Global Excellence Awards 2022

38 14 GHP Q2 2022 According to Statista, as of January 2021, lip filler procedures were the most popular cosmetic procedure searched online with monthly search volume of 40.5 thousand in the UK. Henceforth, as such procedures gain traction, its imperative that the best products are being used. 2022’s Most Outstanding Dermal Filler Brand – UK, Secret Rose Limited, provides highquality fillers and threads, with the added bonus of aftercare products. Secret Rose Limited was established in order to provide highquality products to aestheticians and, consequently, their clients. Indeed, the company specialises in the designing, manufacturing, and selling of the finest dermal fillers and threads, aftercare creams, and iced lip packs – in essence, everything needed for a streamlined and professional aesthetics service. Moreover, every order from Secret Rose comes equipped with a branded consultation form, an aftercare card, and an ice pack. The company simply possesses a love and deeply-rooted passion for aesthetics, and this is evident throughout its services. Maxine McCarthy, the company’s founder, qualified in aesthetics in 2009 and spent a further three years perfecting her treatments. Refining her skills, she began her journey towards success. 2012 saw McCarthy open Cosmetic Couture – an academy that focuses upon training within the aesthetics and beauty industry. Over the years, the academy has grown exponentially, and in 2020 it was voted as the No.1 Training Academy in the UK through the British Aesthetics Awards. Furthermore, during the same awards ceremony, McCarthy was named runner up for Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year 2020. McCarthy has expanded Cosmetic Couture’s reach to Culcheth and Cyprus, and has opened a GPhC registered aesthetic pharmacy, Maxsthetica International Limited. She is also the proud founder of the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain (ACPB.) There could not be a better person to devote themselves to Secret Rose – the company benefits greatly from her expertise and skills. She knows what works, and what does not. Henceforth, Secret Rose boasts an impressive range of products, each maintaining their own specific advantages. For example, Secret Rose™️ Plus Shape – available at a cost of £29.99 per 1.1 ml – is known for its thick viscosity that makes it perfect for treatments like non-surgical rhinoplasty and cheek enhancement. Whereas Secret Rose™️ Plus Fine is best used for lip fillers, especially the increasingly popular Russian Lip, and filling fine lines. Secret Rose is home to a range of PLLA and PDO COG threads which can be used to lift features, such as in an eyebrow thread lift or nose lift. Such treatments provide an exceptional advantage as threads have a very short downtime and do not leave any visible scars due to the stimulation of collagen. Additionally, Secret Rose’s threads are bioabsorbable and are made from Poly L-Lactide, which makes these threads long-lasting and of a high-quality. Each product aids the company with its mission – to bolster people’s confidence through exceptional aesthetics treatments. This has been of particular importance after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Secret Rose believes that ‘feeling good and looking good are really important,’ adding that, ‘if you are feeling confident you are well on the way to becoming a comfortable human being.’ It is with this firmly in mind that the company works to provide the best aesthetic products on the market, a range of educational courses, and aftercare treatment. Contact: Michelle Ward Company: Secret Rose Limited Web Address: The Company Revolutionising Dermal Fillers Jan22206