GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023

25 GHP Q4 2023 Additionally, this predictive analytics technology can assist in public health initiatives by facilitating better resource allocation and patient care. By harnessing the power of AI, GATC Health has successfully changed the way in which drugs are discovered, disease is predicted, and human health is improved. Driven by a remarkable team of seasoned professionals from the technology, science, and finance sectors, the company does not just aim to make small improvements. Instead, it is committed to transforming the industry as a whole. Importantly, GATC is also equipped with an exceptional board of advisors. A powerhouse of knowledge and experience, the board consists of esteemed researchers, medical doctors, biotech executives, and policy experts who offer invaluable guidance, steering the company towards its mission. For its pioneering work, GATC Health has been named Most Innovative Multiomic Technology Solutions Provider in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. We are thrilled to congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact: David Prado Company: GATC Health Web Address: niquely designed from the ground up, GATC’s revolutionary Multiomics Advanced Technology ™ (MAT) platform is the future of drug discovery and predictive healthcare. Merging advanced neural networks and machine learning to simulate human physiology, MAT analyses comprehensive biological datasets like genomics (multiomics) to deliver insights into individualised health risks. From this information, GATC identifies specific methods through which these health risks can be greatly reduced or mitigated before they manifest. This process is referred to as Predictive Multiomics™. The MAT platform accelerates drug discovery, enhances personalised treatments, and predicts diseases with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Incredibly, it can analyse 400 trillion genetic datapoints (2,500 whole exomes) in less than eight minutes. This is more than just fast, delivering revolutionary speed coupled with unparalleled precision. Thus far, MAT has successfully generated seven novel drug candidates in the span of 22 months, with the potential to deliver up to 12 per year. Furthermore, whilst speed is highly important, GATC also focuses on predicting the efficacy and safety of drug candidates before lab testing, which it has done with 90% accuracy. This means that the platform makes drug development not only faster but also safer and more accurate. As a truly revolutionary platform, MAT has endless possibilities, with applications across various industries. Firstly, it goes without saying that the platform significantly benefits pharmaceutical companies, potentially saving them hundreds of millions of dollars as well as years of development per drug. By accelerating drug recovery and lowering risk, MAT makes it faster and more cost-effective for them to bring new treatments to market. Secondly, in healthcare, MAT integrates seamlessly with existing distribution channels and has the potential to greatly enhance the delivery and tracking of healthcare solutions. Moreover, MAT can be immensely useful to research institutions like CROs and labs, streamlining the research process and offering high-precision data analytics for improved clinical trials and studies. As well as this, it is a groundbreaking platform for research at universities, facilitating faster and more accurate studies in genomics and drug recovery. With MAT’s trial simulation capabilities, financial institutions benefit from low-risk investments in targets, candidates, and pipelines. The platform can provide more than 80% certainty, outperforming the industry standard by 11 times. MAT also offers predictive health analytics that have the potential to de-risk and personalise healthcare plans for the benefit of both providers and patients. Based in California, GATC Health is a biotechnology research company aiming to accelerate the world’s transition to individualised medicine through artificial intelligence and multiomics. Here, we explore the company’s work in the wake of its success in winning Most Innovative Multiomic Technology Solutions Provider as part of the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Transforming Medicine Through Advanced AI U GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023