Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 better than cure’, and the early signs and symptoms can easily be addressed with early intervention on nutrition and supplementation thus helping people live well and feel great.” The decision to help people find a more precise solution has allowed people from various backgrounds to discover a supplement that is designed to help them. Vitamin D, for example, is one of those nutrients where there is no ‘one’ strength that fits all. Black, African, Caribbean, Asian and south Asian backgrounds need a higher strength of supplement, as the darker the skin the higher the dose you may need. “It is by far the most highly known nutrient to be deficient in people globally not just in the UK,” Aleya explains. “Those people who are covered, particularly those covered from head-to-toe, will never get the vitamin D from the sun and adding a daily vitamin D supplement is advisable.” The information garnered from the Nutritional Deficiency Assessment can go a long way to helping those who might not have known to Now well on track to new heights of success, the team at Nutraleya have begun to expand and explore new possibilities. The market that the firm operates in is constantly growing, with the global vegan supplements market valued at $6,309.1 million in 2019 and projected to reach $13,598.7 million by 2028. Aleya and her team have found themselves at the forefront of this tremendous growth industry. The popularity of Nutraleya has opened the doors to many opportunities around the world, with the team currently planning to sell their product in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Algeria and Morocco. Already, this incredible range of supplements is available online through Amazon, with the team also attending trade shows and festivals. Now well established, there are many who see this honest and jargon-free approach as competition to established brands. Nutraleya has grown significantly over the last few years in terms of its outreach, and this has been matched by the team’s determination to improve and develop their products too. With the healthcare industry moving so fast, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the team continue to innovate and learn from their communities. A peer group of medical professionals and various science-backed studies form the core of how the team develop their newer products. Alongside the feedback gathered from customers, Nutraleya is always looking for ways to improve. It’s clear that Nutraleya fills an important gap in the market, one which embraces clarity over jargon, and specificity over generalised solutions. As Aleya and her team continue to push boldly into the future, they’re sure to find new and exciting success - we can’t wait to see what form it takes! Company: Nutraleya Limited Name: Aleya Chowdhury Email: [email protected] Web Address: