GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

6 GHP Q2 2023 Located in Lombardy, Italy’s best region for business, logistics, and transportation, ICROM srl is the partner of choice for chemical-pharmaceutical manufacturing services.With the end patient at the heart of everything it does, the company supports clients in pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to drive their pipelines from R&D to market. As a result of its excellent work, ICROM has been named Best Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturer in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Part of the Proxis Développement Group, a multinational chemical group with headquarters in Paris, ICROM is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) that specialises in the development and GMP manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). With over 50 years of experience in its field, ICROM is a great choice for pharmaceutical outsourcing, delivering a range of tailored services related to the custom development and custom manufacturing of NCEs, generic APIs, and molecules for complex formulations. Over the last 10 years, ICROM has grown significantly in terms of production capabilities and technologies. The firm is proud that it can now approach almost any type of chemistry and class of API, including highly potent compounds. Today, its manufacturing activities cover a very diversified production scale under GMP regulations, from grams to metric tonnes. Furthermore, any services that ICROM cannot perform in house are offered to clients through its consolidated partners in the fields of med-chem, biology, pathology, toxicology, and solid-state services. Since its establishment in 1969, ICROM has operated based on genuine passion and strong commitment to its mission. Its goal is to facilitate the efficient development of new and known molecules with safe and sustainable processes, under the strictest quality regulations. To this end, it supports clients throughout the development process including the CMC sections and beyond the commercial launch, following with a very responsive and responsible attitude the entire Drug’s life cycle. ICROM believes in an ethical meaning of efficiency that can only be obtained alongside quality and affordability. Internally, it is crucial that staff understand and share this belief. In addition, they should not only value their involvement in the company’s mission to make new and affordable cures available to patients but also appreciate its environmentally and socially sustainable approach to achieving it. Furthermore, the management team at ICROM are inspired by the idea that the customer is only happy when the employee is happy. For this reason, the managers support staff satisfaction by properly recognising their contribution towards the company’s success. In recent years, the worldwide pipeline of drugs in clinical trials has been shifted from the hands of big pharmaceutical companies to often smaller biotechnology companies. ICROM is very sensitive to the importance of those that are working to make drugs available to patients with unmet needs. It also recognises the challenges they face throughout this process. This means that, for smaller companies in the field, communication with lean organisations like ICROM is much easier than with larger API CDMOs. Often, they share the same mindset, attitudes, sense of urgency, and values. ICROM believes that this is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It serves as a partner to its clients to meet their CMC needs, and, despite its growth, it continues to take the approach of a small business, treating clients’ projects as its own. Recently, ICROM has been involved in building a new medium scale production unit, which will be mostly dedicated to APIs under clinical development. In addition ICROM management has outlined an investment plan of 25 Millions € in the next five years that has recently been approved by its holding company, Proxis Développement. By this means, the company plans to continue the journey it has embarked on over the last decade in order to master all the most important chemical technologies. At the same time, an acquisition and partnership plan has been put into place to enable the company to become as integrated as possible into the pharmaceutical sector. As a result of the excellent standard of service it delivers to clients, ICROM srl has been awarded Best Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturer, Italy, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this outstanding achievement and wish it the very best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Pierfrancesco Morosini Company: ICROM srl Web Address: ICROM: Your Partner for ChemicalPharmaceutical Manufacturing Aug23232 Pierfrancesco Morosini, CEO Icrom srl 38