Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

100 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Initially named IRAQ STAR in recognition of the intention to treat every veteran like a Rock Star, Rebuilding America’s Warriors (RAW) is a non-profit boasting a network of over 300 volunteer surgeons and dentists across 49 states, all dedicated to their mission of providing free reconstructive surgery to wounded and disfigured soldiers. Best Veteran Healthcare NonProfit Organization 2023 n 2007, a remarkable journey began when Maggie Lockridge, a compassionate and experienced professional, who was deeply moved by a television documentary. The documentary in question was the work of Bob Woodruff, offering viewers a poignant glimpse into the challenging process of recovery from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Through his lens, America’s veterans came into focus, revealing the enduring toll of external disfiguring wounds sustained during their service—damages ranging from artillery injuries to burns and shrapnel scars. At that pivotal moment, the media was abuzz with reports about the inadequacy of Walter Reed Hospital to accommodate the influx of wounded soldiers returning from the frontlines. This scenario exceeded expectations, as they had initially anticipated a far lower number of casualties. These two elements, the documentary and the pressing issue of inadequate medical care, converged in Maggie’s mind, sparking a life-altering realization. Rebuilding America’s Warriors mission is nothing short of transformative. The organization exists to provide free reconstructive surgery for veterans who bear disfiguring wounds and to offer dental restoration for those who have suffered traumatic dental injuries during their service. This includes those who received the controversial anthrax vaccine, a vaccine believed to cause severe dental decay. What sets RAW apart is its unwavering commitment to this mission, exemplified by Maggie herself, a United States Air Force Nurse Corps veteran. One of RAW’s most significant breakthroughs has been the revelation regarding the anthrax vaccine and its role in causing extensive dental decay among veterans. This discovery has illuminated a previously unknown facet of veterans’ health issues and underscored the importance of RAW’s work. Looking ahead, RAW’s plans centre on continually discovering new surgeons and dentists who are willing to offer their expertise to veterans, and, in June this year, Maggie received a notable honour that highlights the significance of RAW’s work. She was summoned to Washington, D.C., where she received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Veterans Affairs for her services through RAW to the nation’s veterans. The accolade was presented by Denis McDonough, Secretary of the Veteran’s Administration, at the prestigious Library of Congress. Ultimately, Maggie’s vision and the tireless efforts of Rebuilding America’s Warriors are changing the lives of veterans, one surgery at a time. As the organization continue its mission to restore dignity, confidence, and hope to those who have served their country. The legacy of compassion and service that Maggie initiated in 2007 endures as a beacon of light in the lives of countless veterans across the United States. Above: Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Denis McDonough with RAW Founder, Maggie Lockridge RN Company: Iraq Star Inc., dba Rebuilding America’s Warriors Contact: Maggie Lockridge RN Email: [email protected] Website: I Aug23354