GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 19 , Drawing on its vast industry expertise, TruTag offers a range of on-product and on-package security solutions that provide manufacturers and government regulators with an effective means of securing supply chains and safeguarding consumers. Over the years, TruTag has received multiple industry awards from Frost & Sullivan, Edison Awards, Fast Company, R&D 100, and was designated by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and one of the most influential technology companies in the world. This success has been born of cutting edge innovation and staying highly focused, as Dr. Bartholomeusz highlights in his initial comments. “At TruTag Technologies, we have devoted our energy and expertise to developing a one-of- a-kind security and technology solution for multiple industries. We have been focused and dedicated to the development of our solutions based on precision- fabricated nano-porous silica and detection hardware for a variety of applications. TruTag’s award-winning authentication technology platform uses microscopic, silica particles that serve as covert optical sensors. “These microtags contain an encrypted, optical code that is uniquely programmed for a customer’s product. Unlocking this code with TruTag’s proprietary detectors allows access to a secure database containing extensive product information at the client’s Best for Pharmaceutical Brand Protection 2018 TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of product identity solutions. We caught up with Michael Bartholomeusz, PhD, CEO of TruTag Technologies, to find out more about the firmand explore the unique products that have led to the success it has today. fingertips. For example, our microscopic silica particles are edible and can be included in pharmaceuticals to track drug product and confirm authenticity and manufacturing origin for even an individual dose. The security platform can also provide the user with country of authorized sale, product batch, and many other confirming traceability elements to help combat product diversion and falsification. TruTag ® microtags, or ‘TruTags ® ,’ are made of high-purity silica, a material which has been used in food and medicine for decades and is approved for use by worldwide regulators globally. “We have also developed advanced hyperspectral imaging to optically decode and verify our microtags thereby offering our clients a secure end-to- end authentication solution. From manufacturing QA, returns monitoring, detecting counterfeits and product diversion – our solution provides value throughout the whole supply chain. “What we find most exciting is the rise of the blockchain as the trusted platform for secure and efficient digital transactions. The next step in the evolution of this game-changing technology is to anchor the blockchain to the physical world via a secure and efficient ‘crypto-anchor.’ TruTags are perfectly engineered for this purpose. The TruTag crypto-anchors will ultimately connect high-volume, modest cost, life-critical products to the digital back-end of blockchain technology and is being implemented into key product traceability systems today. TruTag has over 100 patent assets filed globally so we feel very good that we are in a unique position to supply this technology exclusively for many years to come.” Alongside TruTag’s product and supply chain security solutions, the firm has also developed new tools for clients to drive change in the industry. Dr. Bartholomeusz shares a fascinating insight into this aspect of the firm and what it means for its clients and the entire industry. “As part of our focus on innovation, we provide custom development and technical implementations so that our technology is optimized for a particular drug product, whether it is already on the market or is still proceeding through regulatory approval. These development services provide a tailored and tightly integrated solution for the client’s risk profile, cost-targets, and results in a specifically formulated technology fit. This enables customers to ensure uninterrupted operations, conforming SOPs, and a logistics plan designed around their product identity risks well into the future. “Since the solution is often integrated during the product’s manufacturing cycle, TruTags becomes part of the drug product itself and will permanently reside with the product regardless of packaging or other external factors. Our optically coded microtags provide audit and provenance information for each pill made and distributed. An on-dose solution can provide brand owners with instant field confirmation of the product’s manufacturing history and other relevant information and can even reference other packaging-based security features.” TruTag has an exciting future ahead, according to Dr Bartholomeusz, which will help the company achieve even greater success for both itself and, more importantly, its clients. “As we look ahead, we envision TruTag becoming the standard crypto-anchor for authenticating medicine, nutraceuticals, food, electronics and more, as well as securely connecting these high-volume, fast-moving goods to the blockchain-based global supply chain.” Company: TruTag Technologies, Inc. Contact: Sally Lee Address: 2200 Powell Street, Suite 1035, Emeryville, CA 94608, USA Phone: 001 510 844 4070 Web Address: HP180031