Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

16 to-understand and jargon free we are able to share the nutritional health we offer people from every walk of life,” Aleya tells us. “We keep our quality high and costs low, helping people access health supplements easily.” As mentioned above, there are so many people who could benefit from health supplements who do not take them. This means that one crucial role of Nutraleya is as an educator, informing people of why they should begin taking supplements. “Our focus has been to reach non-traditional supplement users who are unfamiliar with vitamin supplements,” admits Aleya. This push to new audiences has encouraged Aleya and her team to push their products to the broadest possible audience. “We cater for men, women, and children to help them maintain their immune health, and joint and bone health to support mobility and an active lifestyle,” Aleya explains. “We work hard with our biochemists and nutritionists to ensure our formulations are fit-forpurpose. Our children’s supplements are chewable, like sweets. Kids Chewable tablets are sugar free and made from natural flavours and better absorbed.” Despite an incredible product ready for use, the business almost went under during the COVID-19 pandemic when an investor dropped out. To Aleya’s credit, and to everyone else’s benefit, the business was able to recover after eight months offline. We asked Aleya how she’d managed it: “We went back to the drawing board and in January 2021, re-launched our online retail presence and redesigned our marketing and advertising strategy to include trade shows, pop-up stalls, information and advice, Q&A, and personalised nutritional deficiency assessment and antioxidant assessments and social media engagement.” This people-focused approach, pushing personal connection above all else, proved to be the saving grace for the business. “Since Covid, people have become more health conscious and are looking towards natural supplementation,” Aleya continues, adding: “To help people understand their own personal nutrient needs we introduced Nutrition Check namely Nutritional Deficiency Assessment and antioxidant assessment.” These personalised, self-assessment questionnaires have gone a long way to helping many people, mainly because they narrow down the needs of the customer and provide a product as close as possible to their needs. Covering 22 essential nutrient checks, the assessment gives an immediate result of low, medium or high risk of nutritional deficiencies, recommending a suitable supplement and advice on diet. “These assessments are helping to generate new business and new customers,” Aleya tells us. “Our ethos is ‘prevention is Health supplements play an important role in keeping healthy, but it can be hard to find a natural, plant-based, halal brand that suits all people. Nutraleya was founded on the promise that it could do precisely that. We caught up with Aleya Chowdhury to find out more about the incredible journey of this business to its current success in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022. To live healthy lives, we need to eat more healthily in every way. While a well-balanced diet of fruit and vegetables is important to consider, the addition of supplements to our diets to assist should also be considered. So many people could benefit from these additions to our diets but are unfamiliar with them and their benefits. Nutraleya has committed itself to opening the doors to a better and more healthy life for all When Aleya Chowdury started Nutraleya, it was because she knew there had to be an alternative to her experience of pain. “I found myself taking a lot of supplements everyday,” she tells us, “for joints, anti-aging, b-complex, hair, skin, nails, unable to find a supplement that can support me without having to pop 8-9 pills a day.” Finding a simpler option was by no means easy, however. The brands filling the market were filled with jargon, and there was no solution that was both all natural and able to meet her nutritional needs. Eventually, she studied to become a nutritional therapist in order to learn how best to meet not only her needs, but to create a no-nonsense solution. The no-nonsense solution eventually took the form of HealthyWoman, a one-a-day, all-in-one capsule that is one of fourteen products produced by Aleya’s company, Nutraleya. “As a nutritional therapist I know all too well that eating a wellbalanced diet of fruits and vegetables is the best way to achieve wellness,” she explains. “However, we often miss elements in our diets that are crucial for our immune system and to safeguard our body against nutritional deficiencies. Taking a daily supplement of essential vitamins and minerals are a few ways you can ensure you are getting all the dietary nutrients your body needs.” To this end, Nutraleya has focused in on those ingredients that make the most impact as quickly as possible. Her supplements are built on ancient herbal ingredients such as Blackseed, turmeric, ashwagandha and Korean ginseng that have made it into modernday science, proving efficacy. “In keeping our labelling clean, easyBest Vegan & Halal Health Supplements Brand 2022 - UK