GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 13 g Best Biopharmaceutical Contract Development & Manufacturing Company 2018 Company: Batavia Biosciences Contact: Claire Otjes Address: Bioscience Park Leiden, Zernikedreef 16, 2333 CL Leiden, Netherlands Phone: 0031 0 88 9950600 Website: started in the development of biopharmaceuticals fail. Reasons for failure include lack of efficacy, poor biodistribution, adverse effects etc. A highly experience staff that understands the challenges in bringing novel medicines from bench to clinic and can offer solutions is thus crucial in building a position in the market. Working to overcome these challenges, Batavia is on a mission to significantly contribute to ease human suffering from infectious disease through its work. As such, going forward the company wishes to be recognized worldwide as a centre of excellence for the development and clinical manufacturing of biological countermeasures, i.e., vaccines and antibodies. In support of its mission, Batavia has brought together a highly experiences R&D team, which it has increased from five staff in 2010 to 120 people in 2018. The ability to assemble such a great team can be attributed to the fact that the company was successful in establishing a culture where integrity, honesty, drive and passion prevail, making Batavia a fun place to work with exciting scientific projects. Equally important is the success by the management of Batavia in leveraging their scientific network and as thought leaders in the field, to propel Batavia’s client base. This ensures a healthy client diversification, i.e, working with not-for profit organizations, large pharma and biotech firms. This undoubtedly has fueled the rapid growth of the company (41% CAGR) Ultimately, the rapidly growing market of biopharmaceuticals Batavia offer novel technologies and know how in order to help its customers to complete their preclinical phases in product development at higher speed, reduced cost, and with higher success rate. The firm’s recent growth and increased success will remain a core focus for Batavia as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.