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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022 Medical Kiwi: Most Innovative Emerging Medical Cannabis Company 2022 - Australasia

Global Health & Pharma are proud to announce the return of the seventh annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, established to cast a shining light on the leading companies, practitioners and initiatives within this crucial and ever-evolving sector. Recent years have posed many threats to the health and well-being of millions worldwide, and thanks to the developments and perseverance of those within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, millions are able to live full and healthy lives, whilst having access to some of the best healthcare and pharmaceutical solutions to date. Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 6. Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center: Best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Practice 2022 - Southwest USA 8. SJB Hearing Company: Ear Wax Removal Specialists of the Year - UK 10. Medical Kiwi: Most Innovative Emerging Medical Cannabis Company 2022 - Australasia 12. DITTEL Engineering GmbH: Best Clean Room Technology Service Provider - Germany 14. Blissiree: Most Innovative Natural Mental Health Service 2022 - WA 16. Nutraleya Limited: Best Vegan & Halal Health Supplements Brand 2022 - UK 18. Scott Arms Dental Practice: Best Dental Practice & Dental Implant Centre 2022 – West Midlands 19. Elmwood Counseling: Most Dedicated Mental Health Professional (Colorado): Rose Caracostas 20. Midlands Medics Ltd: Ophthalmologist of the Year 2022 (Midlands): Amar Alwitry 21. Therm-Oz Showers: Assistive Care Product of the Year 2022: Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower 22. Griffith Counselling, Mediation & Relationship Centre: Best Relationship & Family Counselling Provider 2022 - Australia 23. The Hear Clinic Ltd: Best International Independent Audiology Clinic 2022 24. Primrose Healthcare Services Ltd: Best Professional Care & Support Services Company 2022 - UK 25. Camen Behavioral Services: Leading Providers of Behavioral Healthcare Services - Central Florida 26. Red Rose Care: Most Compassionate Care Services Company - Lancashire 27. Drake Chiropractic: Pregnancy Chiropractor of the Year – ROI 28. Therapeutic Aesthetics: Best Non-Surgical Skin Care Treatments 2022 - Canada 29. Promedis Pharm: Best Pharmaceutical Expert Provider – Romania 30. Tees Medical Services Ltd: Leading Providers of Medical Screening Services - North East England & GHP Client Service Excellence Award - North East England 31. TFP Belfast Fertility: Fertility Clinic of the Year 2022 - Northern Ireland 32. Dental Geneva: Best Emerging Dental Clinic - Western Switzerland 33. Steady Care Services: Most Client-Focused Full Care Services Company 2022 - UK 34. MiCare Path: Healthcare Start-Up of the Year 2022 - USA 35. Chrysalis Finance: Best Healthcare Payment Solution Company – UK & Leading Providers of Patient Loans – UK 36. Freedom Sports Medicine: Best Sports Physiotherapy Clinic 2022 – VIC

37. Harmony For Health: Leading Providers of Condition-Specific CBD & Nutraceutical Products – Mountain States USA 38. Sonic Medical Systems Ltd: Most Outstanding Medical Aesthetic Technology Manufacturer 2022 – UK 39. Signifier Medical Technologies: Most Innovative Global Sleeping Disorders Medical Technology Company 2022 40. GWAS Independent Ambulance Service Ltd: Best Global Specialist Pre-Hospital Care Provider 2022 41. SynAct Pharma: Best Clinical Biotechnology Company 2022 - Sweden 42. kdm communications Ltd: Best Scientific Marketing Agency – UK 43. All 4 U Care: Best Family-Run Home Care Respite Provider - Southern England 44. Panacea Pharma Projects Ltd: Best Pharmaceutical Support Services Provider 2022 45. Text2Md: Best Online Functional Medicine Service 2022 46. Recovawear: Most Stylish & Functional Adaptive Wear Brand 2022 47. Tanunda Lutheran Home: Best Residential Care Home 2022 – Barossa Valley 48. Q1 Care: Most Outstanding Domiciliary Care Service Company 2022 – UK 49. Dr Suzanne Ravenall & The Ravenall Institute: Most Innovative Human Performance Specialists – South Africa 50. My Possible Self: Personal Wellbeing App of the Year 2022: My Possible Self 51. Return2You: Female Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year (UK): Rebecca Holland 52. Gendius Ltd: Most Innovative HealthTech Company 2022 - UK 53. Orthosports: Best Patient Focused Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic 2022 - Singapore 54. Seven Ways (support) Ltd: Best Supported Housing Provider of the Year 2022 - UK 55. Dr Leila Soudah Clinic: Most Innovative Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility Clinic - UAE 56. Opatra Ltd: Recognised Leaders in Advanced Skincare Technology 2022 57. Gobi Support: Best Teen Substance Abuse Early Intervention Platform – USA 58. Harley St Aesthetics: Most Trusted Plastic Surgery Practice – London 59. Agile Surgical Assistants LLC: Most Innovative Medical Communication & Scheduling App 2022: Medical PDQ 60. First Line Protect: Best Telecare Solutions Provider - UK 61. Healing Life International LLC: Most Effective Life Transformation & Spiritual Healing Company – Florida 62. Intrinseque Health: Best Global Drug Development Support Organization 2022 63. Kool Katts: Best Occupational Therapy Provider 2022 - Greater Western Sydney 64. MINDiet: Building Better Health Contents

6 Providing a safe, reliable environment for its patients and clients, Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center gives clients access to the best in Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy. With this being offered by professional, well-educated, and well-trained individuals who always put the customer first, it can even offer BEMER Therapy – Bio Electromagnetic Energy Regulator – to ensure that everyone has access to the therapies they need. With three mono-placed SeChrist Cand an OxiCab Chamber slated for introduction in the latter months of this year, it has been consistently showing its dedication to constant growth, development, and betterment by striving to implement the best new innovations into itself. Until then, its clients can right now benefit from its already existing range of solutions, all of which are still as up-to-date and as impeccably regulated as possible. This includes its HBOT services, which increase the inhalation of oxygen dosage for Jul22234 Best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Practice 2022 - Southwest USA With clients flocking to its facility from within its home nation of America and from further afield, Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center has won itself the above award, and the award for ‘GHP Patient Care Excellence’ in 2022. Garnering attention from athletes, people suffering from long form or chronic illness, those interested in learning more about oxygenation therapies, and more, it has built itself a worldwide reputation for excellence both in terms of practical solutions and the training it implements.

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 a patient at pressures exceeding one atmospheric absolute, enhancing the amount that can be taken in by the body and dissolved in the tissues at any one time. The air in the chambers is pressurized to above normal atmospheric levels, increasing oxygen level in the body up to 10-15 times above the norm. Of course, the result of this is a massive draw for people who find themselves regularly putting themselves through intensive physical strain and activity, such as Olympic athletes, UFC fighters, NFL and MLB players, actors, business professionals, hikers, and more. Nominally, over its time in operation, it has even seen use by people who simply want to improve their own wellness. After all, improving the oxygen capacity of one’s body allows for more stamina in exercise, greater ease of moving further for longer, and an ability to withstand atmospheric pressures far easier: for instance, one might think about such a thing if they are going to be attempting to climb Mount Everest or other such peaks. Even in peaks that don’t reach ‘the death zone’ – a region of atmospheric pressure above which the body is slowly dying – the higher one gets above sea level, the more they stand to see the benefit of such hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Indeed, this also goes for deep sea diving and underwater exploration, where participants can risk issues such as oxygen narcosis in certain depths. As well as aiding the athletic pursuits of its clients, Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center’s work also helps to aid them in overall brain health and recovery from injury and illness, with its oxygenation therapies specifically focusing on those requiring post stroke, post brain injury, post-concussion, surgery recovery, surgery prep, PTSD recovery, long COVID recovery, and telomere lengthening symptom mitigation therapies. Thus, it provides these in a spa-like facility, allowing its customers to come to it for comfort and rest, ensuring they can access the treatments they need in style. Its team have worked hard to provide a friendly, supportive environment for everyone who walks through its doors. Critically, it achieves this by working alongside its patients as well as for them, getting to know each of them and their specific struggles and needs so that Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center might offer a tailored solution that best fits them. As one of the leading hyperbaric solutions centres, it has made itself so by gaining a reputation for maintaining a clean, well-ordered, safe facility that follows all relevant rules, regulations, and procedures, with its staff holding themselves and each other to the highest standards of accountability. It is easy to see how it has garnered such an exemplary reputation for reliability, excellence, and customer focus, therefore. Its team is also one made up of the most impeccably trained professionals, able to answer all manner of questions that a client might want to pose to the highest levels of satisfaction, always willing and receptive to provide any knowledge they might need. In this manner, its undersea diver training has become one of the most lauded training courses of its kind. Providing the best in hyberbaric oxygen training, patient and facility safety protocol information, and undersea medical training, the team at Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center operate with the most exemplary levels of dedication and focus, fully familiar with chamber operation in both multiplace and monoplace chambers. Moreover, the educational resources they use to inform themselves have been approved and reviewed by the Undersea Medical Society and the American Medical Association. Additionally, its resources are accredited by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, the American Board of Wound Healing, and the International Board of Undersea Medicine, giving it the third-party oversight that clients can trust before even making first contact. Its training also includes demand ventilator systems, physics, physiology, and more, allowing it to become of the most trusted professionals in hyperbaric therapies for wellness, athletics, and healing. Moreover, with strict operational protocols, including in-chamber monitoring and improved patient safety, its team members work hard to provide competent, courteous, reliable, and effective training and therapies, its selling points being the education and commitment to outstanding customer service that forms a throughline in all it does. A client will always leave excited to come back, with Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center having made itself their hyperbaric services one-stop-shop. Moreover, with it being able to help clients with handling the symptoms of Long COVID and COVID-19, its renown has only grown, gaining more glowing reviews and referrals from clients and hoping to grow even further in the future as a result. Company: Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center Contact: Lori Bryant Website:

8 treatment and aftercare. Fundamentally, one of the first things it will do is to run a diagnostic that will allow itself to get a comprehensive and holistic idea of what may be going on with a client’s hearing, considering the information the client themselves has told its staff in order to inform the tests they run and the information they need to collect. This is an important element of its workings, as through this it does an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ in demonstrating its belief that the patient is the expert when it comes to how their condition is affecting them. Then, once they have a clear idea of what is going on and how it impacts the patient, with a diagnosis having been reached, SJB Hearing Company can begin to recommend treatment. Of course, as with all treatments, it is important that a client understand exactly what is being offered to them and why, and this is where its dedication to keeping the client in the loop comes in as it promises to keep them informed about all relevant details regarding their condition, the likely implications, and how they can mitigate symptoms. Using the most up to date technologies and treatment options, its work comes with a guarantee that it will only ever use the best possible equipment. Keeping itself abreast of the most impressive and front-running auditory science developments, its patients can rest assured that the treatments it recommends will be tailored to suit the requirements that they themselves set forward, and will be at the forefront of modern science. Therefore, the SJB Hearing Company has kept itself a going concern amongst its industry, striving to remain this way by making itself an active part of the sector and amongst its peer group of practices, learning from them and allowing them to learn from it in turn. This attitude of sharing knowledge in order to deliver the best service is something it has strived hard to incorporate, and it is incredibly proud of the role each of its staff play in this. With As specialists in hearing aid provision and endoscopic micro suction, SJB Hearing Company gives a patient back control over their own lives by allowing them to get back the auditory abilities they have lost.Whether this is by fitting a tailored, highly specific, and incredibly well-designed device that will do an expert job of replacing lost or damaged hearing, or by removing detritus building up within the ear itself in order to clear those channels, it is the bespoke hearing protection specialist for everyone from shooting enthusiasts to musicians and motor sports competitors. SJB Hearing Company as a company was founded by Sarah-Jane Brown in 2019. As a dedicated hearing aid audiologist herself, she created a clinic where the patients are always at the centre of concerns. Nominally, it is a complete hearing device provision service and endoscopic micro suction specialist, taking care of all aspects of auditory healthcare and working hard to provide its patients and their families with an unrivalled level of customer service. Its specialism in its field makes it a highly trustworthy, dedicated, and diligent healthcare provider, one where the staff boast specific training in all things auditory in order to best help its clients. Above all, it knows the distress that auditory troubles can cause. Its staff hope to grant its patients peace of mind with their capable and knowledgeable methods, using the best and most up to date procedures, equipment, and technology in the process. Thus, SJB Hearing Company promises that it will always be at the very forefront of its industry when it comes to the latest innovations; this allows its patients to directly benefit from the ingenuity found within the practice, and to benefit from the new frontiers being explored across the wider industry proper. Critically, it knows that admitting to a hearing problem and seeking help for it is one of the most daunting things a person can do, and therefore it has funnelled so much hard work into its customer service. Ensuring each staff member has the training, education, and toolkits to best help its clients, it hires people who are both empathetic and understanding, looking for those with an innate sense of sensitivity and the ability to uphold the utmost discretion. In this way, it has been able to develop a practice that centres around the creation of a helpful, safe, comfortable, and non-obtrusive treatment of its patients, allowing them to feel supported and validated when speaking about the issues they face. SJB Hearing Company uses this methodology to ensure excellence in its procedures from the very first consultation all the way through to Ear Wax Removal Specialists of the Year - UK

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 every one of them being a deeply knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering the best medical advice and services possible, each of them treat clients with the commitment and sensitivity that they deserve, making themselves not just a medical treatment option, but a support network for people going through what can be an incredibly distressing and stressful time with their hearing loss. Of course, everyone experiences hearing loss differently, and so it works hard to show its clients the ways in which it acknowledges that fact. Finding a solution that will suit them is another facet of this, as no two people experience the same level of hearing difficulty, and so its suggestions will be based around the client’s personal variables, lifestyle, and other such factors, as well as considering the ailment in and of itself. It will then decide on a fitting device that will give them the support they need to achieve the optimum hearing. Thus, with the aid of a tailored, fitted, and well-developed device, as well as with the support of the team, the client can take back autonomy over their own lives, using the hearing aids to get back to what matters to them. Company: SJB Hearing Company Contact: Sarah-Jane Brown Website:

10 According to Market Data Forecast, the global medical cannabis market size was estimated at USD 16.47 billion in 2022, with numbers expected to reach USD 46.18 billion by 2027. Indeed, there is a visible demand for medical cannabis which – when its benefits are considered – is unsurprising, as medical cannabis products can be used in the treatment of a variety of ailments. As the global use increases, be it as a treatment for pain, seizures, or nausea, to name a few, this market is only going to grow in value. Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, Medical Kiwi is at the heart of the vibrant industry, providing high-quality medical cannabis to institutions across the globe. Driven by its motto ‘better health outcomes, naturally,’ Medical Kiwi utilises a team of experts to grow, manufacture and sell its products, which ensures that its medical cannabis is both high-quality and safe. Such procedures take place at the company’s state of the art facility on New Zealand’s South Island, which is officially named the South Island and Te Waipounamu. With a creative, science-based approach to producing and providing cannabinoid medicines to those that need them most, Medical Kiwi is in the unique position to influence how the world delivers contemporary healthcare. Moreover, the company is equipped to create an abundance of value within the emerging market, not only in New Zealand but also on a global scale. This is, in part, thanks to its solid foundation of research, innovative product development, relationships with leading companies, and agreements for future sales. In essence, Medical Kiwi is devoted to the betterment and expansion of the medical cannabis industry. Playing a significant role in the company’s mission, the Medical Kiwi team – which is comprised of experts in sales, governance, and biochemistry – is committed to offering assurance from seed to sale. They strive to be professional, observant, and imaginative, using such traits to design ground-breaking medical cannabis products. In addition, it is imperative for the team to uphold the company’s ethos. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jul22175 The entire process, from cultivation to the development of consumer goods, is all covered by the Medical Kiwi team; however, such sales are currently operating through a B2B system. Whilst Medical Kiwi has accomplished a great amount, it has also had to face several challenges. Most recently, of course, such hurdles came in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak exacerbated the current problems surrounding supply chains and logistics, resulting in even greater delays, which have complicated Medical Kiwi’s operations. In addition, in New Zealand, there is a bottleneck surrounding doctors being willing to prescribe medicinal cannabis, which is why Medical Kiwi has established its own medicinal cannabis clinic. Indeed, in March 2022, Medical Kiwi launched the telehealth medicinal cannabis prescription service, The Pain Clinic (TPC). Through the launch of this service, Medical Kiwi hopes to cultivate further accessibility to medicinal cannabis, as it believes that this wellbeing and healthcare revolution will benefit millions of people worldwide. In fact, this is evident through TPC’s work, as many of its clients have exhausted every other course of treatment for their health issues. Consequently, TPC and, as a result, Medical Kiwi have many inspiring tales of how it has helped improve people’s lives. Furthermore, Medical Kiwi has plans to leverage The Pain Clinic to increase education surrounding medicinal cannabis. Speaking on behalf of Medical Kiwi, CEO Moses Nasalo comments, ‘Growing and sharing knowledge is an important part of our business, hence the Virtual GP project. We are unique in that we have licenses for a full range of medicinal cannabis activities, and full vertical integration from seed to sale. We are New Zealand’s leading cannabis and natural wellness products company.’ The service, which Medical Kiwi states is its biggest achievement, is running alongside several other Medical Kiwi projects. For example, the company also has a ‘botanics’ project in the works, for which it has patented a number of natural plant compounds. Medical Kiwi hopes to develop these compounds into products that will topically treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Going forward, Medical Kiwi will continue to evolve these projects, using them to educate both patients and healthcare professionals. It hopes to bring about a future in which patients can make informed decisions surrounding their healthcare and treatment journeys and, as a result, can obtain prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products in a more accessible way. Contact: Moses Nasalo (CEO) Company: Medical Kiwi Web Address: Most Innovative Emerging Medical Cannabis Company 2022 - Australasia Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly prevalent within the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers and patients alike are turning to medical cannabis products for a natural, and often holistic, treatment for dozens of health issues. Medical Kiwi is a company that is leading this wave, creating safe and effective medical cannabis products for clients around the world.

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

12 network, feeding back all that he has learned during his tenure as a lecturer directly into the company. Recently, his familial dedication to his employees, and the want to pass things from father to son, has been something he wishes to foster in his wider industry, too. With the young generation being the future of all things, it is DITTELS’ philosophy that the preparation of this generation is of the utmost priority. With doors that are always open to the curious, an encouragement of friendship and forming tightly knit bonds between workers, an encouragement of highquality, sustainable workloads, and a wish to promote an attitude that success is a team effort, its small-medium sized business is run with an impeccable people-first culture and a dedication to social commitment. This company has also done all it can to overcome the challenges of Covid-19. With its clean rooms being created and implemented by a litany of motivated and technically impeccably trained employees, the internal driving force behind its team is something that has grained the company significant renown. The focus on technical competence alone is not something that DITTEL is interested in. Indeed, correct training and lab technique can be taught, and education can be gained, but the correct attitude is so much harder to encourage, and so it looks for people who will fit in amongst its ranks and can be taught the various finer points of the business later. As a service provider for cleanrooms that promotes the utmost hygiene and scientific rigour, DITTEL Engineering has made a name for itself for its full package service provisions. From its planning and engineering to its qualifications, metrology, consultancy, project management, and training, its service of the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical engineering, microelectronics, optical mechanics, and plastic industries has made DITTEL an incredibly diligent front-runner when it comes to full-package, turnkey clean rooms. Nominally, DITTEL Engineering’s portfolio of clients is an exemplary slice of the medical and scientific management industry. Serving incredible clientele across Europe, Asia, the USA, and the Middle East, it was founded by Dr Dittel in the year 1993 in Bavaria in order to provide the best cleanroom solutions for the clients that needed it the most. Indeed, the goal has grown and evolved over the years, but its core commitment has remained the same, something that it is positive will remain the case even as Dr. Dittel’s eldest son Florian angles to take over the company after the planned transition phase that is already in progress. Now managed in a partnership between two of the Dittel family – something that began in July of 2020 – the company has been in a period of growth, development, and positive change throughout the onset of the pandemic, despite the difficulties it faced therein. With the cleanroom engineering market’s growth proceeding apace, it has made itself a company at the very forefront of this push towards a brighter future, with DITTEL proudly holding the top spot in its market with over 500 satisfied customers across a huge variety of different sized products over the time it has been in operation. Thus, its cleanroom solutions have been granted several prestigious awards that are worthy of its place at the top of the industry, from the 2016 German innovator award to the 2017 European Innovation prize from S-Lab in London. As the ‘Best Cleanroom Design and Engineering Company’ in Europe, as award by GHP, Dr. Gernod Dittel is incredibly proud of all that his company has accomplished, both under his wing and whilst in the joint care of both him and his son. Being a family company, he has ensured that the commitment to client satisfaction is something that will always remain constant, able to treat each of his employees as part of an extended familial Best Clean Room Technology Service Provider - Germany

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Motivation, in short, is inherently a personable thing, and one of the most important cornerstones of any business’s operations, in that way. Recently, this attitude and the attitude that its entire company boast as a result has been a great driving factor in its continued success, earning it a huge variety of awards – some of which won more than once – which it promises to continue adding to over the course of its continued lifespan. Indeed, this age-old recipe of effort and tenacity mixed with scientific rigour is something that DITTEL will also continue to champion, with a deep respect for R&D that runs through every element of its operation. Fostering such intensive research and development has allowed it to become a staunch partner in clean room creation for clients all over the world, after all. Its full compliment of solutions has ensured that its efforts remain amongst the foremost of turnkey solutions in planning and management, with its GMP and ISO compliant solutions following the attitude of Johann Wolfgang – of Goethe – when he said ‘if you want to take safe steps, you have to take them slowly’. In essence, whilst it strives to get things done on time and within budget, it also promises that none of its efforts will be rushed. Details will always be attended to, and the bigger picture always well painted, something that its clients have lauded as exemplary since the very beginning; and can continue to benefit from as it moves forward. Company: DITTEL Engineering GmbH Contact: Dr. Gernod Dittel Website:

14 Blissiree, an education and wellness company running one of the most innovative wellness apps and outstanding brick-and-mortar wellness spas for mental health services, has been created by founder Terri Bowman to change how mental health treatment is delivered. After a couple of years of studying in the UK and Germany, Terri realised that there was a real need to tackle how behavioural regression was triggered by external variables – potentially undoing months of progress. In this, Terri found her new calling. She has since dedicated herself to finding a new technique to help with this relapse, as she felt that her duty of care as a practitioner wasn’t fulfilled by the provision of kinesiology alone. Ultimately, Terri wishes to break the cycle for ‘revolving door’ patients, having seen the frustration and distress that such patients experience when their mental health becomes a significant issue, thanks to an external trigger. With that goal in mind, Terri has turned her attention towards studying the conscious and unconscious, cracking the code of using unconscious behavioural patterns and how they influence intended behaviour. She has used theories such as genetic memory, unconscious drivers, and natural versus nurtured response research to develop ideas of how deeply entrenched ‘instinctive’ reactions are created and carried out. It was after experiencing mental illness first hand – and the shortfall of public services on offer to those dealing with such difficulties – that Terri created the positive auditory stimuli technique. In short, her dream was one day to have something to offer people suffering from mental health issues that ultimately turn the experience of a psychiatric ward on its head. Terri aimed to create something client-focused, and empathetic that focused on the healing process rather than just the suppression of symptoms. Opening two mental health-focused ‘brain wellness spas’ both north and south of the river and launching the Blissiree app, Blissiree has made itself a cornerstone of the wellness industry, the dedication and determination of its founder forming the core principles that keep it striving for greatness. Thus, many of its clients show impressive improvement after 14 sessions – to 19 sessions for those suffering from more profound 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jul22298 issues. Working to influence the unconscious part of our brains to change behaviour, Terri and Blissiree teach and heal in equal measure, with the Blissiree app allowing patients to access help from the comfort of their own home without having to rush to appointments or share the deep and dark thoughts that they may be struggling with. Critically, this is especially helpful for those who work with toxic shame and how much such a thing can impact their ability to seek effective treatment. Blissiree allows patients to work at their own pace through the most distressing symptoms, changing their brains through their drive and will to get better, all the while aided by a supportive company that genuinely cares about their wellbeing. Indeed, the founder also hasn’t stopped here. She has made two documentaries: “Taboo of the Broken Brain” and “Blue Rain, PTSD, The Silent Suffering” both of which can be found on YouTube and contain invaluable advice for families and sufferers. Indeed, the biggest challenge facing mental health today is a system in crisis – under-resourced to deal with the number of patients and the severity of ailments. Too many people lose their lives to suicide, thinking they have no other options because there are not enough people to listen to them. The current mental health system is characterised by overworked staff members and consequently, very few receiving the proper training and support. Blissiree seeks to change that. By being a linchpin supporter of a mental health infrastructure in desperate need of it, it is helping people to cope with the continued mounting pressures of the world, from COVID-19 to global socio-economic stress. In this, it has tirelessly improved its clients’ lives, giving them actionable help and guidance to allow 94% of them to reach a point in their recovery where they can effectively manage their symptoms. Continually developing, improving, and innovating, Blissiree’s founder develops at least two new bodies of work a year to help its clients, and it plans to launch in the USA and Canada by early 2023. Terri hopes to expand to the UK and Europe shortly after and, by 2027, she hopes to be active all over the world. Blissiree’s approach is evidence-based and was recently published in the European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. The peer-reviewed study examined data from 535 patients who underwent the Emotional Empowerment Program. Using well-validated and widely used psychometric tools, like the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Penn State Worry Questionnaire, Terri found that patients who completed the program with 12-14 subliminal programming sessions exhibited increases in self-esteem and state of being. Likewise, patients reported significant reductions in anxiety, depression, stress, and worry. Importantly, in-person and virtual patients both reaped the benefits of the program. Company: Blissiree Contact: Terri Bowman Website: Most Innovative Natural Mental Health Service 2022 - WA Terri Bowman began her business, Brain Wellness Spa, in Perth, Western Australia, with the ongoing mission of helping people to escape the trap of falling back into the habits of sabotaging beliefs and perceptions. Now, Terri has become a crucial driver on the greater psychological landscape for tackling regressive behaviour through her extraordinary mental health app, Blissiree.

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

16 to-understand and jargon free we are able to share the nutritional health we offer people from every walk of life,” Aleya tells us. “We keep our quality high and costs low, helping people access health supplements easily.” As mentioned above, there are so many people who could benefit from health supplements who do not take them. This means that one crucial role of Nutraleya is as an educator, informing people of why they should begin taking supplements. “Our focus has been to reach non-traditional supplement users who are unfamiliar with vitamin supplements,” admits Aleya. This push to new audiences has encouraged Aleya and her team to push their products to the broadest possible audience. “We cater for men, women, and children to help them maintain their immune health, and joint and bone health to support mobility and an active lifestyle,” Aleya explains. “We work hard with our biochemists and nutritionists to ensure our formulations are fit-forpurpose. Our children’s supplements are chewable, like sweets. Kids Chewable tablets are sugar free and made from natural flavours and better absorbed.” Despite an incredible product ready for use, the business almost went under during the COVID-19 pandemic when an investor dropped out. To Aleya’s credit, and to everyone else’s benefit, the business was able to recover after eight months offline. We asked Aleya how she’d managed it: “We went back to the drawing board and in January 2021, re-launched our online retail presence and redesigned our marketing and advertising strategy to include trade shows, pop-up stalls, information and advice, Q&A, and personalised nutritional deficiency assessment and antioxidant assessments and social media engagement.” This people-focused approach, pushing personal connection above all else, proved to be the saving grace for the business. “Since Covid, people have become more health conscious and are looking towards natural supplementation,” Aleya continues, adding: “To help people understand their own personal nutrient needs we introduced Nutrition Check namely Nutritional Deficiency Assessment and antioxidant assessment.” These personalised, self-assessment questionnaires have gone a long way to helping many people, mainly because they narrow down the needs of the customer and provide a product as close as possible to their needs. Covering 22 essential nutrient checks, the assessment gives an immediate result of low, medium or high risk of nutritional deficiencies, recommending a suitable supplement and advice on diet. “These assessments are helping to generate new business and new customers,” Aleya tells us. “Our ethos is ‘prevention is Health supplements play an important role in keeping healthy, but it can be hard to find a natural, plant-based, halal brand that suits all people. Nutraleya was founded on the promise that it could do precisely that. We caught up with Aleya Chowdhury to find out more about the incredible journey of this business to its current success in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022. To live healthy lives, we need to eat more healthily in every way. While a well-balanced diet of fruit and vegetables is important to consider, the addition of supplements to our diets to assist should also be considered. So many people could benefit from these additions to our diets but are unfamiliar with them and their benefits. Nutraleya has committed itself to opening the doors to a better and more healthy life for all When Aleya Chowdury started Nutraleya, it was because she knew there had to be an alternative to her experience of pain. “I found myself taking a lot of supplements everyday,” she tells us, “for joints, anti-aging, b-complex, hair, skin, nails, unable to find a supplement that can support me without having to pop 8-9 pills a day.” Finding a simpler option was by no means easy, however. The brands filling the market were filled with jargon, and there was no solution that was both all natural and able to meet her nutritional needs. Eventually, she studied to become a nutritional therapist in order to learn how best to meet not only her needs, but to create a no-nonsense solution. The no-nonsense solution eventually took the form of HealthyWoman, a one-a-day, all-in-one capsule that is one of fourteen products produced by Aleya’s company, Nutraleya. “As a nutritional therapist I know all too well that eating a wellbalanced diet of fruits and vegetables is the best way to achieve wellness,” she explains. “However, we often miss elements in our diets that are crucial for our immune system and to safeguard our body against nutritional deficiencies. Taking a daily supplement of essential vitamins and minerals are a few ways you can ensure you are getting all the dietary nutrients your body needs.” To this end, Nutraleya has focused in on those ingredients that make the most impact as quickly as possible. Her supplements are built on ancient herbal ingredients such as Blackseed, turmeric, ashwagandha and Korean ginseng that have made it into modernday science, proving efficacy. “In keeping our labelling clean, easyBest Vegan & Halal Health Supplements Brand 2022 - UK

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 better than cure’, and the early signs and symptoms can easily be addressed with early intervention on nutrition and supplementation thus helping people live well and feel great.” The decision to help people find a more precise solution has allowed people from various backgrounds to discover a supplement that is designed to help them. Vitamin D, for example, is one of those nutrients where there is no ‘one’ strength that fits all. Black, African, Caribbean, Asian and south Asian backgrounds need a higher strength of supplement, as the darker the skin the higher the dose you may need. “It is by far the most highly known nutrient to be deficient in people globally not just in the UK,” Aleya explains. “Those people who are covered, particularly those covered from head-to-toe, will never get the vitamin D from the sun and adding a daily vitamin D supplement is advisable.” The information garnered from the Nutritional Deficiency Assessment can go a long way to helping those who might not have known to Now well on track to new heights of success, the team at Nutraleya have begun to expand and explore new possibilities. The market that the firm operates in is constantly growing, with the global vegan supplements market valued at $6,309.1 million in 2019 and projected to reach $13,598.7 million by 2028. Aleya and her team have found themselves at the forefront of this tremendous growth industry. The popularity of Nutraleya has opened the doors to many opportunities around the world, with the team currently planning to sell their product in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Algeria and Morocco. Already, this incredible range of supplements is available online through Amazon, with the team also attending trade shows and festivals. Now well established, there are many who see this honest and jargon-free approach as competition to established brands. Nutraleya has grown significantly over the last few years in terms of its outreach, and this has been matched by the team’s determination to improve and develop their products too. With the healthcare industry moving so fast, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the team continue to innovate and learn from their communities. A peer group of medical professionals and various science-backed studies form the core of how the team develop their newer products. Alongside the feedback gathered from customers, Nutraleya is always looking for ways to improve. It’s clear that Nutraleya fills an important gap in the market, one which embraces clarity over jargon, and specificity over generalised solutions. As Aleya and her team continue to push boldly into the future, they’re sure to find new and exciting success - we can’t wait to see what form it takes! Company: Nutraleya Limited Name: Aleya Chowdhury Email: [email protected] Web Address:

18 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Scott Arms Dental Practice has long secured a reputation as one of the best dental centres in the Midlands. Following its success in the 2022 edition of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, we took a deep dive into the practice and its founder, Dr Phil Tangri. Dr Phil Tangri set up and runs one of the largest dental practices in the UK with 19 surgeries and over 200 support staff running 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is the largest Denplan practice in the UK and has treated over half a million patients in the West Midlands area and beyond. It has the highest review ranking with more five stars on than any other dental practice in the UK. During the peak of the COVID pandemic when most dental practices were closed, his team following a careful standard operating procedure were able to help thousands of patients in severe pain, who travelled from as far as London, Cornwall, Manchester and Leeds to seek help from this service. He attributes the success of the organisation to hard work and a supportive team of staff that care about the business and patients. Putting the patients’ needs first and ensuring that they are looked after in an empathetic, friendly and supportive manner. Communication with clients and staff is also paramount to help patients understand and trust in what is being said to them. Internally, meetings are held multiple times a week with dentists, receptionists, nurses and team leaders to ensure good communication throughout and that employees have a voice and are heard, and that action is taken where necessary to improve the workflow and daily lives of employees. Allowing employees to speak freely allows for an open dialogue between team leaders and a healthy work environment for happier staff. Happy staff, happy environment, happy patients. Phil has studied hard to improve his own knowledge and gained a diploma in dental implants from the Royal College of Surgeons in London in 2009, between 2003 -2013 he was the top placing implant dentist in England for Biomet 3i implants, making him one of the most experienced implant dentists in the UK. His role now is providing clinical support and overseeing implant cases at Scott Arms Dental Practice working alongside his awardwinning team of dental surgeons. He has been a vocational trainer to newly qualified dentists supporting them in their first years of dentistry for over 20 years. He often gave lectures and presentations to newly qualified dentists and now is a mentor to many newer graduates encouraging them to push themselves out of their comfort zone to help provide a wide range of services. The practice has specialist services in implants, orthodontics and periodontics as the practice attracts high calibre dentists wanting to work in a positive forward-thinking team. There has been constant investment in staff for training and the purchasing of new equipment to help provide the first-class service patients expect and demand in 2022. New iTero scanners so patients are able to see their mouths in colour and 3d, a CT scanner to help with implant placement. Phil also won employer of the year in 2016 and 2017 at Sandwell business awards for his contribution to staff support and training. Leading dental implant centre, Birmingham 2019, Best Dental Practice UK 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, Global excellence awards 2022’s Leading dental implant clinic – West Midlands. The effort, hard work and building a supportive and strong team with happy staff has led to this success story, which has enabled the practice to provide an excellent service to the community, increased employment for people, and helped many tens of thousands of patients psychologically by improving their dental health and well-being. Scott Arms Dental Practice Address: 914-916 Walsall Road,Great Barr,Birmingham, B42 1TG Website: Best Dental Practice & Dental Implant Centre 2022 – West Midlands Jul22165

19 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Rose Caracostas founded Elmwood Counseling in 2017, a practice specialising in adolescent and adult therapy services with a focus on anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), suicidal ideation (SI), and family conflict. Rose’s mission is that all patients are able to achieve their goals to lead the most successful life and be the best version of themselves. ose Caracostas always starts where the patient is and believes fully in self-determination. With vast experience, she is able to offer effective outpatient, individualised, psychological care, and aims to be as accessible as possible for her patients, offering both in-person and tele-health options. Rose’s sessions with her patients begin by looking at all of the systems that are involved with them and working to collaborate with their network. Being trained in several different modalities, Rose can work with a variety of patients and design an individualised treatment plan. This combined with creating a neutral safe space and listening to the patient’s concerns enables them to heal, energise, and become aware of their inner strengths. Rose also sees it as important to never stop training so she can always remain up-to-date in order to benefit patients, having certifications in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Mindfulness, and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP). She is also trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TFCBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and has taken many trainings in psychopharmacology. Rose is also an adjunct professor at the University of Denver in the Graduate School of Social Work programme and teaches about the challenge the mental health industry faces in the form of a shortage of mental health professionals, working to train social workers to advocate for patients and patients care. Because of the shortage of licensed clinical social workers, professional counsellors, marriage and family therapists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, people are faced with significant wait times to be seen, meaning their mental health continues to deteriorate. Rose also supervises newly graduated clinicians in the field of social work to become the best clinicians they can be. Ultimately, the success of Elmwood Counseling’s success is more defined by its patients and patient success, not by the firm itself. Rose says, “It is an honour to come alongside patients in their worst times and see how vulnerable they can be and how hard they work each day. To be part of their journey is simply a blessing.” With her true dedication and devotion to supporting her patients, Rose is looking to expand her practice in 2023 by adding on new clinicians and helping more patients in the community. Indeed, she is doing all she can to help those who are struggling with their mental health, and we take our hats off to her. Here’s to the continued success of Elmwood Counseling! Company: Elmwood Counseling Contact: Rose Caracostas Email: [email protected] Website: R Aug22317 Most Dedicated Mental Health Professional (Colorado): Rose Caracostas