GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

n 2007, Herspiegel was created to fill the need for an adaptive product launch model to help companies navigate the path from drug development to brand success. When it was first established, it primarily offered launch planning and management services. In order to launch a successful new therapy, a company must be able to create strategies and demonstrate execution excellence across their medical, marketing, and market access teams. With this difficult task at hand, it is no surprise that many clients began requesting Herspiegel’s continued services throughout the brand lifecycle. As a result of this, the firm has expanded its practice areas. Today, Herspiegel offers not only launch planning and management services but also contract commercial services, marketing excellence, medical communications, market access, and patient services design. With experienced leaders who are proven to align commercial strategy and optimise both brand and portfolio success, Herspiegel is proud of its ability to build the operational infrastructure that companies need to launch or manage a successful commercial operation. Its extensive medical and scientific expertise enables it to provide clients with deep insights and tailored strategies, enhance the patient experience, and demonstrate value. Herspiegel has helped with the launch of over 125 products in the last 15 years. It has also played a significant role in building enduring brands and portfolios for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. As a result, the firm has grown to become a trusted partner to many of these businesses, helping to align their cross functional teams with strategy whilst ensuring their operational excellence and brand success. Herspiegel sets itself apart from its competitors through its exceptional ability to deliver actionable insights, incisive strategy, and expert execution across functional areas to optimise brand success. As well as this, the firm is equipped with a diverse team of experienced experts, enabling it to provide clients with deep functional expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas. “Our clients receive not only executive-level engagement but also a unified team that harnesses our cross-functional acumen, simplifying complexity without multiplying vendors,” says Beth Schurman, COO at Herspiegel. The Herspiegel team are exceptionally unique because of their passion for what they do. They are committed to driving 7 GHP Q2 2023 Herspiegel provides commercialization services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping them navigate the path to brand success. As a result of its exceptional services, the firm has been awarded the 2023 Leading Professional Services Firm, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Herspiegel: The Experts to Propel Your Commercial Success the success of their clients and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction. The business was built on client relationships, many of which it has maintained to this day. Despite the success of the company, the leadership team at Herspiegel have made the conscious decision to remain a midsized boutique firm. This has enabled it to continue providing clients with the attention they deserve, acting as their valued partner rather than just a service provider. The company is committed to not losing sight of this customer-centric ethos. As a result of its continued innovation and excellence, Herspiegel has been awarded the title of Leading Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry Professional Services Firm, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to the firm and its team and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Sue Fee Company: Herspiegel Web Address: I Jul23706 GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023