Global Excellence Awards 2022

80 36 GHP Q4 2022 There are thousands, if not millions, of sufferers of food intolerance in the UK, and it seems there is little we can do to truly understand the problem. However, we have found Supplylife – a business providing solutions for our issues related to food intolerances. Here we speak to one of its owners, Jack Sullivan, as Supplylife wins the esteemed accolade of Best for Food Sensitivity and Food Intolerance Tests 2022. Unlock Your Full Potential upplylife is an innovative creator of the Supplylife food intolerance testing kit. Most of us have had troubles with food at some point – whether that’s unwanted weight, bloating, IBS, joint pain, migraines, or general intolerances and allergies that affect our overall health in many ways. Our intolerances don’t always manifest in the same way, or in the same parts of our bodies. Sometimes we suffer with issues that seem to spread around our bodies rather than one isolated site or problem. That’s where Supplylife comes in. Presenting its revolutionary products, Supplylife introduces a way to diagnose issues to inevitably enrich our lives and “unlock our full potentials”. Freeing us up to enjoy life and all of its great, and small, pleasures, Supplylife breathes new life into all those suffering with food intolerances. Supplylife’s part Owner, and Director of West Ham United, Jack Sullivan, tells us, “We offer an easy to use easy pin prick sample collection home test trusted by doctors, premier league footballers, and professional boxers.” Jack’s experience in the realm of sport has given him a deeper insight into the world of good health. Professional players rely on their good health to be able to continue their careers and, after all, shouldn’t we all be able to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. “We have worked with West Ham united, Wolves and Nottingham Forest, alongside professional boxers, Olympians, and celebrities such as Karren Brady,” Jack shares. Supplylife’s dedication to helping all kinds of people has secured it a huge list of positive reviews, 92% success ratings, and word-ofmouth recommendations. With kits that can test over 200 popular foods, as well as its offering of fully qualified nutritional support, Supplylife guarantees answers – within 7 days. There will be no more prolonged waiting periods with GPs and nurses, no shrouded information, and then a promise of brighter days with its rapid results and solutions. Jack adds, “Our intolerance test is the best rated in the UK, utilising microarray technology in our lab in Cambridge. We test over 200 foods testing igG 1, 2, 3, and 4 – and every sample is tested twice to make sure we are as accurate as possible. We also offer our customers the chance to get a full one-month meal plan and call with a qualified nutritionist.” It is the solid research, and many hours dedicated to its customers, which has propelled it forward in the industry – and it is not going to slow down with such a passionate team and sound technology behind it. Supplylife’s staff members work as a close-knit team with the same goal at heart – to help others. Jack reveals, “We have such friendly, warm, and knowledgeable staff that speak to our customers on a daily basis to help with any questions they might have – to help them change their diet around their results, we make this as easy and painless as possible!” The entire team has the relevant experience, knowledge, and sympathy – if not empathy – for every customer embarking on their journey to great health. Finding every day an adventure and pinning down any issues, the team is built on a solid foundation of trust, compassion, and respect. Supplylife’s customers all know that the organisation is constantly looking for new ways to help and inform them so that they can have peace of mind. Now, Supplylife has won Best for Food Sensitivity and Food Intolerance Tests 2022 – and we are sure that it will go on to transform even more lives in the future. Contact: Jack Sullivan Company: Supplylife Web Address: S Nov22127