Global Excellence Awards 2022

58 20 Premier Veins, as the ‘Best for Varicose Vein Treatments’ in 2022 for the Midlands, has made a name for itself with its consistently patient-focused and empathic services and solutions. In short, it focuses on ‘bringing your legs back to looking and feeling their best’, allowing patients to step into the future feeling renewed and invigorated, with a new lease of life that will let them get back to focusing on what’s important without having to worry about their varicose veins any more. The UK’s Leading Clinic in Varicose Vein Treatment aricose veins impact about one in three adults in the UK today. Premier Veins is the clinic dedicated to helping them, providing information and treatment advice regarding the condition, as well as cutting edge keyhole treatments for patients who want help. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary in August 2022, the Premier Veins team have treated over 20,000 legs and earned the trust of a market segment that makes full use of its private clinics based in Birmingham and Solihull, serving the entirety of the UK and welcoming in anyone who walks through its doors with open arms and a wealth of information delivered in an empathic and sensitive way. The team’s specialists and consultants work hard to treat their patients in a friendly manner, offering minimally invasive walk-in, walk-out procedures, using state-of-the-art varicose vein and thread vein treatments that are tailored to fit a patient’s needs. Critically, the team knows that no two patients are the same: therefore, it endeavours to create a tailored treatment plan that will suit their individual requirements. For many, varicose veins are painful and inconvenient, as well as causing concern regarding their appearance, and this is what Premier Veins helps to address. The team also give advice and help to clients concerned about possible complications such as DVT and skin ulcers. Of course, when considering such things, it can often be a worrying and upsetting time for a patient, and thus Premier Veins works with the utmost empathy and sensitivity in order to make them feel safe and comforted, letting them know the options at their disposal. Premier Veins promises there will always be a treatment or mitigation strategy that can be put in place to improve pain, discomfort and appearance, based on the clinic’s reputation of providing solutions to a condition that can really hamper confidence. Following a one-stop appointment, where a highly experienced vascular surgeon will evaluate the patient, the most appropriate treatment will be recommended. These non-surgical keyhole treatments, performed under local anaesthesia, on a walk-in, walk-out basis that ensures a minimal recovery time, allow patients to get back to what’s most important in their lives far sooner than any invasive surgery would allow. After an initial consultation, clinical examination and ultrasound scan, patients are offered one or more or a combination of the following procedures: endothermal ablation, foam sclerotherapy or thread vein microsclerotherapy. For each procedure offered, the team explains the aims and each stage of the treatment in detail. This creates and maintains a healthy relationship between the patient and the team from the very first consultation all the way to the aftercare. Follow-up clinic appointments help to ensure treatment success, being on hand to answer any questions, comments or concerns. The choice of appointment times and convenient locations for initial assessment, treatment and follow-up can be particularly helpful for the patient’s own schedule. The Premier Veins 12-month varicose veins guarantee is another way by which patients are given peace of mind. The team are aware that they ask patients to put a great deal of trust in them, and they work hard to put any fears to rest as shown by the numerous positive patient reviews. The 12-month guarantee allows patients to come back for further review and treatment if needed. The team will always go above and beyond to resolve a problem, and patients have consistently mentioned their appreciation of this approach. They also appreciate being able to have a one-stop, patient-focused assessment with a clinical examination and a duplex ultrasound scan of their legs as part of their recommended and most appropriate treatment. Accessible, user-intuitive and comprehensive, the Premier Veins website allows its clients to explore the services it offers before getting in contact. With patients past and present recommending the clinic to friends, peers and family, this free advertising pairs well with its active advertising to bring more patients through its doors. The team’s group of vascular and endovascular surgeons are the only specialists with National UK Accreditation to treat varicose veins. This is an example of the clinic’s keen sense of accountability to the industry and market, with a commitment to always being upfront with its clients at the core. Planning to bring its work to London soon, the clinic is looking forward to seeing how the team and its work can progress. Company: Premier Veins Contact: r[email protected] Website: V Jul22129