To Smile About Directors, Dr Jin Vaghela, Dr Kish Patel and Dr Jit Vaghela qualified as a dental surgeons from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Dental Institute in London. They tell us a little more about the Group and its founding mission. “All of our Smile Clinics are part of a growing family, where our patients always come first,” Dr Jin begins. “Smile Clinic Group prides itself in exceptional and caring dentistry and is dedicated in providing local communities with inspirational, exceptional, innovative dentistry through our highly trained workforce in a supportive, caring environment working together for our patients.” Smile Clinic Group has also won a number of Awards over the years and the owners shortlisted in the Dentistry Top 50 most influential dentists in the UK. Dr Jin tells us that the success of Smile Clinic Group lies within the team and its clear vision. It is led by dentists who have a genuine passion for education and delivering the highest level of patient care. Dr Jin tells us, “Our staff play an integral part of the success of our group. We truly believe every staff member plays an equal role in the patient journey, and we support the growth and development of all our team. For all staff members, there is a huge emphasis on education. As part of the Smile Clinic Group family, we hold free quarterly Symposiums for all members of the dental team. In addition to this, all members have free access to CPD. We also have our own Smile Dental Academy which further supports the group in counting professional development.” Recruitment plays a pivotal role in the Group’s growth and therefore it is imperative that the ‘right fit’ is found with new employees to ensure continued success. “As the group has grown over the past few years, so has our workforce,” states Dr Jin. “Our strong brand, marketing, values and culture has attracted the very best team members. Through our Smile Dental Academy we have also an opportunity to attract potential team members for our growing group. With strong values in leadership and mentoring we invest a lot into the personal and professional growth of our staff.” With further regards to the staff members Dr Jin shares, “We make sure employees are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels and encourage one-on-one meetings between various roles and teams. We are striving to create a positive, supportive environment to allow our clinicians to grow. Uniting around a common cause brings the team together and ensures everyone is working toward the same goal – our patients.” Dentistry has faced a number of challenges over the years in the UK especially with regards to recruitment and the lack of dental experts which has led to many practises having to close down. However, Dr Jin enthuses, “We have guaranteed, through our Academy and strong network, that we have a large resource of dentists available to serve the local communities.” He adds, “The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for the Dental Industry. Smile Clinic Group has ensured throughout the pandemic we have maintained clear lines of communications with our patients and teams. Safety has been our number one factor and we have increased all lines of infection control and safety measures throughout our practices for the safety of our patients and teams.” Smile Clinic Group continues to grow and the future vision of the company owners is threefold: - Increase Access - this has included extended opening hours, out of hours emergency services, dedicated emergency phone lines. - Involving a multi-disciplinary team – this has involved employing a greater number of, hygienists, therapists and nurses with extended duties (Oral Health Education and Oral Health Promotion, Fluoride application) to increase access and greater patient involvement. - Involving specialist services to ensure holistic patient care within the practice. “Overall, our family of practices has grown to 15 this year and we are hoping to continue the growth with further acquisitions,” Dr Jin concludes. The future looks promising for Smile Clinic networks and patients. Contact name: Dr Jin J Vaghela Company: Smile Clinic Group Web:

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 28 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21386 Recognised for its Excellence in Dentistry and Oral Health Care, Dr Rez Dental is renowned in Liverpool for offering private general dentistry, Denplan membership and a range of restorative and cosmetic dental options. Noted for its excellence, Dr Rez Dental is unmatched in all dental fields, proudly providing comprehensive care options that outshine any other practice in the surrounding area. Remarkable Excellence in Dentistry Located on Dale Street, at the heart of Liverpool’s business district, Dr Rez Dental caters to a diverse base of patients ranging from students to professionals and retirees, with comprehensive treatments that can address various dental needs, regardless of age or difficulty. At Dr Rez Dental, patient care is regarded as the utmost priority. Because of this, the practice has developed a specialised level of care highly appreciated amongst its patients – forming genuine bonds and consideration for every individual who enters the establishment. Continuing on the notion of personalised patient care, lead clinician and Managing Director Reza Dilmahomed dives into the genuine mission of the practice by stating, “the practice places a strong emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere and building a strong relationship with our patients is the first step to making them feel part of the Dr Rez family. The goal has always been to create the ideal patient journey, and we have spent many hours discussing and implementing new processes to make each visit as enjoyable and productive as possible.” By getting to know each and every patient on a personal and individual level, the entire essence of the practice shifts from being clinical to hospitable. Dr Rez Dental is considerably different from other surrounding practices due to the natural care and dedication that transfers over to each individual patient. Thus, patients are seen as unique human beings, and treatment is reflected based on their personalised needs. Reza expands on this notion by stating, “it’s easy to take a comprehensive medical history, but getting to know the patient on a personal level really elevates their experience. For example, what’s the patient’s job? Do they have children? The answers to these questions might help us tailor convenient appointment times in future. We allocate longer appointments to nervous patients, schedule families together – basically anything we can to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable. Prioritising the patients on a personal level is what really sets us apart.” While caring for patients is recognised as the most significant priority next to excellent industry ladened standards, it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff members at Dr Rez Dental, of which they are heavily respected and appreciated for their efforts as clinical professionals. Reza professes his gratitude for the practices staff by stating, “undoubtably, our greatest success to date has been the team we have brought together. Each staff member is so valued and brings their own talents and qualities into the practice. We are incredibly proud of the team, and their commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards are what really makes the practice special.” However, like with any longstanding and accomplished business, hurdles must be overcome. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge that companies have had to face was widespread worldwide with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Most notably for the dental industry, the most significant difficulty came into practice with the new PPE requirements, which shifted from standard gloves, masks and visors to complete surgical AGP kits. As Dr Rez Dental is established as a private practice, the clinic was fortunate enough to purchase the latest air filtration systems and safety equipment to keep up to date with the change rules and regulations – keeping patients and staff members safe and cared for during those uncertain times. Now that the worst has hopefully passed, Dr Rez Dental is moving on to bigger and better opportunities with its custombuild practice that has been designed in the theme of nature. For 2022, the practice will be adding new surgeries, expanding its clinical team, and investing in newer technology and an on-site dental lab – furthering its professional reach within the industry and exceeding its reputation of providing excellence within dentistry and oral healthcare. Company: Dr Rez Dental Name: Reza Dilmahomed Email: [email protected] Web Address:

18 GHP / Q1 2022 39 , Dec21536 The drugs industry is constantly evolving, driven forward by numerous innovations and discoveries. We look at one of these industry leaders, CanaQuest Medical, to discover how they’ve achieved success in 2022’s Global Excellence Awards from GHP. The firm was named Best Medical Cannabis and Botanical Oils Product Development Company, 2022 - North America, so we take a closer look to discover why. CanaQuest Medical Corp - A Clinical-Stage Life Sciences Company Secures Success The power of medical treatments is formidable but must consistently expand to meet the needs of the moment. When looking at CanaQuest, we see a team who have made it their mission to advance the state of botanicalbased medicine. In the constantly evolving drugs industry, their dream has been to deploy bestpractice science and medicine, clinical research, and emerging technologies in order to uncover the secrets held by the incredible miracle of nature. Since opening their doors, the CanaQuest team have focused in on the various neurological conditions that many struggle with on a daily basis. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”, including addiction all have the potential to be managed and reduced through appropriate therapeutics. The team at CanaQuest stand apart not because of their focus on these impactful conditions, but on the way in which it has prioritised the drug discovery and development of next generation targeted therapeutics within the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors. The team’s game changing approach has allowed them to develop incredible CBD and THC based formations. These drug candidates are positioned to enter pre-approved and pending clinical trials. Rx CQ-001, supported by CBD molecules + formula, is designed to synergistically attach to the PPAR receptor allowing Rx CQ-001 to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to target the central nervous system (the brain) for amplified effects and efficacy. The Company has identified the regulatory pathways to obtain Rx Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) in Canada and the USA for Epilepsy rare neurological conditions, projected ∼ 3 years. Rx CQ-002, supported by THC molecules + formula, is a safer alternative to all other THC products with preclinical trials demonstrating a reversal of depression-like and schizophrenia related symptoms. The success of both drugs candidates has seen the company publish the pre-clinical trial results in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Neuroscience to demonstrate their effectiveness. This high quality of research is shown through the way in which the team collaborates with various universities. At Western University, a team led by Dr. Steven Laviolette, a neuroscientist, with decades of research experience, focused on novel cannabinoid and botanical pharmacotherapies, has successfully completed the pre-clinical trials. Their tireless efforts have been key to securing such impressive results during the development of both formulations. Additionally, renowned institutions such as the University of Montreal, McMaster University, and Ontario Brain are major partners for pre-approved and pending clinical trials. To enhance their offerings, the team have explored the potential of artificial intelligence in order to diagnose and evaluate mental health at the beginning and through the medication period. The use of machine learning has not just advanced the work that the team at CanaQuest has done. It has driven the growth of the mental health industry as a whole. This sector has had a major impact on how we live, with spending on treatments rising in every country in the world. This is shown by the fact that nearly 1 in 5 North Americans has some type of mental health condition. Looking ahead, having strong drug candidates and access to two commercial-ready Master Formulations for treating mental health ailments means having incredible potential for growth. The CanaQuest team’s work is truly world-leading, which is why they have managed to achieve such remarkable success. As the demand for their incredible formulations continues to grow, it’s clear that this is a path with an enormous amount of research and commercial potential to exploit. Company: CanaQuest Medical Corp Name: Paul Ramsay, President Email: [email protected]