GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

24 GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , HP180029 Best Hospital Footwear Specialists 2018 Specialising in hospital and healthcare footwear solutions, WALKEMORE, through its brand WOCK ® , supports a vast array of clients around the world. We profiled the firm to find out more about the high quality solutions it has to offer. Company: WALKEMORE Contact: Francisco Teixeira Address: Rua das Casas Queimadas, 567 4415-439 Grijo - V.N. Gaia, Portugal Phone: 00351 227 470 611 Website: Drawing on the vast expertise of its parent companies, WOCK ® is a brand of WALKEMORE S.A., which is part of Procalçado Group. Procalçado, has 45 years of experience in shoes manufacturing, and as such both brands draw on this rich heritage to provide clients with the highest possible quality of products and services. WOCK ® footwear is ideal for anyone who, by virtue of their job or any other leisure activity, has the necessity to stand long, walk for long periods or have easily washable footwear or a highly technical safety shoe. The target market of the brand was strategically defined as the professional market and, within this, certain target niches were determined, namely: hospitals and other health institutions, pharmaceutical industry, cleanrooms, orthopaedic stores, HORECA channel, cosmetics, beauty and SPAs. Today, thanks to its quality products the brand operates in six continents spread through 65 countries, valuing its long-term relations with distributors. An online store also offers the firm the chance to supply to clients around the world and showcase its vast array of quality footwear. Unique in its market, WOCK ® supplies highly technical clogs and shoes for professionals in various areas of activity, through a proposition of value not only based in innovation, quality and performance of the technical characteristics, but also through an innovative design that allows the users to express their individuality in the work place always complying with the technical requirements. The main goal is that when someone buys a WOCK ® product, is that they not only satisfied by the professional technical specifications, but also feel comfortable in the activity, using a product that they can relate to. Being part of a group with nearly five decades worth of experience in the footwear market means that WOCK ® understands the importance of innovation, and is constantly investing in new processes and ideas to ensure it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest market insights and developments. Ultimately, as the WOCK ® brand celebrates its 10th anniversary of supplying quality footwear, there are many exciting developments in store for it across product development, innovation and technologies, and as such the team at this dynamic and innovative firm know that they have a bright and opportunity laden future ahead of them. BLOC Closed Straps BLOC e CLOG