GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018 (Packages)

The Primary Package • Full page of editorial – approx. 900 words • 1 crystal trophy • Personalised digital Logo • Bespoke digital certificate Full page of editorial 1 crystal trophy Company Name Award Title Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018 W I N N E R Personalised digital logo <<Award>> <<Company Name>> This is to Certify: Has Been Named: 26  IVDiagnosticswork withhospitalsand CLIA laboratories that in turn service hospitalsand oncologistswhoare caring for cancerpatients.The company’s focus isonmetastatic cancer patients, thosepatientswhoare at stage twoandbeyondwhereby cancerhas spread from the original site tootherpartsof the bodyasdeterminedbyphysicians whodetermine the stageof cancer. Frankdetails IVDiagnostic’soverall mission,explainingwhat the firm hopes toachieveandhow itwill reach thesegoals. “Throughpre-clinical studies we came todefineour focus asmetastaticdisease. IVDiagnosticsprovides clinicians with tools tohelp thembetter determine theeffectivenessof therapy.Asa result,wehave developedan initialassay for breast cancerpatients that HP170025 invitedFrankSzczepanskito tellusabout thecompany’ssuccessandwhatservices itprovides. accuratelymeasures theamount of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in thepatient’sblood sample. Withina smallamountofblood, thepatientmayhaveas littleas one cancer cellor thousands. It is important for thephysician to knowwhat the levelofCTCs is in thepatient’sbodyeach time they come for treatment.” Working towardsachieving this missionhelps IVDiagnostics standoutamongst its competitors. Its technology expertiseand subsequent resultshelp the firmmark itself outas thebestpossibleoption for clients.Frankpointsus towardshow theassays save lives,before commentingon whathebelieves is the firm’s most significantbreakthrough whichhas contributed to its overwhelming success. “Hereat IVDiagnostics,we havedeveloped technology forboth in-vitroand in-vivo applications. TheRapid version ofour in-vitroassay canalso capture live, single cancer cells in seconds.These cancer cells can thenbediagnosed forgeneticmutationsproviding pathologistsandoncologists withadditional information.Our assays save lives, improve patient care viaearlierdetection, and reduceoverall costofpatient care throughout thehealthcare system. “Concerningour firm’smost significant success todate, I would say it ismovingourbreast cancerassay forward viaapilot study thus thebasis forapivotal studywhichwill compareour in- vitro test toour in-vivo teston the samepatient.” Discussing recentprojects which the companyhasbeen workingon,Frankmentions its in-vivodevice,andobserves how thishelpsnotonlypatients, butdoctorsaswell,as they havebeen callingout for this technology.Thishighlights the innovativenatureof the company,as itworkshard to stayaheadofdevelopments within the industry, something Frankprovidesa littlemoredetail about. “Recently,wehavedevelopedan in-vivodevicewhich canmonitor CTCs inapatient’sbloodstream Best Provider of Oncology – USA & Medical Device CEO of the Year - USA without takingblood.Within 30-40minutes,we can scan about1,000mlofapatient’s bloodorapproximately20%of theblood in yourbody.The team believe thisdevice isdisruptive technology thatourmedical advisorshavebeenasking for. “Within thiseverevolvingmarket, we stayon the forefrontof emerging industrydevelopments by leadingandanticipatinghow healthcare is changing.We foreseehealthcaremoving to remotemonitoringof cancer patientsandmorepoint-of-care treatment than is currentlybeing done today.” In conclusion,Frank comments onwhat the futurehas in store for IVDiagnostics,predictingexciting timesahead if the rightdecisions and risksare taken.WithFrank at thehelm, IVDiagnostics can be certainof reaching itsgoals and targets it sets itselfand ultimately, look tobecome the leader in thehealthcare industry. “Lookingahead, thereare exciting timesahead forour firm and for thepatientmonitoring market.Theongoing successof ourworkdependson finding the right strategicpartnerswhoare willing to share risksand rewards with the companyand shareour missionand vision.This isan invigorating challengewhichwe look forward toovercoming.” Bespoke digital certificate