Global Excellence Awards 2022

88 25 GHP Q4 2022 IndySoft has transformed the way in which so many companies work.Thanks to a position as perpetual innovators, the team have opened the eyes of many businesses to the potential of 21st Century technology. In GHP’s Global Excellence Awards 2022, the team achieved truly incredible success as they were named Most Outstanding Calibration Tracking Software Company 2022 – UK. We take a closer look to uncover more about how they’ve done it. Calibration Connoisseurs! hen businesses begin to scale, they need systems that can scale with them. For the team at Parker Hannifin, scaling became a problem when their paper-based system was outstripped by the sheer quantity of calibration that was occurring. With more and more mistakes becoming noticeable, the team went on the search for a best-in-class solution. They found IndySoft. Since 1998, IndySoft has been leading the way in which enterprise manufacturing and commercial calibration labs have managed their systems. Theirs is a world of perpetual innovation, where nothing is good enough and everything has the potential to be even better. The team has earned a reputation as a provider of an asset manager without comparison. The team’s intelligent solutions have made them a staple request for many in a host of different sectors. For the team at Parker Hannifin, the decision to go with IndySoft was because it ticked all their boxes. Their product was logical to use, easy to pick up and incredibly fast. As the IndySoft team demonstrated the incredible power of their product well beyond what was originally requested, it became clear that IndySoft could have benefits in other departments too. Before long, IndySoft had found a home throughout the business. What is clear to those who have adopted IndySoft is the immeasurable level of quality that characterised the company itself. Built in the very fabric of the program is the ability to provide a comprehensive history of all user interactions to preserve a complete audit trail. Operators find their lives easier because of automated recalls for due notices and alerts. Any equipment that fails calibration work is flagged, and followed up. It’s the perfect partner to always ensure total compliance. For users, one of the most exciting aspects of IndySoft is the way in which it interacts with other software and services. Designed with compatibility in mind, it’s not just the Parker Hannifin team who have effortlessly integrated this new product. Over the years, many companies have embraced the incredible degree of flexibility offered by the IndySoft team. As organisations become more confident with how the system works, they begin to customise screens and workflows to suit them better. This level of trust doesn’t require an IndySoft specialist to bring to life, but if any problems occur at any point, the team are always easily contactable for assistance and support. Maintaining such a high level of contact with customers has not only given them a superb reputation within the industry, but has driven much of the development of the IndySoft software. Strong relationships mean that the team know precisely what their clients need, and can work proactively to achieve. When companies find IndySoft, they find a partner who is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure the ultimate in quality is maintained. Businesses the length and breadth of the life sciences sector have found that adopting IndySoft has gone a long way to ensuring authenticity, integrity, and when appropriate, confidentiality of electronic records to comply with 21 CFR Part 11. As the need continues to grow, so too will the services offered by IndySoft. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: IndySoft Name: Henry Benton Email: [email protected] Web Address: W Sep22094