Global Excellence Awards 2022

60 14 Having been founded in the latter months of 2018, Forget About Age Cosmetics is a German company that has earned accreditation as the ‘Most Innovative Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Brand’ in 2022 for its nation. With top of the range cosmetics, exemplary customer service, and a penchant for building great relationships with clients, it only develops products that are free of parabens, micro plastics, silicones, fragrances, and other inorganic substances. Internationally Renowned Skincare with German Pedigree company that encourages its clients to embrace the ethos denoted by its name, Forget About Age Cosmetics has become a front runner in modern cosmetic product creation and development by upholding the strictest quality standards. Nominally, it promises to always go above and beyond to ensure the best of quality control for its clients, setting itself up as a deeply innovative and ingenuity fuelled cornerstone of the industry that seeks to lead by example. Based in Germany, it has offices in Italy and Austria as well as its home nation, allowing it to grow its European market as it strives to improve the appearance of its clients’ skin and their confidence in their own skin both. Its products, therefore, are holistic and well-researched, all of them working together to bolster the client’s skincare regimen to be the best and most fitting for their skin type. One of the most important elements of skincare, it has found through its years of research, is collagen. By ensuring that a client has good levels of collagen, the client will find it easier to work towards healthier, more youthful, and more elasticated skin that is able to bounce back from the hardships of everyday life, aided by Forget About Age Cosmetics’ food supplement product that has proven to be a direct way to increase collagen levels. Alongside the collagen boost, this supplement also provides a strong anti-oxidative substance called Pycnogenol, as well as Q10, Biotin, and Panthenol – the latter of which has become known as ‘skin perfect’ in cosmetic circles for its ability to replenish a youthful look and feel. Its wrinkle eraser, high SPF skincare, instant hydration serum, and eyecare have each made for an exemplary business relationship between it and its clients, as the products do an excellent job of speaking for themselves when it comes to what they offer clients. Thus, it has become a well-stocked favourite, sold through clinics, aestheticians, cosmetic clinics, and more, aiding the recovery of those who have undergone skincare treatments as well as becoming a cornerstone part of clients’ everyday skincare regime. Instant Teint Love supports the healing and protection of fragile and healing skin, where Instant Hydration Serum helps to replenish the skin’s natural oils, and Instant Wrinkle Eraser works to smooth out those fine lines in order to give skin a dewy, youthful look. Its Instant Eyes Love also aids clients in getting rid of dark circles and fine eye wrinkles, as it knows that this is a stressor for a lot of people who work busy jobs and hectic lives in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Despite the issues that have come about due to the pandemic – such as higher prices for raw materials, closing cosmetic clinics and other such establishments, and more – it has been able to use the exemplary reputation it has developed in its market segment to remain afloat. After all, its customers’ level of trust in its products ensured that they were keen to remain loyal to the brand, and it has repaid this loyalty in trust and enthusiasm, serving clients with the same level of diligence and tenacity that they came to expect prior to the pandemic as standard. Moreover, it has been working hard to create strong working relationships with its clients as a result, ensuring that it and its professional peers can form a solid network that allows the best service. In essence, its commitment to client and customer base – as well as to its wider industry – has ensured that it can continue to develop a highly positive image for itself within the sector of cosmetic products, utilising the ‘made in Germany’ tag that comes with each of its products to also secure the country in international cosmetic renown. Indeed, Germany as a country tends to be synonymous with a level of attention to detail that is highly sought after in its engineering, and Forget About Age Cosmetics wishes to show that it is just as diligent in other industries, too. Having been appreciated by clients all over the world for years, Forget About Age Cosmetics is excited to be creating bigger and better products as it moves forward towards the future. Critically, in a time where innovation is happening daily in the global cosmetic industry, it hopes to work with tenacity and scientific A Its products, therefore, are holistic and wellresearched, all of them working together to bolster the client’s skincare regimen to be the best and most fitting for their skin type. Jun22355