GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

21 GHP Q3 2023 In the realm of high containment, PBSC stands as a beacon of excellence, offering equipment meticulously designed and rigorously tested for the most demanding containment requirements. Its products find application in leading BSL3 and BSL4 institutes, offering flexible yet robust solutions to establish dependable barriers in high containment scenarios. PBSC’s chambers and hatches are adept at addressing a broad spectrum of decontamination needs, available in various sizes to suit distinct facility requirements. Leveraging extensive product development, PBSC offers an array of options, including industryleading automation integration for pharmaceutical facilities. These chambers, available in sizes ranging from smaller pass-through units to large 40m³ rooms, deliver validated, repeatable cycles with GMP-compliant monitoring, ensuring both successful processes and operator safety. With offices in the UK and the USA and a network of global distributors, PBSC ensures prompt and effective product installation, servicing, technical advice, and demonstrations. Upholding innovation, design, and quality at its core, PBSC is driven by a devotion to delivering products that surpass expectations. The company’s quality assurance processes are independently audited, and its ISO9001 accreditation underscores its dedication to continuous improvement. PBSC operates at the vanguard of innovation, continuously enhancing its product range to meet evolving client demands. Its research and development endeavours are underpinned by a culture of constant improvement, exemplified by pioneering products that set industry benchmarks. PBSC invests significantly in technology research and development, emphasising safety and verification through rigorous in-house testing. PBSC recognises the importance of customer empowerment and safety. It offers operator training to enhance the efficacy and reliability of its products. This commitment to training resonates with its mission of keeping controlled environments operating seamlessly and safely. In conclusion, PBSC’s exceptional journey since 1987 has seen it emerge as a powerhouse in the cleanroom solutions landscape. Ultimately, the company is confident it can deliver quality services and achieve high customer satisfaction, which has positioned it at the forefront of the industry, earning it recognition as a leader in material decontamination and cleanroom design and build in the USA and beyond. Company: Pharma Biotech System Components LLC Web Address: Explore the remarkable journey of Pharma Biotech System Components (PBSC), a company that has reshaped the world of cleanroom solutions. Recognised as the Best Material Decontaminate & Cleanroom Design/Build Company 2023 - USA, PBSC’s commitment to innovation and quality has left an indelible mark. We take a look at its story to discover how its cutting-edge products have transformed cleanroom environments and industries worldwide. Since its inception in 1987, Pharma Biotech System Components has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of cleanroom, high containment, and material decontamination solutions on a global scale. It is a company that has consistently upheld its dedication to innovation, precision, and advanced manufacturing techniques. With an illustrious journey spanning over three decades, PBSC has evolved into a premier manufacturer of an extensive array of products tailored for the pharmaceutical, medical research, high containment, and hospital sectors worldwide. Its unrelenting pursuit of cutting-edge designs and meticulous attention to detail has positioned it as the foremost supplier within cleanroom environments. At the core of PBSC’s operation lies a comprehensive product lineup that encompasses decontamination chambers and hatches, a range of cleanroom doors including inflatable and mechanical seal, classic steel and glass, phenolic resin variants, emergency escape panels, fogging and air showers, transfer hatches and pass throughs, vision panels, and dunk tanks. This diverse portfolio is carefully curated to meet exacting specifications and adhere to local and global regulations. PBSC’s architectural range features cleanroom door sets, transfer hatches, chambers, pass-throughs, and vision panels meticulously designed for deployment in cleanroom applications, particularly within hygienic or controlled environments. These solutions, characterised by durability, sleek designs, and exceptional scratch and wear resistance, find extensive utility in facilities with high traffic and stringent air leakage requirements. PBSC’s innovative fogging and air shower systems play a pivotal role in personnel decontamination, ensuring the removal of potential contamination from protective garments as individuals enter or exit high containment areas. Backed by rigorous independent thirdparty testing, these solutions are especially well-suited for specialist API facilities. PBSC extends diverse customisation options to cater to various customer needs. Pioneering Excellence in Cleanroom Solutions May23435 GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023