GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 11 , Established in 2009, Biomod was at first an innovation laboratory developing proprietary technologies to partner with clients in the modernization and transformation of personal care products and the way the world thinks about and utilizes them. Revolutionizing the beauty and health sectors, Biomod introduced, in 2015, the Dry Masks, a real innovation in the mask category. Dry Masks are advanced skincare treatments that feature a water free, dry-to-the-touch rejuvenating balm imprinted onto a fabric carrier. In just minutes, these innovative textile applicators feed the skin with millions of vectors packed with active ingredients. Dry Masks were created following the development of a proprietary imprinting process of Biomod’s Biomimetic MicroVector (BMV™) loaded formula balms onto textiles. Available in customizable combinations of shapes, textiles, patterns, colours and formulations, these high-performance dry sheet masks embody the limitless potential that Biomod’s ever-evolving technologies and products possess. With a ‘disruptive’ line of products, Biomod is now an established supplier to internationally recognized brands. The firm has partnership and commercial agreements signed with international networks and leading Best Health & Beauty Technology Development Company - Canada Creators and only original design manufacturers (ODM) for Dry Masks, Biomod supply the world’s fast growing, innovative cosmetics and skin care brands. President and CEO Karine Théberge provides us with a fascinating insight into the firmand her role in its success. brands in the beauty and personal care industries, which will lead it on to even greater success. Karine explores how far the firm has come over the years, whilst retaining its core principals. “Early on, I noticed that there was an unexploited relationship between the skin and the textile. So, we concentrated on that, when we started Biomod. It was all about bringing actives into our lives through the textiles that we are using in our everyday lives. “As such, since the beginning we have believed that skin care should be part of our daily routine gesture. We decided to use materials as base for very concentrated care formulas and make them very easy and conformable to use. Skincare is a first step, and we are now looking into more pharmaceutical application in the patch category trough collaborations with API suppliers.” Aiming to offer truly revolutionary products, Karine is particularly proud of Biomod’s Dry Masks. She outlines how the product is disrupting the health and beauty market and changing the way consumers care for their skin. “Everything about what Biomod does is a breakthrough, from our patented technologies to our Innovative Dry Masks. Reducing the amount of water in skincare products or being the perfect complement to any other product. The revolution of Dry Masks is still very little known and faces the popularity of sheet and cream masks all over the world. However, as today’s consumers are increasingly looking for eco- friendly and natural products, we believe that Dry Masks will soon become a market staple. “Not requiring any water in their application, and being reusable, Dry Masks are ecological and travel friendly. In addition, they are non-tested on animals and the skin care formulations are elaborated with natural origin ingredients. Some of Biomod’s Dry Mask formulations are even vegan and halal certified, opening them up to a wider market than many other masks. Most products have very high contents of water so the satisfying the thirst of the skin, but we focus on bringing food to the skin to satisfying its hunger, so we are a perfect complement to any other product sold on the market. This unique product looks set to take the market by storm, and at Biomod we are committed to driving it to even greater achievements and supplying it to a wider client base.” This will remain Biomod’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future, as Karine is proud to share in her concluding comments. “Building on our previous success, Biomod is ready for the market. We have patented our technologies, we developed unique product, in a new segment of the cosmetics, the Dry Mask, and already all the major players are talking to us and are interested in our products. “Now we want to look to the future, and we have a vision to grow in other markets, such as military, sports, dermatology. There is so many markets that we could look at in bringing cares that are going to be easy, affordable and modern, and we look forward to the opportunities our growth will offer us over the years ahead.” HP180015 Company: Biomod Concepts Inc Contact: Guylaine Thériault Rehel Address: 1821, Rue Lavoisier, Sainte-Julie (QC), J3E 1Y6, Canada Phone: 001 1 514 905 5848 Website: