GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

22 GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , With a history that dates back to the year 1783, the Specialist Hospital in Coswig draws on this experience to provide its patients and their loved ones with quality care and support. Today, it is a modern facility which has its main focus in the areas of thoracic surgery, internal medicine/ pneumology and anaesthetics/intensive care. The quality of the hospital’s care is underlined by the vast array of certifications it has achieved in the fields of lung cancer, thoracic surgery and sleep medicine. Specifically, the thoracic surgery ward has the competence to treat all medical conditions of the lung and thorax and is led by chief physician Dr. med. Drewes. The ward performs over 1.100 surgeries annually, and has the most modern surgical procedures and a high proportion of minimal invasive video-arthroscopic surgeries. The department consists of two operating theatres, which are equipped with state of the art laser surgery devices. Until now, more than 3.000 laser-surgeries have been performed in Coswig, on patients from all over the world. Within the area of laser-surgery, special emphasis is given to patients with lung metastases from various primary tumours, Best for Thoracic Surgery 2018 - Germany Specialist Hospital Coswig GmbH is a patient- centred hospital in Germany that offers award-winning, world-renowned treatment across a wide range of practice areas. With a specific focus on its work in thoracic surgery, for which the hospital has won an accolade in our prestigious Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018, we profile this innovative facility and offer a unique insight into its work. which have migrated into the lung tissue. Thanks to this focus, the hospital has earned a transregional reputation in many parts of the world. Together with the department of internal medicine/ pneumology, the thoracic surgery ward is the main actor within the certified “Lung Cancer Center” (German Cancer Association - Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft) in Coswig. The thoracic surgery ward provides highly specialized and qualified diagnostics, as well as conservative and surgical treatment for patients with lung cancer. In addition to the certification as a “Lung Cancer Center” the Specialist Hospital Coswig is also certified as a “Thoracic Center” by the German society for thoracic surgery (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Thoraxchirugie). With these certifications, the thoracic surgery ward in Coswig belongs to only 14 hospitals in Germany which have been awarded with these certifications for their excellent quality in the area of thoracic surgery. Besides tumour surgery, the Specialist Hospital in Coswig also has a longstanding experience in the area of septic thoracic surgery, vacuum therapy, infectious-related diseases, as well as injuries of the windpipe and oesophagus. The thorax surgical ward is well known for its competence in treating complex diseases of the thyroid gland, endoscopic and bronchoscopic implantation of special vents, as well as video assisted and open thoracic surgeries. Alongside this, the hospital’s department of internal medicine/ pneumology treats patients with acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory passages and the lung, as well as patients with sleep-related breathing disorders. The ward is led is led by chief physician PD Dr. med. Koschel and his team, which build on many years of clinical experience and evidence based care. According to the general principles of the hospital, the patient and their individual personality is the team’s focus at all stages of treatment. This interdisciplinary and interprofessional department offers the most modern medical treatments, which are constantly being refined and renewed. Furthermore, a continuous HP180007