GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

20 GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , MyFaceMyBody started out as an online information portal MyFaceMyBody. com to aid consumers on their aesthetic journey. The business was created out of a need to provide consumers with expert balanced and unbiased information and education. The Aesthetic industry was growing at a rapid rate and some unscrupulous and unprofessional business practices were mudding the waters of the industry. As such, the firm’s founders set up MyFaceMyBody and the MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards to provide consumers and experts an independent platform that educates and provides credibility. Their unique portal offers consumers access to unbiased information, articles and education to enable them to research and provide due diligence when looking into a cosmetic or non-cosmetic procedure. With over 13,000 pages of treatment education and over 2,000 video information from a panel of leading industry experts and journalists, as well as ‘Q&A’ and ‘Ask an Expert’ interactive format. This enables Best Cosmetic Surgery Media Platform 2018 MyFaceMyBody is a global educational, information and awards program resource for both medical professionals within the aesthetics industry and consumers. We profile this unique business to find out more and explore how it has come to achieve global recognition for its vital work. consumers to seek independent advice from industry experts and guide them on a safe, successful journey with the best outcomes. Additionally, the MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards offer the site’s users the chance to see some of the cosmetic surgery providers that are truly working to provide excellence and offer a safe environment for clients to undergo their journey towards being comfortable with their aesthetic. To achieve this, entrants go through a stringent assessment process, that includes auditing and mystery shoppers. As a result of this process, businesses get a valuable insight into how their business is running, how it compares in the market and aids them to work on the challenges each individual business is facing. Thanks to the success of these awards, and a demand from aesthetic practitioners, MyFaceMyBody developed The Medical Business Academy (The MBA). Through the awards, research from over 150 successful multi-million dollars practices and years of collective experience within Aesthetics and Healthcare The Medical Business Academy was created. The Medical Business Academy helps healthcare professionals, aesthetic practices, beauty, and medispas to identify and maximize their true business potential through comprehensive mystery shopping experiences, interactive E-Learning modules, business workshops, business mentorship and Diamond Accreditation. Providing quality education that doctors and their employees will find of value is central to the firm’s focus, and as such it employs a dedicated group of expert content writers and videographers that are producing relevant content based on the feedback the firm receives from the industry. This auditing enables MyFaceMyBody to identify current challenges, around which its team creates the best e-learning solutions, ensuring that it always meets the needs of its users and is at the very cutting-edge of the latest market developments. This 90 second animation video will give you further insights into The MBA - com/watch?v=-_IRygmoVrw This collaborative approach, alongside the firm’s unique offering, is what sets it apart from other cosmetic surgery education platforms available currently. Whilst there are other similar information and educational websites online, MyFaceMyBody is much more diverse than any other. MyFaceMyBody is an online education platform, global awards program, Medical Business Academy, publisher, TV production company, consumer insight reports and our articles and statistics are featured in newspapers, magazines and online across the world. Each facet of the business feeds into each other. The results are that for a business that works with MyFaceMyBody their practice achieves a host of benefits unsurpassed by any similar business. Building on the incredible success of the brand so far, moving forward MyFaceMyBody aims to expand into new regions and support more users over the coming years. The Aesthetic business is growing across the globe and the team are aiming to utilize technology to target these regions. As part of this aim, they are looking a rolling out activities in countries across Europe, and not just in the UK, South America as well as North America and some of the smaller Asian territories. The firm will also be integrating and promoting The Medical Business Academy, within many more divisions of healthcare, as the platform is a destination for helping practitioners better understand how to set up and run a successful business whether they are a dentist, OBGYN or orthopedic surgeon. This vast array of developments offers MyFaceMyBody the chance to truly make a difference in this ever-evolving market. HP180004