Global Excellence Awards 2022

82 46 GHP Q4 2022 The medical industry can be truly defined as an innovative goliath – driven by advancements, developments and forward momentum. Yet, it’s difficult, to put it lightly, to allow markets access to the latest developments for a variety of reasons. That is where Link Medical Solutions Ltd. (Link Medical) comes in. As GHP’s ‘Best Medical Product Commercialization Firm’ in London, we took a closer look at the company to find out more. Delivering CuttingEdge Healthcare to Those that Need it ink Medical has positioned itself as a vital partner between those that develop best in class, transformational medical technology, those that administer the treatment, and those that receive it. By bridging the industry in this way, those that need the treatment has it, and is administered it by an individual who is fully informed. More than anything, Link Medical understands that the med-tech industry moves at its own swift pace, often with little thought, understandably, on how to disseminate those developments to the larger population. Equally, there are many developments that – while promising from the outset – fall by the wayside to make way for better alternatives. There’s no guarantee that any treatment is going to be cost-effective and fit for purpose. Link Medical then, acts as an experienced eye, sorting for the most promising advances in medicine and healthcare. Working on a global, inter-industry basis, Link Medical has successfully operated across the APAC region, Scandinavia, and Africa, with a mind on growing further as needs demand in the future. It would be safe to say that the healthcare landscape changes dramatically across region in regard to regulation and legal affairs. It acts as a potent testament then that Link Medical has managed to navigate these obstacles seamlessly to deliver its services across numerous regions, countries and continents. Whether it be the latest technologies in the precision medicine, molecular biology, digital healthcare, as well as AI and Big Data developments, Link Medical works diligently to ensure that those technologies reach those that need it. And for that reason, it was deservedly recognised by GHP News. Link Medical Solutions Ltd. Email: [email protected] UK Telephone: +44 (0) 203 1373 193 Address: 85 Great Portland St, First Floor, London, W1W 7LT SA Telephone: +27 (31) 100 0321 Address: 57 Assagay Road, KZN, 3610 L Oct22113 “We connect healthcare professionals to high quality, innovative medical products, technologies and services, in order to support the restoration of patients’ health. We do this by continually searching and sourcing the most promising advances in healthcare and working with partners to embed them within established best-practice.” - Link Medical Solutions Ltd.