GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

12 GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards Founded in 2010, Batavia utilizes its resources for instance to develop novel, better, and cheaper vaccines in collaboration with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (BMGF), National institute of Health (NIH) as well as many prominent academic institutes. Examples of countermeasures that the firm is currently developing include vaccines against poliovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, Chikungunya virus, and Ebola virus. In addition, the company develops potent virus neutralizing antibodies for first line protection against for instance Zika virus and HIV. As part of this, Batavia employs state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure both in Netherlands (Leiden) and USA (Boston) and is well equipped to develop any biopharmaceutical, be it an antibody, recombinant protein or vaccine from early discovery all the way through to delivering a clinical product. Additionally, Batavia has developed a range of technologies (SIDUS, SCOPE, SATIRN, SCOUT, STEP) that early in the product development chain allow for a thorough understanding whether a successful product can be manufactured. One recent project that Batavia has been working on, alongside partners Univercells and , Best Biopharmaceutical Contract Development &Manufacturing Company 2018 Batavia Biosciences is a Biotechnology Company dedicated to adding value to customers by providing high quality biopharmaceuticals for proof-of-concept studies and clinical studies, as well as aid product development for all major classes of biopharmaceuticals. Merck-Millipore, is to develop a low-cost manufacturing platform to significantly reduce the cost of global health vaccines. This program, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, is focused on lowering the cost for a trivalent poliovirus vaccine from about two USD a dose to 15 cents per dose. The platform brings together novel high cell density packed-bed bioreactors, high efficiency novel purification membranes and continuous processing to deliver vaccine cost reduction through massive process intensification. The low-cost manufacturing platform called OMNIVAX is currently being rolled-out worldwide by the consortium partners for a range of global health and epidemic preparedness vaccines. This project, and the others that the company undertakes, are within a niche sector of the market. Within the currently booming biopharmaceuticals market, Batavia focuses on the early stages of biopharmaceutical development, up to Phase I/ II clinical manufacturing. This phase has the highest failure rate in the race to bring new, efficient and safe medical countermeasures to the market. Indeed, 49 out of every 50 projects